Natalie Ann

Healthy in Mind and Body

Natalie Ann Bio

A Principle Teacher at Abode Yoga

I’m Natalie and feeling absolutely happy and healthy within my mind, body and soul has become an essential and enjoyable part of my lifestyle.

I am a creative. I spend as much time as I can outdoors connecting in nature. I love incorporating rituals and experiences into my life that enhance it, bring more joy and awareness, allow me to feel at home within myself, relaxed, inspired and to lean in to a slower paced lifestyle.

After a more difficult time within my own life, through the Abode Yoga Teachings I am now enjoying all that this wonderful life has to offer in all areas! I also now have the confidence, tools and practices that help support me to move through any challenging times that may arise, as well as expand any opportunities that comes my way.

I am so honoured and excited to be a principal teacher with Abode Yoga, and offering the transformational YTT in Perth and Bali.

I am passionate to help those not only wishing to develop the skills to teach and share yoga, but for anyone seeking great change in all areas of their life. This also includes incredible healing, with huge mental and physical health benefits and a way to commit to sustaining total wellbeing. To help guide others through their own personal transitions, develop strength of character, restore balance and design the lifestyles that deserve and desire.

Natalie Ann teaches and shares yoga