Abode Yoga Teacher Training

Practice as You, Through Sacred Heart, for All

Abode Yoga meaning “A place of residence in union” Therefore, this journey can be understood as coming home to a sense of belonging by tuning into the waves of being and nature of the body, through the ocean of life, that is forever always in flux.

The daily practice of Abode Yoga is the manifestation of our unique creative expression; which is simply being who we truly are in communication through our body and mind, speech, actions and choices that allow us to be one in our nature.

Abode Yoga harmonises and reconnects our sacred being counteracting the dimensional instability we may have created within our life causing imbalance, through the essential self to raise love and compassion, the worthy life frequency to experience, which flows from divine creative intelligence through our divine heart.

Industry Leader in Yoga Teacher Training

Our deepest current in our nourishing offerings is our specialisation is inviting you to embrace your intimate, liberate self and feel into you yoga (life union).

Our Teacher Training is an immersion into the practice and form of Abode Yoga. Each day you experience Abode Yoga as a living practice, whilst learning how to share this with others through the methods of a teaching guide and wellbeing practitioner. We are Abode Healing Alliance Accredited & Yoga Alliance Registered. You can read further about how we are Industry Leaders in qualification and quality practices via our Accreditation Page .

Teaching is an art form in itself and this is identified and is given focus throughout these Yoga Intensive and Teacher Trainings, without taking away the essence of yoga being a living experience. In yoga you are always growing and this teacher training believes this is the micro mirror of life unfolding and becoming aware of itself through you. Therefore we enable the opportunity for a healthy life long learner to emerge that holds its own sense of “guru” which in essence is a spiritual guide. This teacher training’s philosophy also holds value in the balancing act of being a constant spiritual life learner as much as a teacher for our own self and our life.

Course Created by: Randall Simpson

Accredited by : Abode Healing Alliance and Registered by International Yoga Alliance

Principle Teacher Trainers : Randall Simpson, Daniel Young & Victoria Sky

Your Personal Experience

Each experience has been designed to help engage and understand the real life of yoga and how it can ignite our sacred way of living on and off the mat. Abode Yoga means "place of Residence & union" and is a yoga practice that harmonises wholeness and wellbeing as a natural healing practice & philosophy using our SELFs' unique moving psychology through every internal movement and asana.

ASANA translates as "The connection to the earth should be steady and joyful" Sutra 2.46.

Therefore within Abode Yoga we honour the root word meaning of Asana "To be present, sit quietly, to inhabit" in our learning, teaching and living of yoga. Asana is the seat where we can experience the space and place of our earths nature, our connection here, how we fit and how it fits with our human nature. We see Asana to empower us to sit with ur ever changing self , no matter where we are internally or externally. Abode Yoga focuses on nurturing, nourishing and healing the stress, resistance and misalignments so the energy of dysfunction can be transmitted through the space , so love can be. Asana is our footing for this and we explore it on the mat, in the ocean and within our everyday steps.

Daily Offering Schedule

This is always relevant to the given seasonal influence, honouring the Ayurveda health system and Traditional Chinese Medicine for a healing way of living throughout your Yoga journey. Below is a general guideline and each course presents a unique style of daily offering to reflect the needs of the level of course practice.

What make up ITSA Life?

5:15am - Ceremonial Tea & Connective Communications

5:45am – Devotion (practice/teachings) & Abode Yoga Asana Practice

7:30am – Mysore (guidance/questions & self Practice)

8:00am -  Breakfast

9:00am – Mindfulness/Journaling

9:45am – Pranayama/ Breath & Body Work (practice/teachings)

10:30am – Workshop/Lecture (Theory/Learning)

12:00pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Conscious Healing (Practice/Teachings)

2:00pm – 4:30pm Workshop/Lecture (Theory/Learning)

4:30pm – Tea Break

5pm – 6pm – Meditation/Kriya/Dance (Practice/Teachings)


What Makes Our Experience so Personal?

