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Saima Shajahan January 2020

Full name: Saima Shajahan

Current location: Los Angeles, California

Job: Works with Youth

Relationship with Yoga and Healing
I’ve done yoga and healing a part of my daily practice. Whether it is taking an asana class, reflecting and journaling, or even consciously breathing I do my best to apply the techniques I’ve learned through the Natural Healers Course as well as others I’ve learned along the way to help me evolve into a more aware, compassionate, and conscious human being.
I have been performing reiki sessions for my close and personal friends, and they appreciate the love I give!

Saima Shajahan's testimonial

My experience in the Natural Healers course was a true divine intervention. I didn’t choose the Natural Healers course; I truly believe that The Natural Healers course CHOSE ME! I feel chosen. I’m so grateful to have been called in by something higher than myself. I appreciate all the hard work and loving energy Randy and Dan put into every round of their group training and how tapped in they are when attracting the people who have been in search for something authentic ...

The Group found me at a time when I was at a spiritual crossroads.Through my YTT journey, I was given practical tools which guided me towards my heart space and then I was given back to fly in the world.. Leading from my heart Space was the greatest lesson I learned from this journey. My life will never go back to where it was stretched and pulled and broken open. I adopted a new way of thinking, breathing, and loving (myself), and now I naturally love this better version of myself.

The training days were long, but it was so worth it. A full spiritual immersion of a variety of topics all pertaining to how to live a happier and more holistic life. The Field Trips and outings were delightful and made the whole trip feel complete with cultural activities. Being in this sacred group was the most healing aspect. We were all beautifully diverse in our own unique way but somehow direct reflections of one another. Hearing everyone’s open and vulnerable stories helped heal my own pain all while the same time is developing my emotional intelligence and empathy as a healer. We shared, we healed, and we grew all together. It’s like I upgraded my internal processing system in less than a month!!

I felt safe, heard, and held every step of the way. Even entering into the country, I was warmly received by their friendly driver who showed me to my room and made me feel welcome and safe. Randy and Dan (and Amazon) also did a great job orienting each of us with our new surroundings and spent their time answering questions and giving us recommendations. My luggage was delayed in arrival and Randy so lovingly let me borrow some of her own clothes! Such a genuinely hospitable and sweet gesture just shows you the type of people Randy and Dan are! They even keep in touch with us now to check in on our progress and to give us continued guidance! I love being a part of this wonderful network!

When leaving Bali, Little did I know that the best was yet to come. The True Results of this training was what happened once I returned home to my normal life. In the past few months after the training ended, I endured a series of intense shifts in my closest relationship dynamics that completely altered my way of living. If I hadn’t done this course, I don’t ever think I would have been able to properly navigate these situations with the level of ease and grace as I did. I’m so proud of myself! The Pennies started dropping :) I’m still learning and growing each day, but this training was the catalyst to a deep and vital soul transformation.

This course was not only the best investment I’ve made, but Randy and Dan are all around beautiful, loving people. Great Energy, Great Karma!

Email: Saima.shaj@gmail.com

Instagram: @thesaimest

Instagram: @cuttingedgekidscorp

Work website: cuttingedgekids.org

Tatum Youngjohn November 2019
Tatum Youngjohn November 2019 (new review)

Abode Yoga and Healing Training has the potential to change your life. The reason I use the word 'potential' is because Randy and Daniel taught us that only we truly have the power to improve our lives. Nobody else can do this for you, you have to do it yourself. This course provides the confidence you need to tap into your own inner guru so you can intuitively teach a class that comes from the heart. Abode Yoga helped me listen to my body, befriend the mind, and understand my true nature. Dan, Randall and their daughter Amazon are an inspiration of what consciously living can look like, that it is a possibility for all of us as long as we search for the answers within ourselves. I am so grateful to have had this experience, as I know it has changed my life forever. This is way more than a teacher training, it is a new way of life.

Adine Stahn November 2019

Location: Barcelona / Bali

Job: Abode Yoga Teacher and Creative Copywriter

Teaching Practice: Barcelona / Bali --> Freelance teacher & Abode Yoga healing & Ytt courses.

Adine sitting cross-legged on a natural woven yoga mat.

