Abode Yoga Progressive Teacher Training (L1) UK/IBIZIA

April 12 & October 13th

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ITSA Life Abode Yoga Progressive Teacher Training Level 1

ITSA Life & Abode Yoga is offering an exciting teacher training class suitable for those who want to learn more and share their relationship with yoga as well as those interested in learning concepts of yoga and self-healing for personal enrichment.

What is Abode Yoga?

Abode Yoga roughly translates to mean a place of residence and union. It incorporates Eastern and Western medicine practice and philosophy.

The foundation of Abode Yoga is: 

  • Yoga Psychology
  • Reiki Healing
  • Mind-body Medicine
  • Self-Health Education

Accreditation Earned

Those who participate and complete the course earn accreditation from the UK Yoga Alliance. The credentials are transferrable anywhere in the world through the International Yoga Alliance.

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Training Class Structure

This level one training class, based in the UK, differs from the Abode Yoga classes in the Bali location.

Instead of a two-week 250-hour continuous course; the UK training class takes place in a progressive mode on weekends over six months. The final week of the class (70-course hours) takes place in a splendid retreat-setting. In this setting, students complete their learning while being rewarded with a luxurious time away from the daily grind.

The progressive style of teaching offers students the following benefits:

  • The ability to attend to other areas of their lives while training
  • A chance to put new information into practise at home and return to training to get or offer feedback
  • A very relaxed atmosphere
  • A slower pace for classes that can meet all student needs

The Level one class features a small class size. Students will be part of an eight-person group throughout the progressive training. (Traditional classes typically include approximately 30 students.)

Benefits of a Small Class Size

  • Increased one on one time with the instructor
  • The class becomes a close-knit group who value each other.
  • No students are at risk of being lost in the shuffle.
  • The yoga instructor can demonstrate the importance of the teacher-student relationship. This helps to empower the students to share their experiences when they have classes.
  • Through the nurturing process, students complete the course equipped to begin a career instructing yoga. (All of the ITSA Life-Abode Yoga graduates who sought employment in yoga-related areas are working in the field.)

Training Class Logistics

Travel and lodging expenses are not a part of the class registration fee. If commuting to and from class is not possible, there are a variety of locations for student lodging. Training class instructor Victoria Sky can assist students with finding lodging and planning expeditious travel routes.

The final week of the course takes place in Ibiza at an immersive luxury resort. Students are responsible for travel expenses. However, class instructor, Victoria Sky, can help facilitate and coordinate travel.

Where is the Course Held?

The UK Level one training class takes place in the picturesque seaside village of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. The charming town of about 6,000 residents is an excellent location for the training class. The Saltburn community has an exceptionally affirming attitude towards yoga and self-healing. Throughout the year, the community collaborates on events geared towards the practice and principles of yoga.

Saltburn-by-the-Sea and the nearby area offer students enjoyable options for their downtime.

  • The Beach
  • Surfing
  • The Saltburn Cliffs featuring one of the world’s oldest water-powered cliff lifts
  • Victorian Gardens
  • Saltburn Miniature Railroad
  • Village shops
  • Seasonal markets
  • Exceptional eateries

About the Instructor

The principal course instructor for the Level one training class is Victoria Sky. She receives high praise for her superior understanding of yoga as well as her ability to honour life in alignment with yoga. As a part of the learning experience, Victoria invites guest instructors to add to the students’ knowledge base.

About Victoria Sky

Victoria discovered yoga at age six while watching a BBC presentation of a 1980s yoga television show. She attended her first yoga class in her 20s and has since travelled the world practising and studying yoga. She has studied yoga in India, Vietnam, and Bali.

Victoria took a yoga teacher training course in Bali where she met course creator Randall Simpson. Since that time, she advanced to become a principal instructor heading the UK yoga teacher training.

Victoria continues to expand her learning of principles and philosophies of yoga. She appreciates the way yoga anchors her and facilitates feelings of calmness and low anxiety.


  • Over ten years’ experience as a yoga teacher
  • Trained in Hatha yoga
  • Trained in Ashtanga yoga
  • Trained in Vinyasa yoga
  • Certified instructor

Victoria frequently receives praise from students and peers for:

  • Ability to form connections with a variety of individuals
  • Her teaching techniques that help students understand yoga principles and techniques
  • A natural ability to nurture people and make them feel safe.
  • Exceptional understanding of yoga and how to use it to enrich and enhance ones’ life
  • Helping students discover ways to teach others how to integrate yoga principles into daily life

For more information on Victoria, you can view her full bio here:
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Daily Course Iteniery

The following is an approximation of the daily class schedule for the UK Progressive Yoga Teacher Training Level One. It is important to note that there may be minor modifications to the format. As a part of our teaching, we strive to honour the healing influence of yoga. We recognise that each class has different individual needs, and we will make applicable alterations as needed.

6:30 amCeremonial morning tea and time for connecting communication
7:00 amPractise and teaching of devotion as well as practise of Abode Yoga Asana
9:00 amGuidance, questions, and self-practice of Mysore
9:30 amProvided breakfast includes fruit and muesli in the Saltburn location and the Ibiza retreat
10:00 amJournaling and mindfulness
10:45 amTeaching and practise of breath and body work as well as Pranayama
11:45 amTheory lecture or workshop
1:00 pmLunch is not included in Saltburn sessions. Students may bring lunch or visit one of the local eateries. Lunch for the Ibiza retreat is a part of the retreat experience.
2:30 pmTeachings and practice of Conscious Healing
3:30 pm – 5:30 pmTheory lecture or workshop
5:30 pmTea Break
6 pm – 7 pmTeaching on Meditation, Kriya, or Dance

Essentials to Bring to With You for the Course

You will need to supply few items for the classes. We supply the class manuals, as well as breakfast and tea during the day.

  • Yoga mat
  • Your lunch or provision to purchase lunch at a nearby eatery or one of the village markets

ITSA Life Vision For Students

We strive to make our Training Level One class, nurturing and enlightening experience for our students. Mentoring is available during the course and up to six months after completion.

By the time of certification, we hope to see our students:

  • Committed to maintaining a lifestyle that integrates principles taught in the class
  • Showing the ability to teach and inspire others to the same goal
  • Enjoy a level of confidence in abilities and knowledge
  • Connect with others and themselves mindfully
  • Embrace a conscious awareness of living