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The way we feel, heal, learn, find relationships and travel through life is a unique adventure. So why would experiencing yoga and natural healing training be any different?

The wisest way to experience every moment is to allow our presence to be there and love to lead. We believe life is our medicine and love our greatest healer; we chose to be in connection with both at ITSA Life, and this helps to structure our offerings.

Weather changes, seasons come and go. Our Planet orbits in this eternal flux that is known as the Milky Way. We have a sun and moon that harmonise our experience of day and night with diverse reasonings depending upon where they are in relation to our planet.

This is what we choose to be in rhythm with and how we ceremonially align our yoga and healing offerings.

In this course, we put into practice the following:

  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Cosmic Body Work

We stay in listening to where nature is calling us to connect so that we can be at home as we journey. This is what we call being attuned to our eternal compass as best we can. It allows us to stay whole in who we are, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

We don’t just practice on a mat, we invite many types of practical learning in whichever mode feels right for you. We practice connection with the ocean; we visit natural healing hot springs or invite you to find a special place close to your home. The purpose of these pathways is for you to develop your living breathing direction. This is our way, and it naturally works for us. This is ITSA Life, “Our dimensional life worth living”.

Presently these are our modes of delivery of our Abode Yoga & Natural Healing Trainings in Bali. Each one has its own spirituality. Spirituality being, ensuring there is both spirit and rituality in a relationship through each offering so that self can be felt and understood with awareness, with more loving ease.

Two Different Course Delivery Options

The Course Content is Delivered in two different ways to choose from:

25 Day Intensive

Bali Based, with two scheduled days off to create breathing space between each cycle phase, as this requires you to travel your own healing and yoga journey, as well as furfill the assessment elements of the training.

  • First cycle phase – 7 days.
  • Second cycle phase – 8 days.
  • Third cycle phase – 7 days.

The day begins at 5:00 am for a tea ceremony and is completed for sunset at 5:30 pm

14 Day Immersion & 21 Days of Online Guidance and Support Training

Bali based, with no scheduled days off that allows a continual thread of the cycles phases in present time.

  • First cycle phase – 5 days
  • Second cycle phase – 4 days
  • Third cycle phase – 5 days

The day begins at 5:00 am for the Tea ceremony and is completed for sunset at 5:30 pm.

You then receive a 21 day one on one guided and supportive experience to empower the integration that you felt, learnt and opened during your immersion. This is a grounding and anchoring phase that allows for a softer and more gentle way to fulfill the certification and assessment elements of the training. It gives you more space within to help master your craft and explore your offering of yoga and healing.

This can be done at your own pace, and you are provided with your very own Mentor & Guiding Healing Teacher.

We also have one other Abode Yoga & Natural Healing Training Homes in the UK. Check out how they choose to deliver their offerings to attune to their community and way of life.

Victoria Sky – Abode Yoga Teacher Trainer

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