I came across the ITSA Life Yoga Teacher Training when I was at a difficult point in my life and with a rather physical approach to Yoga. So I was first unsure if this Training would be the right one for me, but looking back I am more than grateful that I listened to the call to join as it was a life-changing experience for me. From whatever mindset you come from, Dan and Randy create and hold the space for every individual to step into their truth and their healing power.

One says that the best teacher leads you back to yourself. And this perfectly describes my experience at the ITSA Life Yoga Teacher Training. Rather than just telling you what to do and imposing a concept on you, Dan and Randy encouraged me to go for a personal and transitional journey that keeps unfolding beautifully every day. They have the gift to feel intuitively into your energy, offering individual support where needed.

I am so happy that I went for it no matter which doubts I had if this would be the right way for me. I feel blessed for the opportunity to meet so many wholehearted people during the course and after.

I am just as grateful for the big changes that have been happening in my life since as for all the special tiny moments of awe that keep showing up in my daily life and practise while I'm growing into being a Yoga Teacher sharing from the heart.

IG: @pommpommdine https://www.instagram.com/pommpommdine/

Email: adinestahn@gmail.com

Profile: www.itsalife.com.au/adine-stahn/

Natalie Erika Muller November 2019

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Job: Au Pair

A floating wooden pontoon with a straw roof on it perfect for yoga poses.I arrived at my YTT with such a heavy expectation to be given all of the answers. That studying yoga would tell me exactly what to do to navigate life and that afterwards & I would be living my dream reality. That is what ended up happening but just not in the way that I expected and what I was given was even better.

To focus less on learning and more about unlearning. This journey was like no other, and at times it was also confronting, uncomfortable and painful.

Throughout my life, I have been so filled with fear and constantly betraying my true nature in fear of disappointing others. Since the age of 18 (I am now 26) I travelled and lived in 8 different countries across the world always searching for something/someone to fill this significant void within me but never finding it. In the intimate setting of the training you will be held so lovingly, their nurturing support has always stayed with me while navigating my new path. Exploring the rawest parts of myself allowed me to let go of the fear of what I thought my life should look like and what it meant to be successful by the measure of other people’s expectations and learning how to feel and align acceptance and success from the inside first. This empowered me to manifest my absolute dream job, home space, working with children and sharing yoga lessons.

Dan, Randy and Amazon live every single day dedicated to their truth and loving integrity as a family, what they share on their course is so authentic. Of course, they have navigated and continue to navigate their struggles which is very humbling that they share so openly.

But never once did either of them tell me what path I should take, what style of yoga I should teach or what lifestyle changes I should implement and this is exactly where the beauty of this experience lies.

What they did do was share a vast array of incredibly sacred knowledge and allowed us a group to feel into it, find out what resonated with us as individuals and wholeheartedly supported our unique interpretation of it.

I have imagine what it would be like if every person on the planet was given an opportunity like this. To explore their loving truth without judgment, reconnect to their power to heal themselves and choose intuitively without being told; how beautifully free we would all be. I highly recommend this training.

Relationship with healing and Yoga

My practice has evolved from practising physical asana and guided meditation from time to time to a more lifestyle aligned practice. I have intentionally created a life where I am continually being brought back to translate what I travel on my mat into everyday living. Working with children and living close to nature, I am encouraged to play, be present, communicate consciously and from a place of heart.

I start my mornings by connecting to my breath and depending on how I am feeling or what I feel I need to work through. I make time for either asana, breathing, chanting or creative visualisation or all 4. I love exploring my reality and healing, as though through the eyes of a child.

Teaching Practice

I teach yoga to the children I take care of together with their mother. By word of mouth, I have had the opportunity of having 1:1 sessions with people in my community and every time they are the most beautifully intimate and unique experiences! As I become more comfortable with this way of sharing yoga and healing the more requests I get.

Instagram: natalie_vzm

Email: natalie.vz.muller@gmail.com

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Sasha November 2019

Finding the words to describe my experience on this course has been like trying to try to fit a mountain into a teacup, there’s so much to say that can’t be explained and will only be truly understood through the experience. But what I can say is that this is a right investment into yourself and I am so grateful to have been a part of this amazing course and movement to rediscover myself and share these practices and teachings with others. Abode yoga goes so far beyond the mat and is truly a life practice.

