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250hr abode yoga & healing training L1

We Provide our travelers with the building blocks to truly trust in their intuition in order to heal themselves and progress to being able to heal others. On completion, you will become a fully qualified yoga instructor.

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Abode Natural Healing and Yoga offers a unique 14-day immersion course based in a sublime setting in Bali. As a part of this course, students also receive 21 days of online guidance and support training.

250hr abode yoga practice & mind body therapy L2

Please enquire to receive the application for this level 2 course that specialises in mind body therapy, emotional and spiritual healing as prerequisites are required.

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Our Mission

It is our intention to strengthen remembrance in all who are ready to be who they are in essence, and feel called to expand to lovingly become. This involves healing on the deepest level at the timing of each individual whom choose to come and travel with us.

We as human beings will only be truely healed when we clearly feel and see what needs healing inside ourselves. This naturally enables the collective healing of our planet.

We feel it is the moment to awaken and heal separation between the lives of human-being and our planet. Some may have the material, others the spiritual; Remembering Freedom is our rite of passage and ITSA Life the Guiding Hand, supporting us from Heart, Through Earth.

Our Reasoning

ITSA Life is the loving home of matters of heart, with a sacred living language Inner Style, Through Self Artistry and life energy:
Love In-tuned Frequency Ease

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What make up ITSA Life?

What Makes Up ITSA Life?

ITSA Life is the living home of matters of the heart. Empowering others to love and understand our nature as human being’s to harmonise our planet.

May all beings be free, to be who they truly are.

  • Our key focus is “Bringing spirituality into every day living , and everyday living into spirt”.
  • Empowering intuitive self-awareness and spiritual understanding of our unique soulful truths, our hearts needs, planetary alignment and wellbeing.
  • We choose to hold the sacred space for humanity to remember who they already are.
  • Supporting all to have the courage to creatively choose and communicate from the inside out, their unique inner offering.
  • We feel we can all experience what we love, for the love of it, with ease and grace.

Watch the video for a more indepth view of our mission.

ITSA Life video
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Remembering Freedom
Hard Copy Book

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Meet the Team

Become a Confident Qualified Yoga Teacher

Randall Simpson

Randall Simpson

Daniel Young

Daniel Young

For Randy, Daniel, and the others here at ITSA Life, being a confident and qualified yoga teacher comes down to intuition, knowing your own process of how you experience your yoga, and sharing it authentically.

By staying fluid and open with space, we encourage our travelers to step outside the normal constraints of the tradition of yoga and experience their own intuition. Only then can they gain the confidence and insight needed to help others do the same.

“Together we can choose to be in loving relationship with enriching connection that enjoys harmonious being,
no matter where we are, or what we are attending to.”

— Randall Simpson & Daniel Young

Simpson and Young

Our Healing Home in Bali

Family Vibe Living Bali, 400m to the beach with 5 nurturing queen rooms incl of ensuite & aircon.
Wifi, pool, yoga space & kitchen. Stay a few nights, or create your very own “staycation”.

Bali bed room
Bali bed room
Bali bed room

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Bali bed room
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Why Choose ITSA Life Yoga Teacher Training?

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For us, yoga isn’t a commercial endeavour. It’s a way of life. It’s about changing the lives of the people we teach and train – for the better.

We’re focused on the bigger picture and what internally moves us individually regarding our relationship with yoga, nature, and life. For us, it’s all about helping others develop, understand, and make a connection with their internal selves to live better externally and achieve a more balanced quality of life.

Enjoy more space, serenity and support.

Here are the outcomes we always facilitate in our courses:

  • Our courses are limited to no more than eight people. This allows everyone to receive the personal attention they need to form their own unique relationship with their yoga practice.
  • With our smaller course sizes, we’re also able to promote a family environment in which you can open up and receive the support you need to truly heal and experience the union of mind, body, spirit, and your yoga practice.
  • We truly believe in the idea that you can’t truly help others and share anything in the realm of healing and alignment unless you feel healed and aligned.
  • When our travellers are able to do this and share their experiences with us, they are then able to form the building blocks of what it takes to become not only a good but a transformational yoga teacher.

Everyone’s pathway will be different, but being able to share the authenticity of your path will allow you to shower your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self in harmony and abundance. It will also help your students do the same.

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