Abode Yoga Teacher & Natural Healing Training (Level 2)

$5,900.00 AUD

The Next Step After Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training

The Level Two Training Class is the next step for students who wish to continue to grow in their understanding of yoga and the natural healing process that comes from an individual’s journey with yoga.

The class is open to graduates of the Level One Training Class as well as those who are seriously pursuing the field of yoga and natural healing and possess the necessary knowledge and understanding.

Students successfully completing the course receive stand-alone accreditation through Abode Yoga and Healing Australia.

Although the International Yoga Alliance has no accreditation infrastructure and exists as a registry, it does not recognise the level two class because the class is made up of too many components related to therapeutic treatments or healing.

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Level Two Course Overview 

Students taking part in the advanced training course will find that the emphasis of the class is on helping each student take their level of yoga understanding and build on it. Students journey from a place of practising yoga to where they allow the action of yoga to become a healing way of life.

The level two class empowers students to answer the questions “what is yoga?” as well as “what is healing?” Through discovering the answers to these questions, students learn how these components are separate but often go hand in hand.

A woman in activewear performing a stretching yoga pose.Students will also learn how healing and yoga combine, allowing students to experience wholeness and harmony. To facilitate this, the Level Two Training Class provides students with an education in:

  • Ancient Hawaiian Healing
  • Reiki
  • Ayurveda
  • Cosmic Bodywork

Students can become their own living mandala which imprints an individual’s healing way of life. This significantly impacts students’ grasp of the body, natural spirit, and planetary art. Additionally, students learn about ways to exhibit natural sustainability on the planet.


The Level Two Training Course is made to facilitate the growth and learning of all class members. Class size is limited to eight students; this ensures that students get all they can from each session.

A small class size helps students in many ways, including:

  • One on one interaction between students and instructors which will increase a sense of connectedness
  • A free flow of the healing and yoga essence because the class is small, and the healing can pass through unobstructed
  • A quiet and clutter-free environment that is not overwhelmed by the energies of many students
  • The opportunity to explore how they would like to heal and express their healing way of life
  • Inhibitions are less of a problem for students in a small class
  • Students can have a clear vision of their individual path
  • Allows a degree of customising by the instructor

What Are the Unique Benefits of Abode Yoga Level Two Classes?

It is common to find yoga teacher training courses that focus on simply creating more yoga teachers. While the courses are generally correct in a technical sense, students do not experience a deep and personal connection with yoga. In this situation, the teachers and students are limited in what they can give or receive.

Level two training focuses on helping students in the following ways:

  • Find their individual path as a healing teacher
  • Discover ways to offer yoga in a ceremonial way
  • Provide community healing
  • Expand their yoga and healing
  • Share yoga so others may expand

Location and Accommodations

The Level Two Course takes place at a private villa in the beautiful village of Berawa, Bali; it is approximately 400m from Berawa Beach. Although the local area is wonderous, remember that Bali is a third-world nation. If you have questions about area activities, please ask one of our knowledgeable staff.

All students will have private queen rooms with traditional amenities, including air conditioning and daily maid service. While comfort is assured, the surroundings favour the traditional Balinese as opposed to excessive and over-the-top environments.

A yoga student smiling and showing her yoga teacher training certificate.Students will be able to access on site:

  • Pool
  • Kitchen
  • Yoga space

Conveniences within walking distance of the villa include:

  • Beach
  • Local markets
  • Numerous cafes
  • Beach club

Other nearby attractions of interest include:

  • Local festivals
  • Art exhibits
  • The Healing Pyramids of Chi
  • The Rainforest

Travel Logistics

While students are responsible for their own travel, we are happy to do all we can to help make the journey simple and enjoyable. Contact us for assistance with arrangements and transfers.

Course Structure

The Level Two Course consists of 25 days, with two days off from classes. The total time in Bali divides into three phases:

  1. Five to seven days with one day off at the end
  2. Five to seven days with one day off at the end
  3. Balance of remaining day

Level Two Course Daily Itinerary

5:15 amTea ceremony and connecting communications
5:45 amPractice and teaching: devotion, Abode Yoga, and Asana Practice
7:30 amQuestions, guidance, and self-practice of Mysore
8:00 amBreakfast
9:00 amJournaling and mindfulness
9:45 amTeachings and practice: Pranayama as well as Breath & Body Work
10:30 amTheory and learning: healing lecture and workshop
12:00 pmLunch
1:30 pmTeaching and practice: Group Conscious Healing
2:00 pm – 4:30 pmTheory and learning: Workshop for healers
4:30 pmTea Break
5 pm – 6 pmTeaching and practice: Meditation, Kriya, and Dance

Instructors may change the daily schedule to take students to various sacred sites in the area not known to tourists. These include visits to healing hot springs, local healers, and a local fire ceremony. Additionally, instructors may adjust the schedule to meet class needs.

The class itinerary provides time for students to experience the ceremonial enjoyment of the sunset. This time helps to bring students an appreciation of the simple joys in life.

A yoga pose reaching out to the roof on floorboards.Course Instructors

A typical 25-day course will include teaching from principal instructors Daniel Young and Randall Simpson. Additionally, after contacting the students for an upcoming class, the principal teachers construct a team of five or six teachers from various specialties in the fields of yoga and natural healing. The teaching team comes together based on the needs of each class.

About the Principle Instructors

Daniel Young- Over 20 years ago, Daniel turned to yoga as a way to heal his body and manage pain from a severe car accident when he was a teen. Since then, Daniel travelled the world learning from numerous instructors and building a knowledge base that makes him a uniquely qualified instructor.

Randall Simpson- A trained dancer and performer, Randall studied Intuitive Healing, Cosmic Body Work, and Hatha Yoga. Additionally, she attained the status of Master in Natural Healing, Reiki, and Seichem. Randall also incorporates yoga and healing in the mental health field and is a trained DOULA.


What to Bring

Students should prepare for comfort during their time in Bali. There is no required attire. However, students should be mindful of the weather in Bali during the time of their course.

Aside from toiletries and clothing, students may wish to bring a personal journal.

Any other class-related items are on-site for student use. This includes specially crafted yoga mats. The mats are hand-made in Shri Lanka of 100 per cent biodegradable coconut rusks. The mats provide an enhanced sense of connectivity to the Earth.

Ongoing Professional Support and Mentoring

Randall Simpson and Daniel Wood firmly believe that standing by former students is a key element that sets Abode Yoga and Natural Healing Training apart from other yoga training facilities.

Students become a part of a close and caring community and can feel free to be in contact as much as they would like. Support from instructors is indefinite as Randall and Daniel feel this helps former students to stay on their paths and to continue to grow in their journey.

Former students from Europe and the United Kingdom enjoy a 12-day healing retreat where Randall and Daniel come to them. It is a way of honouring and appreciating the former student’s commitment and personal journeys.