I originally signed up for the course, thinking that I just wanted to do the teacher training and that the healing element would be a nice bonus. Little did I know that the two are so intrinsically linked and I would not have been able to develop the confidence or knowledge in my yoga practice had I not learnt about all the aspects of healing that this course offers.

This course helped me to realise that yoga is not just something that you do, but it can be the foundation for the way that you approach every part of your life. I work in a high-stress job in London and Randy and Dan really helped me to realise that, whilst this isn’t what I want to do in the long term, that I have the power to change how I approach my job as it is in the present and how to work towards creating a life for myself that I do not want to escape from. This course went far beyond my expectations. Especially the time and energy that Randy and Dan gave every one on one was so special, and the feeling of community that was created amongst the group allowed for such an open and honest connection to grow.

Also having a small and intimate group makes a difference to the amount that you can learn and mean that there was always time to share and listen to everyone's experiences as we went through this beautiful journey together.

I feel like this experience has woken me up to actively living a life for me and has given me the courage and the confidence to carve out my own path. I can’t thank everyone that I met on this course enough, I am so so grateful for every one of the beautiful people that I met. We laughed, we cried, we danced, and we listened, and on top of what the course can teach you, you will learn so much from the people you meet.

I have fallen in love with the teachings and practices, and I fall in love a little more every day. It’s like a constant state of evolution that stays with you way beyond that month in Bali.

Thank you so much, Randy, Dan and everyone else that made my journey so magical

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Monique Magyar July 2019

Monique holding up her itsalife yoga teacher training qualificationThe Yoga Teacher Training and Natural Healing course have been one of the best experiences of my life. The healing aspect of the course was challenging in the best way possible.

A lot of self-reflection went on, which was hard at times. But it’s ultimately changed my outlook on life and allowed me to be a much happier person. My perspective on many things has shifted. I used to be a big over-thinker who often struggled to get out of my mind, and I worried a lot about the future or held back in the past. The yoga aspect of the course was amazing.

As a very active person, I learned how to slow down and use yoga as a part of my healing journey. It introduced me to a whole new concept of yoga, and I now implement yoga into my daily life to keep me grounded, grateful and happy. It has enabled me to trust myself a lot more, as it reminds me that no matter what happens, everything will work out.

Although my journey is only beginning; I am a lot more confident that the course has enabled me to be a lot more present in my life. This shift keeps growing. I formed an extraordinary bond with the other incredible women on the course, as we all shared and went through similar hardships.

I am beyond grateful to both Dan and Randy for guiding me in such a supportive, honest and loving way on my journey. They are incredibly understanding, and kind people and I can’t thank them enough for this life-changing experience (they also have the cutest daughter in the world). They have also been great at keeping in touch, and I really feel like there is a continuous support system though ITSA Life.

Fran Bell July 2019

Location: Saltburn, UK

Job: Free lance Abode Yoga Teacher

Relationship with healing & Yoga- The relationship that I have with Abode Healing and Yoga is constantly growing, I feel my relationship here is allowing me listen, to be able to really look inward and see... To connect and align with my truth.

Teaching Practice: I honestly feel so blessed to have started teaching. Sharing everything completely from my heart, sharing with love.

Over the last few months I have been sharing classes in the UK, both sharing my own classes and covering for other yoga teachers that have been away. I teach my very own Easy Flow Vinyasa classes, aswell as a Dynamic Vinyasa, I teach Yin and Yoga Nidra meditations too... Recently I co taught an Ayurveda Winter Wellness workshops.

Fran sitting on a blue yoga mat with her dog on her lap and pink chair in the backgroundThe ITSA Life Abode Yoga Teacher Training & healing with Randy and Dan in Bali can only be described as the most amazing gift I could have ever have given myself.

The course as a whole has been the best experience in my life, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The experiences each day of yoga classes, meditations and healings are so beautiful, and with each, different pennies started to drop, and we all came to different self realisations.

