Danielle Bigwood

A Journey Into Yoga Mind-Body Wellness and Harmony

An Abode Yoga Wellbeing Professional

Danielle was 23 when introduced to yoga in 2014 while learning to snowboard in Whistler Canada. Yoga helped her combine essential fluid body movements with the inner stillness of the mind. Her journey with daily adherence to the principles of yoga continues to this day.

In 2018 she completed the 250-hour yoga teacher training course to qualify as an Abode Yoga Degree I Mind Body Wellbeing instructor. She credits abode yoga with learning to be truly authentic to herself and to embrace yoga in everything she does. She views yoga as a never-ending pathway of challenging herself to live each day honestly and from her heart.

Practising a yoga pose with the help of the apparatus.

Some Key Highlights to date:

  • Competitive River Dancer 1997-2011
  • World Backpack Traveler 2012-Present
  • Pilates Practitioner 2007-Present
  • Certified Pilates Teacher 2010-Present
  • Yoga Practitioner 2014-Present
  • Certified Abode Yoga Teacher 2018-Present
  • Qualification in Senior First Aid
  • Open Water PADI
  • Two Years of Naturopathy Study

The Love of Wellbeing Harmony Begins

At age 16, after ten years as a world-class River dance champion, Danielle had to pause her dancing for educational exams. It was during this phase when she discovered Pilates and its discipline in the various aspects of the body’s movements related to stability, strength, mobility, and flexibility. At age 19, she became a student in Pilate instructor training courses.

I LOVE to travel and explore.

She is now qualified in the following:

  • Levels 1 and 2 Instructor - Stott Pilates Advanced Mat Work
  • Levels 1 and 2 Instructor – Stott Pilates Advanced Reformer
  • Level 1 - Core Instructor Foundations Course
  • Boxilates Instructor Foundations Course
  • Total Barre Instructor Foundations Course
  • Pilates Mat Work and Reformer - Breathe Education Certificate IV
  • Breathe Education 10426NAT Diploma of Clinical Pilates

The result of her many years of Pilates practise and the many hours of education is that Danielle has been sharing and teaching Pilates to the public for nine years. She credits Pilates with the fundamental techniques needed to maintain a supple body.

The Body Follows Where the Mind Leads

While Pilates is still very much a principle in Danielle’s life, it was yoga that lets her connect with her inner harmony. She has stated that during her moments of mindful stillness, she can concentrate on what is real for her. Abode Yoga has given her the tools and methods used to help to recognise who she is and to live with her internal truth.

Her successful yoga journey continues as a daily venture in remembering who she is and how to bring yoga into all phases of her life. She loves the opportunity of working at ITSA Life alongside the co-founders, Daniel Young and Randall Simpson. As a member of the ITSA Life team, she works with yoga students learning to align personal harmony within their minds, bodies, and souls.

A Love of Family, Travel, and Adventure

Her love for her family is a number one priority. But, Danielle also loves to travel and explore different sites. In 2012 she backpacked around Europe for six months. In 2014 she spent six months in Whistler, Canada followed by three months of travelling the roads in America.

A second backpacking trip to Europe happened in 2016. During the next two years, she travelled from Perth along the west coast of Australia, down the east and south coast of Australia, and then returned to Perth. Now that she is back on home territory, she has joined a beginner’s circus class for adults. Whether performing Pilates routines or sharing her Abode Yoga skills,

Danielle is one genuinely authentic person.