A Guiding Hand to Feel Chosen.

Intuit Nature and Gracefully Live From Body, in Heart. Elegantly Manifest Your Home Beauty & Woman Being.

Choose to Feel Chosen

One on One Intuitive Healing & Self Healing Process Cultivation

This becoming is an honouring way to gracefully bring the clarity needed for you to be intimate with the reality that feels whole for you, from the inside out. Experience an intuitive journey through your natural healing process. Healing happens more fluidly and efficiently through gentleness. The softer the touch, the stronger the loving feeling we experience.

Healing Options for Women

Healing option 1

Choosing 1 - $222

Inclusive of 3 weeks guided mentoring, healing sessions and personalised audios. Tailored Home Retreat Experience Map to honour you and hold the space for your chosen journey in an intuitive supportive way, that feels you, because it was made for you. This offering also includes a 1 on 1 interactive sessions on phone/zoom to provide initial set up pathway and follow up resolve at the completion of the 3 week journey.

Choosing 2 - $333

Includes all of the above, as well as an extra 1 on 1 heavenly mid way point interactive session via phone/zoom to shift deeper or action anything that you feel called to feel into more. Randall believes this to be a spirit lead journey and chooses to travel with the inner wisdom that is being communicated through the results of you participating in the experiential offerings. This way your healing, growth and expansion will be uninhibited, instead nourished and nurtured.

Healing option 2
Healing option 3

Choosing 3 - $555

Includes all of what is provided in Choosing 1 & 2 only the heavenly interactive sessions are offered at the completion of each week before moving into the next week. This is to strengthen this spirit lead journey and stay attuned to all that is communicating and moving through you more attentively. You also will receive a Remembering Freedom Guiding Map that is created for you based on what you experienced, unfolded and shifted throughout your 3 week 1 on 1 journey with Randall to continue to empower your own intuitive expansion, post the program.

Choose To Feel Chosen

Testimonial to Support the Above Offering:

Read below to feel into how one woman felt and what she was able to move through during her first week of journeying this mentorship with Randall most recently.

For many years I struggled with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, a deep non-acceptance of my physical appearance and would a lot of the time have the desire physically harm myself. This manifested from whatever reason, I believe that mine was from experiences of sexual trauma I experienced in my childhood.

Throughout my life I felt as though I was constantly drowning in my own head, in my own existence and what we label as ‘society’ that I just simply felt that I didn’t have a place in. It took many years of hiding, shoving the pain, anger and resentment so deep inside myself... It took many years if trying alternative therapies, there were times where I was so unstable that I resorted to medication and just totally numbed out.

A worded image illustrating women, wisdom and authentic nature.There were times where my close friends would speak out and ask me to go and see a therapist or to seek help.

What still shakes me to my core is that when you are open and honest about these feelings and experiences with your friends and those you love, they are often going through or have experienced something similar...
After years of searching, of not quite finding the right change or guidance that I was needing to understand that there was nothing wrong with me... I just had to move through the emotions and trauma within me that I fought and hid for so long out of shame.

This year in February 2018 I found Dan and Randy’s YTT in Bali.

This was the start and the the catalyst for a year of tremendous healing and transformation. The effects of this experience continues to move through me in waves, always remembering their soft and accepting way of life and experiencing relationship - with yourself, with others and the world around us.

There was always something in me that knew there was more out there than taking the pills prescribed to me or labelling my state of being as an illness or something that I was destined to be for the rest of my life. Crazy, right? Well without words or without definitions I found the peace in knowing and believing this truth in their sacred and healing space.

As much as this shift has changed my life, I still felt that I was needing a little more guidance to move through and release. I chose to move through Randall’s Guiding Hand Mentorship Program.

To have this 1 on 1 experience with Randy has been the seal of this transformation within me. It has been a gift to feel safe enough to surrender so completely to myself.

Randall holds you so strongly in her heart space yet completely empowers you to explore your healing on your own terms and also provides you with resources and a structure to live this out long after it finishes. Her ability to feel into what it is that you are needing, on whatever stage of your journey you are on is absolutely out of this world. Literally.

Remembering FreedomMore than no longer experiencing panic attacks, sleep paralysis and no longer having the desire to harm myself.. I feel softness, love and compassion for myself and for others. I have reached a point where instead of anger I feel gratitude for where this journey has brought me. A place that was so far away from me to even comprehend experiencing just a few months ago.

The quality of my life has changed. The quality of my relationships, the quality of my choices coming from a place of true heart. Without forcing or faking.

For the first time in (honestly EVER) I trust life again, I believe that I am deserving and worthy to live a life filled with love and beauty and it feels good!

This creation embodies the belief that there is space for you to be in this world and express whoever you are, whatever you are feeling without any need to justify it or be judged.

I have so much gratitude in my heart for everyone who I have crossed paths with in journeying the ITSA Life Wave.

Natalie Moller