The bond the other yogis on our course and I made will be forever lasting; I couldn’t have imagined meeting so many beautiful people all at once. We grew closer and closer through the training, and I can honestly say that every one of those girls holds a special place in my heart.

This Abode Yoga Teacher Training was a life-transforming journey from start to finish which will only continue flowing as I start implementing my learning into my life.

I’ve already started teaching back at home and feel very confident to share my yoga practice with others as a result of the course.
I’ll be forever grateful and will never forget the experience I was blessed enough to discover in the special island of Bali.

Instagram: fran_bell_

Email: Fran.bell567@gmail.com

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Stephanie Wilson February 2019

Full name: Stephanie Wilson

Location: currently living in Ibiza

Job: Personal trainer

Stephanie Wilson's testimonial

Relationship with healing & Yoga - Daily meditation practice in the morning (10 minutes) - enables me to focus for the day ahead. Journalling a couple of times a week - allows me to calm my active mind by getting everything down on paper! Self-practice when I get the chance - encourages me to listen to what my body needs, allowing myself to 'feel' rather than 'think'.
I'm so grateful to Randy and Dan for having shown me that yoga is by far so much more than just a practice on the mat....

Teaching practice - teaching yoga one-to-one or to small groups in Ibiza as well as incorporating yoga into personal training sessions. I have found it so inspiring to share my learnings with others.

My Abode Yoga Experience

I’d been interested in yoga teacher training for a long time and had researched different courses, across various countries.

I was on the hunt for one that particularly resonated with me. I was looking for something a little different and wanted very much a course that delved deep into the spiritual side of yoga, not just the asanas and how to teach them…

So it was with delight that one rainy December day in London I found finally what I’d been looking for. Abode yoga incorporated not only the elements that I wanted from a yoga teacher training.

But I felt so inspired by everything that I was reading on their website that I knew this was for me, and the added bonus was that I’d be spending 3 weeks in beautiful Bali… Which turned into nearly 2 fabulous months!

In mid-February, a stressed-out Londoner in desperate need of a new challenge, some escapism, a desire to learn more about yoga on and off the mat and of course some much-needed sunshine; I jetted off to start her journey of self-discovery on the magical island of Bali.

Little did she know how much it would change her life…

From seeing yoga as a way to escape the daily grind in London because it was an hour of not having to think, and also because it was a different form of exercise to my usual intense weights and cardio sessions, I now understand how much more there is to yoga and that the asana practice is merely a small part to the bigger picture.

From the moment I landed in Bali, I knew this was going to be an extraordinary adventure, I could feel it, and I loved the sense of magic in the air. I was made so welcome by Daniel and Randall, in the beautiful villa, which would be my home for the next 23 days. They were both so caring and interested in me, and their friendliness and positive energy put me at ease right away.

Daniel’s direct and friendly manner and Randy’s lovely, gentle approach make for such a great team and the perfect duo to guide us through the Abode yoga journey.

Easing us in gently in the first week with the fundamentals of yoga, learning about the different asanas and how all the different elements of yoga are interlinked, I was hooked. The early starts, which had initially daunted me, became one of my favourite parts of the day – the 90 minute morning practice lead by Daniel, Randy or one of the visiting teachers was the absolute best way to start off the day and is something I try to implement into my daily life now when I get the opportunity.

In that first week, what struck me the most was the importance of the breath; the pranayama; the essence of life. Without this ‘life-force,’ nothing can exist, and in yoga, like in everyday life, the breath leads, and the rest will follow…

The daily mindfulness exercises gave me an opportunity to delve a bit deeper than I ever had done before and thanks to these daily practices I started to understand a little bit more about why I was on this yoga journey and what had been blocking me in the past to enable me to find my true passion and understand who I am, why I have the relationships I do and what makes me thrive as well as what doesn’t align with me.

Week two is when it all started to fall into place for me, I began to realise how the different layers of the body interacted and what that meant to me, something I’d never even really considered before. Not only the physical level but the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels too. Something shifted for me in that second week, and my emotions started to flow.

I’ve been quite closed before, seeing emotions as a weakness, always trying to block them out and rushing through life at 100 miles an hour wanting to achieve success (whatever that means!) and doing things the way I thought others wanted them done rather than following my heart.

