Mentoring Options

Abode Yoga & Healing Mentoring

"For Self Practice, Yoga Teachers, Our Graduates and Future Participants"

This offering is to serve the questions you may have and continue to support you in deepening your understanding of yoga, your relationship with it, as well as provide pathways to further your study.

The reason we have chosen to provide this service is due to the questions we are in undated with that we truly want to honour and respond through heart to support all in their yoga and healing journey, so humanity continues to grow into love and freedom more. However we also wish to ensure we are honouring and valuing the exchange of our experience and continuous study and practice so we can continue to support in a healthy manner the flourishing of yours. Too often we become to quick to ask outside of ourselves and realise the answers are actually within us, or in fact we are truly not yet ready to hear the answers, even if it was given to us on a gold platter. This wastes both of our time, as the questioner will not apply what they asked for and the server will be offering something that wont be actioned or received in value. This pattern of behaviours weakens human being . This is not the vibration we choose to function at.

We also choose to honour the expansion of our Abode Yoga Family who are sharing their yoga and teachings across the planet and our truth that we consciously keep our Trainings, Healing Experience and Retreats small so we can cultivate yoga in all areas of our life so it can be seen, felt and experienced from the inside out in our daily life.

This being said we also trust that when its time to grow, we need togetherness and to feel apart of a family belonging to remember to believe in ourselves. This is where specific support and further guidance can really strengthen us as a human being whilst we journey the path of moving into liberation and vulnerability and allow us to feel into being more comfortable to experience and share this heart with others, to inspire them to do the same. This is where we are committed to sharing in this with you, every step of the way, that is serving for us both.

See below for the aligned services to assist you with your questions, evolving practice and expansive study through yoga and healing.

Knowing About The Content Of Yoga, Is Not Knowing The Essence Yoga, We Hope To Provide Conscious Presence That Will Allow You To Awaken To Be One With Its Essence And Align Through It, To Share & Offer Our Planet This Present Yoga.

Randall & Daniel