Daniel Young

Over a 20-year Relationship With Yoga

Daniel Young
  • Professional life guard Gold Coast 1997-current
  • Professional life guard Jersey channel Islands 2006-2009
  • Self Taught Yoga teacher 2010-2019
  • Yoga teacher Sumbabwa 2010
  • Sumba 2011
  • Mentawia islands 2012-2017
  • Professional waterman/Yoga teacher- 2011-2017
  • 250h Abode yoga Teacher- 2015
  • Co-founder ITSA Life -2015
  • Abode Yoga head teacher-2015-2019

A Global Yoga Professional

Daniel is a self-taught yoga teacher. He began his relationship with yoga 20 years ago at the age of 19. He practised with many teachers in Australia, Europe and Indonesia. Suffering from ongoing injuries resulted from a major car accident at the age of 14, Daniel was drawn to yoga to heal misalignment in his physical body. He was determined to be fit and healthy to continue his love of being active, especially his love for surfing and the ocean.

Being a pedestrian collected by a car Daniel suffered major injuries to his right leg, breaking it badly. 4 painful knee operations, ongoing back problems and a 4cm difference between his left and right leg being the result of the accident. His last knee operation was 10 years after the accident at the age of 24 (5 years into his yoga journey).

Daniel says “ I was super active and played many sports as a boy and I was super competitive. I was a competitive swimmer, rugby league & union player, surf lifesaver and most passionately surfer. Having the car accident at 14 really rocked me. If I'm honest I probably spent some part of my minds energy for the next 10 years believing id been robbed of the opportunity to pursue a career and as a competitive surfer or footballer. Reflecting now it was only me standing in my own way”

Yoga teacher training Bali

Aware in Body and Mind

It took him a decade of consistent practice to begin to notice the healing yoga provided on the deeper levels of his body (mind, emotion, energy). Having slowly moved away from injury and identification with the story of an injured body Daniel began to notice the deeper levels of himself through his yoga practice.

Daniel says “It was around the age of 31 that I really started to become more aware of my mind, my emotions and energetic body through my daily self-practice. Ironically or maybe even logically that's when i starting teaching others and sharing what I had learned through my own practice. I started to delve deeper into Asana as a healing modality and use more meditation and especially pranayama to know myself deeper. The time of practising just to become more flexible in the physical was over.

After spending the first 10 years of practice believing ‘i had a stiff physical body, things began to shift, beginning of course with my mind. I was on the island of Sumbawa in 2010 where I had spent a lot of time over the years already sharing my yoga practice with other travelling surfers id made friends with. The local owner of the hotel that I always stayed at whom id formed a great relationship approached me one day and asked me to look at something with him. He led me to an empty room and asked me if the following year I would teach yoga in the room and he could advertise that the hotel offered yoga.

I replied sheepishly that no I could not because I was not a yoga teacher. He laughed at me and said that was not true and he’d watch me teach many other people over the last 3 years. Something shifted in me in that very moment and we agreed that I would return in 2011 at the start of the year and offer classes for the travelling surfers.

This was the catalyst for an even stronger relationship with yoga and what it can offer anyone and everyone. This led to another job the following year at the 5-star resort in Sumba, Nihiwatu as the yoga & surf instructor. I spent the next few years travelling around Indonesia working as a yoga teacher and a surf guide.

All the way of gaining more knowledge of yoga through self-study and practice. In 2015 coming together with Randall to form ITSA Life and begin running healing surf/yoga experiences. Also completing the 250h abode yoga teacher training.”

The abode yoga practice

A Love of the Ocean

Daniel is skilled in sharing yoga Asana, meditation and most of all pranayama and kundalini healing breathe practices. He also incorporates his love of the ocean though surfing practices to overcome fear and become better in touch with the flow of life.

He believes in the essence of abode yoga, staying true to share how you experience it rather than just trying to recreate how another has done it in the past. He believes it's far more important to listen to the energy and needs of those your practising/sharing with rather than sticking to how any lineage has been shared in the past.

A Personal Note

“ Of course we must acknowledge the information we have travelled and those who have come before us allowing the information to be passed on from generation to generation. For that we are forever grateful, however, yoga happens in the present moment.

What once served those of the past doesn’t necessarily and automatically serve us in the present. To stay true to how we offer forward we need to stay clearly in touch with our own intuition about how to travel the yoga as it happens and especially how to allow another to experience it. That is the essence of Abode yoga. Staying completely present with whom you are sharing with and what element, practice, words, movements will allow them to head to a more healed state, a place of home.”

At the age of 38, Daniel has never been more free of pain on all levels of himself. He is more flexible, completely injury free and no longer suffers from illness (which was common as a younger adult). He remains 100% passionate and committed to sharing the information forward to as many people as possible who are truly ready to shift their lives away from pain and suffering.