By the start of week three I knew something had shifted within in me and I was really starting to embrace the path I was on, the new understanding I had of myself and how important it is to be present, just to be and not let the mind take over.

I realised how much of a role my mind plays in my everyday life, self-judging, comparing myself to others and putting too much pressure on myself; not giving myself enough self-love. Until these negative thought-patterns have been attended to there is no chance of ever having the relationship with yourself, and relationships with others, that you truly deserve.

Week 3 proved to have its own set of challenges with the practical side of the course coming into play. I’ve never been particularly confident with letting myself go in front of others but Daniel and Randy had prepared me more than I’d realised for these practical tasks.

As much as I was daunted by a number of the assessments, I got through them and felt amazed and quite over-come by what I’d achieved.

I can’t thank Daniel and Randall enough for the journey they lead me on and how much I’ve grown as a person. I am so much more self-aware and understand myself better than I ever realised I could and would.

I know now that aiming to be more present is vital for me and creating space for myself to be who I am whilst surrendering to whatever emotions I am feeling, acknowledging them but letting them pass is a new, amazing gift.

Not only am I now a qualified yoga teacher but my time in Bali, with 4 weeks of exploring the beautiful island after the course has lead me to a new life in Ibiza where I am embracing the beauty and magic here, whilst starting to teach some yoga.

If I hadn’t come across Abode yoga on that dull December day in London I would never have found myself here in Ibiza and for that I am truly grateful.

Email: info@stephaniewilsonwellbeing.com

Instagram: @stephaniewilsonwellbeing

Website: www.stephaniewilsonwellbeing.com

Simona March 2019

Simona sitting in a cross-legged pose looking to the side and smilingI came to abode yoga with an open heart and an open mind being receptive to all the teachings, rituals and practices that were woven into the program. I was drawn to this program and I wanted training that surpassed the physical components of yoga and really dug into the deeper layers and philosophy.

This program was unique in exploring different types of yoga practices rather than focusing in on one specific type. This allowed for an explorative approach to seeing which type of practice you resonated with. This allowed you to authentically navigate the practice within yourself and then transition that into sharing and teaching from this space.

The intimate setting of the program allowed for more focused training. The ceremonial approach made each day a sacred ritual and embodiment of exactly where we were at.

Honouring ourselves and being kind throughout the journey of diving in. all spectrums of emotions came to surface and we really focused in on the insecurities and parts of ourselves that were limiting. I have translated this ceremonial way of living into my everyday life. Developing rituals to allow me to connect in and ground down- this implementation has been influential on my state of well-being.

The course content was presented in a way that was very relatable and easily absorbable. There is a lot of information to journey through however, I felt engaged the entire process. I really resonated with the variety of practices within the program, an explorative way to understand what resonated with our being. I found that sound vibration deeply impacted my practice and I started to implement these techniques into my practice. Sound vibration helped me to get out of my thinking and dive deeper within myself.

I was able to explore and navigate new ways of accessing deep wisdom embedded in my body. Further, I was able to acknowledge and then release parts of me that no longer were of service to my highest self. This allowed me to create space to invite higher more aligned vibrations into my life.

Prior to abode yoga, I was only able to transcend my mind through meditation but through cultivation, guidance and patience I was able to access deeper levels through my asana practice. I saw yoga, as practice, as time on my mat.

Following this course, I now see yoga as life. This dance of dynamic flow, a balancing act. This dance is life, it is an ongoing rhythmic process- yoga is the harmonizing of masculine and feminine, duality into a union. The shadows and light are neither good or bad. They are all a part of me, I am embracing them all. Taking a curious approach to understanding why they are showing up for me and what they are trying to tell me.

Yoga isn’t an outcome, a destination, a strive for perfection, for attainment. But rather the progress of sinking deeper, understanding more, evolving, growing, transforming and elevating. Yoga is about being content with exactly where you are, trusting your process to unravel exactly as it should instead of trying to resist or control a destination you deem as more important than just being.

Yoga is letting go and embracing everything that you are instead of what you should be. Reclaiming your power and stepping into empowerment. The entire galaxies conspired to conjoin, swirl and intertwine to create the cosmic masterpiece that is you. A vessel to transmute magic into this world, live your yoga, be your yoga so you can live the reason and purpose you were brought here for.

