Adine Stahn

Abode Teacher, Student and Healer

As a Certified Abode Yoga Teacher, Student and Healer Adine is Passionate About Asana and Meditation, Balancing Stillness and Movement. Revolution Slider

Love, Trust, Be Happy

My name is Adine, I have practised Yoga since 2013, and I am a certified Abode Yoga Teacher since 2018 living and travelling between Berlin, Bali and Barcelona.

To me, life is a sequence of synchronicities which show us the way if we are brave and mindful enough to see, feel and surrender to them. My first contact with Yoga happened when I was going through a rough time, and I feel that it has been guiding me on my personal healing journey since.

Every step of the journey; both on and off the mat has shown me the way to true connection, trust and love.

The completion of my Abode Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 was another important step in that transformational process. Since then, I kept on discovering different ways of energetical healing and meditation techniques working as a Reiki 3 practitioner and completing a 10-day Vipassana course in 2019.

Adine performing a meditation pose for yoga in a beautiful setting.

The Abode Yoga and Healing Journey

Reconnecting with my body through Yoga and meditation and diving deeper into the subtle layers of my body, I realized something. That our external and internal world is made of the same universal energy. The Abode Yoga and Healing journey hold's space for every individual to connect to that divine awareness within in your own way and at your own pace.

My teaching and my daily practice include:

  • Asana – practising stillness in movement, integrating all layers of our being to connect with the very essence of our true divine self
  • Meditation – practising movement in stillness, experiencing and accepting the truth within, creating space in ourselves to recognize the true nature of being
  • Dimensional Dance – combining movement with Reiki energy to enable healing through intuitive dancing and flowing

The transformational journey of natural healing starts within

I see Yoga not only as a set of Asanas but as a conscious choice of leading a life in harmony with the principles of nature manifesting themselves energetically through mind and body.

A relaxing shot of Adine at the beach.

Every day I am grateful for being able to develop and share my personal journey as an Abode Yoga Teacher. It is my passion to create a space for others to connect with their truth and support them on their personal healing journey.

Our surroundings are always a reflection of our inner space. I feel blessed to be able to offer my experiences and knowledge as an Abode Teacher to people all over the world who are searching for ways to heal from within and encourage them to accept and align with their personal truth.

By relieving emotional and energetical blockages, creating space within and developing a wholehearted mindset we set the right conditions internally for our external world to fall into alignment so that every step in our life's feels as easy as breathing in and out.