Abode Yoga Teacher & Natural Healing Training

$5,900.00 AUD

(14 Day Course & 21 Day Guided Experience)

The dates for this course are as follows:

  • July 3rd 2020 – July 17th 2020 (14 days)
  • September 3rd 2020 – September 17th 2020

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Abode Natural Healing and Yoga offers a unique 14-day immersion course based in a sublime setting in Bali. As a part of this course, students also receive 21 days of online guidance and support training.

Primary Course Concepts

A yoga student standing proudly on one leg with a certificate in her hands.This course will bring students into their own unique healing experience while fostering the formation of the healer that exists in each of us. You will learn the connection to your healing abilities via hands-on sharing that is reminiscent of how the generations before us shared. Your instructor will guide you through this experience using the following:

  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Ayurveda
  • Cosmic Bodywork

This teacher training will enlighten you along your pathway to discover how you can help others find freedom from suffering through healing with the goal of being. As you move through the course, you will gain an understanding of what you require for your own unique self-healing. By working in unison and harmony, the teacher that is within you emerges.

The course directs students to embrace the following qualities which exist within the five divine abodes.

  • Loving-kindness (tenderness)
  • Compassion (humanness)
  • Sympathetic joy (the pleasure of delighting someone else’s joy)
  • Equanimity (calmness and composed presence)

Course Flow

The 14-day immersion class takes place with no scheduled days off.

We begin each day at 5:00 am with the Tea ceremony. Each day is complete at 5:30 for the sunset.

By offering the class in this manner, we can be certain that the continuing sequence of the class cycle phases occurs in the present time.

  • First cycle phase – 5 days
  • Second cycle phase – 4 days
  • Third cycle phase – 5 days

Heart-Centred Training

Because our training class is felt with our bodies, centred within our intuition, and follows the leading of the heart, students will learn through a variety of disciplines.

  • Abode Yoga
  • Song
  • Dance
  • Body and breath movement
  • Writing
  • Huna philosophy surfing
  • Beauty
  • Ritual

21 Day Guided Experience

After completing your 14-day immersive instruction, you receive a one on one 21-day support and guidance experience. Each student will have their own mentor and guided healing teacher to assist them. Students may go at their own pace as they move through this experience. During this anchoring phase of your training, you will fulfil the certification and assessment phases of your training. We present the course this way because you will have your own space to assist you in mastering your healing and yoga offering.

Yoga teacher accommodation in Bali clean and ready for use.

Course Completion

Upon completion of the certification process, students receive their Natural Healing Practitioner Certification. This allows you the privilege of working to help build and sustain the well-being of humanity and the wholeness of our plane.

In addition to our Bali location, Abode Yoga and Natural Healing has two other locations. One training home is in the UK, and the other training home is in Perth, Australia. We encourage students to see the way of life in these locations. Additionally, it is enlightening to experience how they tune into their respective communities and deliver their offerings.