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Sevan Gazarian March 2019

I was new to yoga, and my life felt extremely difficult. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel when I got in touch with Randy and Dan about the Abode Yoga Teacher Training they were offering.

I asked if a level of yoga was required because I was afraid I could not benefit from the training as I was pretty new to yoga. They answered me that they believe everyone is exactly where they need to be. I trusted this was the right place for me to be. The feedbacks and review were truly amazing. Yet I feel that what I experienced there was even more amazing than anything I could have heard, read or expected at all.

I walked into the Villa Ricko in Canggu, hopeless, with incredibly low self-esteem and I was cornered in my feelings, in my thoughts and my life choice options.

As the training started, I felt pain arising in my body, and this made me feel even more frustrated and worthless. I had to change my plans from a mind which initial plans were to simply do yoga, become flexible and healthy, to a mind that would quiet in order to listen to what my body had to tell.

Quickly, I started to feel that slowing down to question my own needs – which I’ve never done before – was creating the space for acceptance and self-love. I felt that was shedding light on what I could not deal with. I became a much better person, and I realised that I am exactly where I should be. I could never imagine feeling so grateful on a deeper level for every step of my life because it has taken me there.

Making yoga happen in my life has allowed me to be aware of the barriers that were constructed by me and for me by myself, family, society, environment and eventually with time to allow them to fall off.

To whoever reads this, I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone the ITSA Life Abode Yoga Teacher Training because I believe in taking a step for oneself is a decision that can never go wrong.

Now, my situation is not perfect but perfection isn’t the goal. I do have ups and downs. I get overwhelmed, I have breakdowns but I know where the right path is. It is an honest and humble commitment to healing, self-love, growth, gratitude and love.

The apprenticeship of yoga is a privilege because it gives us the tool to improve our life conditions to the measure of our commitment, and I believe the practice is a lifetime commitment.

I feel empowered that I became the teacher and student of my own life. I sincerely wish to anyone on this journey to trust that this is something within that is accessible to every single person that commits to taking this step.

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Elizabeth Rogers March 2019

I highly recommend this retreat.

I went into this experience, knowing I wanted to deepen my yoga practice. I walked away with so much more.

Sometimes we go through life without realizing we are feeding our pockets without feeding our souls. We spend our days treating symptoms; medicine with a thousand side effects because we only have time for the fast fix, the quick remedy.

We go through life exhausted, and push through because it is too much to pull up the roots of our trees and examine them. We instead look at the drooping leaves and try to water them with material items. Things society tells us will help us to find that ever-elusive “happiness” that everyone searches for.

It is not really possible to explain the intricacies of an experience spanning several weeks. What I can say is that my soul was yearning, starving for solidity and something real. It had been years since it was fed the way it was during my learning with Randall & Daniel.

I was used to yoga classes that worked the body without connecting the mind. The importance of breathing and other techniques were always boiled down to just that: technique. Yoga was colourless, and all I cared about previously was training my body to do those things that would make people think I was a “yogi”….headstands, backbends.

Things that did come with practice, but instead of just doing them, I built a solid base on why, and how, and what a body is. Yoga, to me, has become flush with colour, and happiness. Serenity and joy. A way of life, not just something that you are told you should do, life like a race, training to “win” it. So often previously I missed the forest for the trees. I left with more clarity than I have felt since I was a child.

I truly do not think I could have gone through the experience that I did under the leadership of anyone else. The retreat was intimate and dedicated to each one of us on a personal level. We all stepped out of our comfort zones and looked at the sky and questioned why and how we are each here.

Randall and Daniel went above and beyond caring and compassion and showed us all a lifestyle that they live every day. The care they have for each other was palpable and was like a net over each one of us. In that space, we had the true opportunity to learn. The guidance we received from all of the teachers we met on this path was true – every single person who had something to show us did it from a space of love and from a very sincere interest in helping others grow.

There are a lot of options for yoga teacher training. In places all over the world, with teachers from all different walks of life, with all different things to show their students. All I can say is that personally if I had to do it all over again, I would make the same retreat. I cannot imagine a better atmosphere of love and community.

