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"When you give & help yourself through us, your enable another to help themselves with the support, guidance, love and nurture that at some point you have received throughout your living journey"

Our current HELP offering is for Lombok Indonesia Relief in conjunction with Bumi Sehat Birth Centre Bali, to support the homeless pregnant women due to the recent Earthquakes.

Click the link below to contribute, all ways are received with gratitude. Even sending love, spirited strength, soothing peace and comfort will help. You can even move your body, sing, dance, raise the vibration and offer it to Bali, its human beings, plants, animals and mother Earth herself.

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From Heart, Through Earth

Randall & Daniel

ITSA Life Foundation is about applying loving health to all areas of self, life and systematics from children to adults, the environment and education. Each and every person will have their own understanding to what health and love is and what it means to them. For Randall Simpson (Founder of ITSA), that is traveling back to the belief of simple living, a life style that brings joy and a harmonious balance individually and together. This is why ITSA Life emphasis the concept of the importance of union globally and between each individual and their life through ITSA's four initiatives.

The ITSA Life foundation has been established to empower global humane partnerships through the areas of education, health, life, tourism and the environment. This will be sustained through various projects utilising ITSA's four initiatives depending on the needs of individuals and the lives of the communities that are touched and the countries that are in need.

Our Aim

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What make up ITSA Life?

The question is in this modern age: is the right kind of 'help' being delivered?

Not only in a natural disaster; but everyday living conditions and imbalances. The original ideology that the population of the world was viewed as “a world community” and the planet as a “global village” compared to what it is at present, replaced by the term “globalization”.

Presently the cause for concern is “one planet, two worlds”, the world that is “existing” compared to the world that is being “lived”. This symbolism also transpires through to the world of aid, and the world of development, whilst the planet becomes the ideology of “globalization” or simply this is how the world is now attitude.

We don't believe in this but understand it's our shared current reality, however, reality can be changed, it just takes us to do it.

Our aim

ITSA Life is bringing attention to who is being aided and by whom

  • We are actively choosing to play its part by being one to lend a hand wherever we can through this initiative.
  • Australian health insurance gives a maximum of $900 rebate per year for those within the mental health system for their psychologist appointments as well as access to wellbeing therapies. Therefore through our ITSA Life Health Initiative, we have designed our own rebate system to help enable those that need such service can access them more and more.
  • We do this through every full price paid service we provide, we give 5% to this initiative alone. We do this for each of our initiatives, which all have there own unique way of giving back and helping. So in total, our foundation is receiving 20% of all of ITSA Life's services and experiences that are being booked.
  • So when you help yourself, you enable another to help themselves with the support, guidance, love and nurture that at some point you have received throughout your living journey.
  • ITSA Life is identifying what the "real needs are and what are the current priority's”. It's important to know how these needs are actually being "actioned" and by whom, so please feel free to contact us for this information, however, we generally update each of the initiatives pages and our blog communicating the real-life progress.
250hr abode yoga practice & mind body therapy L2

The ITSA Foundation utilizes its five values to achieve its heart-full mission and continue with purpose.

  • Helpful
  • Flowing
  • Panoramic
  • Enriching
  • Conscious
Yoga practice training

ITSA is proactive to help a cause, whether that be livelihood or living conditions in an authentic manner. ITSA Life's cause is based on genuinely helping -“With the people, for the people”. We believe in fair Humane Trade and are committed to enabling all people to have the opportunity to live a better life. (HHHM program).

Teaching practice – intuitive development & questions (60min)

ITSA Life thanks you for honouring this cause by simply becoming an active listener. Please email for further information on our foundations current projects and for future projects that will be implemented around the globe.

Humane Fair Trade

This concept is based upon hearts, heads, hands, and money (HHHM) that together create an evolutionary circle of constant exchange and equal deliverance. This concept will only work if we come together with the will to work it out.

The payment and pricing system will allow for tools of giving and receiving that does not decrease in value over time. It increases the value of who we are, what our business is, and turns our purpose into prosperity that is not bound solely by the currency of money.

For every service, business and product that I have ever created and continue to create, through self and lifestyle choice that is within my power I am dedicated to reflecting this concept to mirror across our globe. I commit to increasing the % of my business operations services and lifestyle choices with all my effort in every step to be grow our ability to be a Humane Fair Trade Company and expand its existence by inspiring the power of humanity and our currency that is abundantly alive…That is YOU!

Hearts – This payment method requires you to share your actions of love and offerings. Whether this is in words, videos and or photos that include reference to your feelings surrounding what you experienced through our offerings.

Heads– This payment method requires you to actively offer a thought and or idea that can assist in creating further awareness to improve humanity health, lifestyle and the environment. Suggestions could be networking and sharing our concepts and campaigns and higher purpose as to why we are operating from foundation in regards to business. You could also want to organize your own event and wish to collaborate.

Hands – This payment method requires you to actively give your time and expertise to help assist with any of our campaigns, events and or offerings of your services in exchange of our services. This is not simply limited to professional, as all it takes is a willing person to want to help, aid and heal through service in whatever form that servicing takes shape. We all have a gift to offer that is unique and worthy in improving individuals, lifestyle and our earth in diverse ways and its time to be active in our own way, so together we can activate a healthier humanity.

Money – This payment method requires you to offer money with value that is reflective of the value that you received. We refer to this as an offering that symbolizes cherishing rather than charity, as charity is “whereby raising money for those in need that is voluntarily” however if you chose this method of payment we want it to be a conscious choice, with the intention that you are paying in value with money, as we only believe in receiving money with value. This way an appreciation is still present in the presence of money.