Our standard is that Abode Yoga Teaching graduates will have a conscious human life and living awareness with a strong understanding and level of confidence in the learnings and art of mindfulness. This way we are ensuring that our teachers and practitioners can be successful in creating mindful classes and practices of Abode Yoga for their clients and or travellers.

Through Abode Yoga Teacher Training you are not simply learning to teach a class, but rather practice and form of yoga to allow for a unified way of life for individuals inwardly and outwardly. To ensure that we are not continuing the pattern of separation of life but the integration of Yoga and Wellbeing as a way of life. This we refer to as a Life InStyle (a sacred way of being). Learn more about our Accreditation & Credentialing under our Abode Healing Alliance tab.

Throughout our pieces of training and a continual network of accredited teachers and practitioners, we are always committed to the healthy relationship of care, service, confidentiality and levels of ability through maintaining relevant credentials and monitoring of all content, teachings and standards for all of our practising professionals. To always ensure those receiving the experience of Abode Yoga and From in the wider community are safe and benefiting in a holistic, loving manner that is humane.

A Self Help Guide to Overcoming Suffering

Abode Yoga as a practice and form incorporates the 8 limbs, the self-help guide to overcoming the 5 main sources of suffering according to ancient yoga traditions from the east by Patanjali.

Expect to learn to begin the invoking of a deeper sense of belonging with you and your practice on the mat, whilst curating a greater sense of self and life off your mat. This journey provides the space to become a guide in self and your own yoga practice. As Yoga is a healing movement and a pathway back to self, this training gives you the opportunity to experience this as well as provide you with the insight and solid foundation to teach and share such learnings with others.

Through this life study and a transformative journey, you will become a guide in self and lifestyle health that offers authentic teachings with great teaching methodology, presence and ethics. Teaching is an art form in itself and this is identified and is given focus throughout this Yoga Teacher Training, without taking away the essence of yoga is a living experience. In yoga, you are always learning and this teacher training believes this is the micromirror of life learning itself. Therefore we enable the opportunity for a healthy life long learner to emerge that holds its own sense of “guru”, which in essence is a spiritual teacher. This teacher training’s philosophy holds high value for this balancing act, of a spiritual life learner and teacher, should firstly be for our own self and life.

Discovering a sense of Self

Abode Yoga as a style helps you to find this sense of self, so you are not just travelling back there to such a place, you are residing within it, so it continues to travel with you. If you think about the saying “I am home when I am with you” this is a space, a place within, a sense of belonging. Naturally, this is you, you are your home and you can be living this no matter where you travel or chose to live, be it destination or situations within your life’s journey. Abode Yoga knows the balance of mind, body and soul, yet it enables you something more, the gift of knowing the spirit and feeling your own unique vibration level. Spirit being defined as “cellular energetic” the DNA that is unique to you, that holds the key to who you are, and what you are capable of being, without dishonouring the many life cycles you have experienced (and life cycles are simply moments of transition, there is no time limit, every breath is an example of this life cycle, some may just last a little longer than others and feel a little more challenging)

This is the perfect travelling experience to not just make a change, but to accept who you are, love on this and go deeper into this through the healing art movement of yoga, that you can transfer to other areas of your life. You will heal, you will grow and you will come alive in the life of you for life with others, as life is better shared.

Below is an audiography of a snippet of a beginners basic healing style Abode Yoga practice. This introductory sample was created in such a way to emphasise the art of yoga teaching and how each session should empower the journey of a greater sense of self and deepen the presence of life itself. This is a raw piece taken from my own practice & is the heart of my voice as who I am as a Yoga Teacher, the foundations of Abode Yoga and the unique experience that is offered within each of my classes, programs & trainings. For me, yoga is a humane way of living and that practice can be done through the body. This is is just a small insight into how Abode Yoga is beginning a new dimension in the health and wellbeing of people, whilst bringing out the ancient heart of yoga and allowing its true nature of its ability to heal to be felt. Please know I have modified poses to align for me so my practice reflects my integrity of teaching which is "to practice for you, as you, through you".

ITSA Life video