The experience is impossible to box in with just words so that I will reiterate I would choose this again, every time. It does not matter whom you are, where you come from, and where you desire to go in this life – if your heart is open and you are ready to grow mind, body, and soul, this is the retreat for you.

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Bridie Larby August 2018
Bridie Larby

The ITSA Life YTT course led by Randy and Daniel went way beyond my wildest expectations. Yes, I learned a lot about the real meaning of Yoga, about each movement and posture, but I also learned so much more about me as an individual. I was nurtured, yet also challenged, in a way that enabled me to see, understand, and embrace both the feminine and masculine forces within myself. Just as you are not able to un-ring a bell once it has been rung, the personal enlightenment learned during this course cannot be unlearned.

I know that I evolved as a person, and I am delighted with my newfound self-awareness and confidence. I know that my journey forward will be full of nurturing relationships with my associates, friends, and family. I can only say that if you want personal growth, want to develop more meaning relationships, want to become more internally comfortable, want to benefit from true Yoga understanding, want to support others in their life journeys, want to enrich your teaching skills, or just want to enrich your own life journey, you should experience this life-altering course. The world around you will be a brighter, more beautiful place with your new insight and confidence.

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Dani Bigwood August 2018
Dani Bigwood

Unbelievable how super the past three weeks have been, a total game changer. I am now more aware of my inner self and more grounded than I ever thought possible. The incredible instructional abilities of the ITSA Life YTT teachers, Randy and Dan, were incredible. The personal trust and honesty for teaching with authenticity what the core of Yoga is really about was outstanding. Their devotion to each student was beyond comparison. We are enabled to come into our own, to open up and become happier individuals. Owing to the small size of the group, only six people, we were able to receive a lot of personal interaction for both learning the course materials and for confronting, and overcoming, our individual perceived limitations. As a group, we shared a joint journey that has resulted in our forming a permanent bond with each other that will last a lifetime.

The location in Bali was more than outstanding, and the serene environment was perfect for opening up your body and mind to accepting new ideas and techniques. For anyone seriously looking for the best YTT on the planet, look no further than the Abode ITSA Life YTT. Any other course can only dream about being as excellent as this one. I want to sincerely thank both Randy and Dan from the bottom of my heart.

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Anja November 2017

My ITSA Life YTT course in July 2017 was a total personal success. The teachers, Randall Simpson and Daniel Young, guided me through a powerful life-changing the experience. That course entirely changed me from someone with physical health problems and low self-esteem into someone with an improved approach and fascinating perspective into myself and life in general. I accredited my positive experience with Yoga therapy for my interest in learning more about myself and Yoga so that I would be able to genuinely pass on my accomplishments to other people looking for similar personal improvements. Based on the enthusiastic recommendations of friends who had already experienced the spiritual, physical, emotional, and therapeutic benefits of the ITSA Life YTT, I took the leap of faith and enrolled in the course. By far, it was the best decision I have ever made. The level of individual caring, dedication, and devotion given by Randy and Dan allowed me to absorb the true holistic approach to Yoga. The course location presented a particular, sacred environment that totally encouraged self-awareness and personal development.

Now, four months after the course, I believe that I am continuing to grow as a person, I am thoroughly at peace with myself, and have developed a loving relationship with my surroundings. I will forever be grateful to Randy and Dan for their invaluable knowledge and training. I highly recommend the ITSA Life training to everyone, whether you are a teacher, want to be a teacher, or just want to evolve into the best person you can be personally. You will happily greet each day just knowing that you are making a difference in yourself and in the lives of those you encounter.

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Natalie October 2017

Now that my YTT course at ITSA Life is over, I can genuinely say that it has been a hands-on, life-altering journey that I would not have missed for anything. My day-to-day seemed to be without any direction or meaning, and I knew that I wanted to break out of that mould. I wanted clarity and purpose that would enable me to empower my inner self with renewed energy for compassion, understanding, a deeper awareness, a healthier body, and a meaningful direction that would enrich my relationships with my Yoga students, and to learn ways that will help all the other people in my life. I had already completed the ITSA Life on-line Reiki program, with spot-on counselling from Randy, so going further in my development with the ITSA Life Abode YTT course seemed totally natural. Under the phenomenal teaching techniques of Randy and Daniel, who only accept six students for each course, I received the personal attention and guidance I was seeking. Words cannot adequately describe the feelings of passion, dedication, and the desire for me to succeed that surrounded my learning experience with Randy and Daniel, two outstanding individuals who truly practice what they teach.

