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Bridie Larby August 2018

The ITSA Life YTT course led by Randy and Daniel went way beyond my wildest expectations. Yes, I learned a lot about the real meaning of Yoga, about each movement and posture, but I also learned so much more about me as an individual. I was nurtured, yet also challenged, in a way that enabled me to see, understand, and embrace both the feminine and masculine forces within myself. Just as you are not able to un-ring a bell once it has been rung, the personal enlightenment learned during this course cannot be unlearned.

I know that I evolved as a person, and I am delighted with my newfound self-awareness and confidence. I know that my journey forward will be full of nurturing relationships with my associates, friends, and family. I can only say that if you want personal growth, want to develop more meaning relationships, want to become more internally comfortable, want to benefit from true Yoga understanding, want to support others in their life journeys, want to enrich your teaching skills, or just want to enrich your own life journey, you should experience this life-altering course. The world around you will be a brighter, more beautiful place with your new insight and confidence.

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Dani Bigwood August 2018

Unbelievable how super the past three weeks have been, a total game changer. I am now more aware of my inner self and more grounded than I ever thought possible. The incredible instructional abilities of the ITSA Life YTT teachers, Randy and Dan, were incredible. The personal trust and honesty for teaching with authenticity what the core of Yoga is really about was outstanding. Their devotion to each student was beyond comparison. We are enabled to come into our own, to open up and become happier individuals. Owing to the small size of the group, only six people, we were able to receive a lot of personal interaction for both learning the course materials and for confronting, and overcoming, our individual perceived limitations. As a group, we shared a joint journey that has resulted in our forming a permanent bond with each other that will last a lifetime.

The location in Bali was more than outstanding, and the serene environment was perfect for opening up your body and mind to accepting new ideas and techniques. For anyone seriously looking for the best YTT on the planet, look no further than the Abode ITSA Life YTT. Any other course can only dream about being as excellent as this one. I want to sincerely thank both Randy and Dan from the bottom of my heart.

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Anja November 2017

My ITSA Life YTT course in July 2017 was a total personal success. The teachers, Randall Simpson and Daniel Young, guided me through a powerful life-changing the experience. That course entirely changed me from someone with physical health problems and low self-esteem into someone with an improved approach and fascinating perspective into myself and life in general. I accredited my positive experience with Yoga therapy for my interest in learning more about myself and Yoga so that I would be able to genuinely pass on my accomplishments to other people looking for similar personal improvements. Based on the enthusiastic recommendations of friends who had already experienced the spiritual, physical, emotional, and therapeutic benefits of the ITSA Life YTT, I took the leap of faith and enrolled in the course. By far, it was the best decision I have ever made. The level of individual caring, dedication, and devotion given by Randy and Dan allowed me to absorb the true holistic approach to Yoga. The course location presented a particular, sacred environment that totally encouraged self-awareness and personal development.

Now, four months after the course, I believe that I am continuing to grow as a person, I am thoroughly at peace with myself, and have developed a loving relationship with my surroundings. I will forever be grateful to Randy and Dan for their invaluable knowledge and training. I highly recommend the ITSA Life training to everyone, whether you are a teacher, want to be a teacher, or just want to evolve into the best person you can be personally. You will happily greet each day just knowing that you are making a difference in yourself and in the lives of those you encounter.

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Natalie October 2017

Now that my YTT course at ITSA Life is over, I can genuinely say that it has been a hands-on, life-altering journey that I would not have missed for anything. My day-to-day seemed to be without any direction or meaning, and I knew that I wanted to break out of that mould. I wanted clarity and purpose that would enable me to empower my inner self with renewed energy for compassion, understanding, a deeper awareness, a healthier body, and a meaningful direction that would enrich my relationships with my Yoga students, and to learn ways that will help all the other people in my life. I had already completed the ITSA Life on-line Reiki program, with spot-on counselling from Randy, so going further in my development with the ITSA Life Abode YTT course seemed totally natural. Under the phenomenal teaching techniques of Randy and Daniel, who only accept six students for each course, I received the personal attention and guidance I was seeking. Words cannot adequately describe the feelings of passion, dedication, and the desire for me to succeed that surrounded my learning experience with Randy and Daniel, two outstanding individuals who truly practice what they teach.

When the course was finished, I not only gained skills, tools, and techniques that would benefit myself and my students, I had also built some lifelong friendships and connections. The course location in Bali was magical; I was able to relax totally, to delve deeper into myself, and to learn in a beautiful environment. If you are thinking about self-improvement, whether for yourself as a person or a Yoga teacher, then this is the must-do YTT course for you. Once you have taken the ITSA Life YTT your life will be changed forever, for the better.

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Victoria June 2017

Even though I’ve been a Yoga teacher since 2010, I wanted to expand my knowledge of my inner abilities, to enhance my teaching confidence, and to gain the confidence and that would make me a better teacher. Those goals and more were fully met through my participation in the level 2 teacher training retreat with ITSA Life in June 2017. The course leaders, Randall Simpson and Daniel Young, were terrific, absolutely made the training valuable, unique, and completely personal.

The course environment was heavenly, being set on a lovely island in Bali surrounded by beautiful beaches, white sandy surfs, and idyllic local shops and restaurants. The bungalow retreat is more than an ideal learning environment that is able to embody a balance of energy and calm all at the same time. I entered the training course to gain personal insight, and I left with the more than the many new aspects of yoga, I also left with the awesome gift of knowing that I am now a welcome member of the abode yoga family. I can easily reach out to Randy, Dan, or Stella whenever I feel the need for their compassionate advice and patient insight on new or challenging events that I encounter. Even though I completed the YTT course three months ago, I am still expanding my knowledge and understanding of those course areas that really spoke to me during the training. Since I have returned home to teaching, so many students have told me how much they love my new asana instructional techniques and the personal growth they feel. My YTT was more than a training course, and it was a life-changing experience that improved my relationships with my students, with other people in my life, and with my own inner self. I feel as if I am evolving into a better person who is ready to move forward. I am forever grateful for this enlightening experience and eternally honoured to be associated with the Abode team. If you are thinking about this training and would like to talk to me about it, I can be reached at Victoria.stovell@gmail.com.