Randall Simpson

Randall Simpson - Mother, Creator, Dancer and Human Being

Mother, Creator, Dancer, Healer and a Human Being living her days as vividly as she can through her own nature to harmonise in wholeness. Her passion is in helping each individual intuitively connect one’s healing pathways for a deeper connection with our body (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically) and by doing so, understand our mind nature, its movement, and our spiritual essence for a better relationship with our internal and external environments.

Randall offers therapeutic healing sessions that embody the softness of hands on touch to help us to return to our natural state of wholeness using Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing & Bodywork. This can offer deep insights into your own wellbeing and healing process. With her vast international experience as a well-known energy healer, Randy blends an Ayurvedic Chakra System lens and Reiki to communicate energy between our body systems and our chakra system, as it is an energy practice of wholeness. Just as Auyrveda looks at the wholeness of the individual and its lifestyle, Reiki is energetically whole and invites our energy to be complete with ease, therefore allowing what isn’t whole to return back to you or what is blocking living wholeness in your soul to be released. This re alignment and stabilisation happens through the body’s energy centres known as chakras. There is a clear correlation between the condition of a chakra and the condition of the related organ and gland. A chakra can be over active, under active or in balance. When Reiki is given by an intuitive and experienced practitioner, it naturally provides the chakras with the life force it needs to find balance, so our organs and glands can experience health and stability on a deep and lasting level. It also allows emotional blockages in chakras to be released and in doing so release any negative patterns and blocks to true

Randall helps to harmonise wholeness through hormonal listening thereby allowing energetic connection and clearing of un-serving patterns. She feels hormones are how we can physically see our deeper intimacy as a human being, understand our wholeness in nature and know when it is or is not in rhythmic flow.

Skill Set

Teaching practice – intuitive development & questions (60min)
  • DONA Trained Doula, Through Debra Pascali- Bonaro & Robin Lim Since 2018.
  • Author Remembering Freedom; An Elegant Becoming (Intuitive Healing, Womb Relationship & Woman Being Honouring) 2018.
  • International Abode Yoga & Natural Healing Founder and Teacher Trainer Since 2014.
  • Creating Founder & Director of ITSA Life Since 2013.
  • Chosen Wellbeing Business Women for Woman’s Fitness Magazine 2013.
  • Yoga Therapist & Mind Body Mend program implementer at WA Mental Health Hospitals – Abbotsford Hospital & Blackwood River Clinic.
  • Studied Sociology & Health Psychology 2011 – 2015.
  • Reiki & Seichem Master Since 2010.
  • Cosmic Body Work & Natural Healing Master Since 2010, specialising in reproduction, womb health, pregnancy and birth.
  • Principle Yoga Teacher on Yoga Alliance YTT Courses since 2011.
  • Internationally Qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher, specialising in children, Teenagers & family Yoga Since 2010.
  • Spiritual Development Counsellor & Intuitive Healer Since 2009.
  • Dancer & Professional Performer since 2004.
Teaching practice – feel into your calling (30min)