When the course was finished, I not only gained skills, tools, and techniques that would benefit myself and my students, I had also built some lifelong friendships and connections. The course location in Bali was magical; I was able to relax totally, to delve deeper into myself, and to learn in a beautiful environment. If you are thinking about self-improvement, whether for yourself as a person or a Yoga teacher, then this is the must-do YTT course for you. Once you have taken the ITSA Life YTT your life will be changed forever, for the better.

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Victoria June 2017

Even though I’ve been a Yoga teacher since 2010, I wanted to expand my knowledge of my inner abilities, to enhance my teaching confidence, and to gain the confidence and that would make me a better teacher. Those goals and more were fully met through my participation in the level 2 teacher training retreat with ITSA Life in June 2017. The course leaders, Randall Simpson and Daniel Young, were terrific, absolutely made the training valuable, unique, and completely personal.

The course environment was heavenly, being set on a lovely island in Bali surrounded by beautiful beaches, white sandy surfs, and idyllic local shops and restaurants. The bungalow retreat is more than an ideal learning environment that is able to embody a balance of energy and calm all at the same time. I entered the training course to gain personal insight, and I left with the more than the many new aspects of yoga, I also left with the awesome gift of knowing that I am now a welcome member of the abode yoga family. I can easily reach out to Randy, Dan, or Stella whenever I feel the need for their compassionate advice and patient insight on new or challenging events that I encounter. Even though I completed the YTT course three months ago, I am still expanding my knowledge and understanding of those course areas that really spoke to me during the training. Since I have returned home to teaching, so many students have told me how much they love my new asana instructional techniques and the personal growth they feel. My YTT was more than a training course, and it was a life-changing experience that improved my relationships with my students, with other people in my life, and with my own inner self. I feel as if I am evolving into a better person who is ready to move forward. I am forever grateful for this enlightening experience and eternally honoured to be associated with the Abode team. If you are thinking about this training and would like to talk to me about it, I can be reached at Victoria.stovell@gmail.com.

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Viola Rechenauer
Viola Rechenauer

I had the most amazing time at Randis and Dans Abode Yoga Teacher Training. They really allowed everyone to get a deeper understanding of all the different aspects of yoga and I especially liked the emphasis on the psychological and healing aspects of teaching a yoga class.

IThe small group allowed everyone to take a huge step in developing your own personal style of yoga and sharing every experience you made on that journey. For me this journey was really emotional. I feel like I got everything I didn´t even know I needed and I am so happy to be a member of the Abode Yoga Family now.

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A testiminial photo for Caroline who completed itsalife trainingI came all the way from Texas to Bali guided by my intuition to follow through on my journey with Abode Yoga. Abode Yoga taught me to always trust in my truth. This experience changed my life and is allowing me to trust the flow of my yoga path. I'm healing parts of myself that I never knew needed healing and really dove deep into my being so that I may be the best instructor I can be for others. Randy and Dan are open-hearted and teach through one's own intuition. The amenities are beautiful and clean. The villa is within walking distance to the beach. The neighbors and store owners will treat you like family. This place is magical. It was the best decision my soul has made in my 27 years on this Earth. It's the gift that keeps giving.
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I always had a very stressful life in Germany, so I found Yoga as a way to calm down for myself. As I got more into it, a friend recommended the Abode Yoga practice and I took the chance. I expected to learn some new asanas, how to help others to enjoy Yoga and was hoping to get more flexible. But I got far more than this out of the retreat. I learned a lot about myself, to be more mindful and especially that there is a lot more to Yoga than just the physical part of it.

I can only recommend the retreat to everyone that is interested or already into Yoga and wants to become a teacher. I took a lot back home that is improving my personal life and also feel confident to teach others. Thanks guys for that great experience!