Be at One and awaken our human efficiency through our loving being that honours your light code (energy blueprint) synchronising with your natural makeup (DNA & Constitution). WhoMeye is an experience that is whole in its cause and action and is authentic in alignment with the internal and external forces that affect the health, life and wellness of our true loving nature. How we think (head), sense (belly) and feel (heart) collectively creates our living voice that we communicate in our everyday life and how we respond to others, our surroundings & our life situations. Its how we see & experience the world, the world within us and the world we are within. This is the essence of our selfs psychology and its processes.

Spending time to unfold, grow and understand who you are will allow you the freedom to be and do as you feel, not what is expected of you, rather honouring what is intended for you. It is ultimately fear and conditioning that leads you away from your true nature and loving life integrity. Receive & become in touch through Abode Mindfulness & Healing Yoga, Reiki, Conscious Therapy & Body Work, Meditation, Ayurveda & Astrology. 

The way in which we begin to shift the fear and dissolve the conditioning is through progressive self healing & development using OME, the loving belief system of self that will allow you to relearn and release un healthy patterns that are held in our RAS System (rectacular activating system in our brain) which causes fear & prevents us from being free & fulfilled with love from the inside out to live our full potential & bliss, developed by Randall Simpson. The RAS system, is related to our information processing and how we function in the world and how we receive the worlds functioning as well as our essential belief system in which drives us everyday and our choices. OME is a natural living process that utilises and understands the whole self on all levels and allows us to alter our unconscious and out dated belief system that belongs to our past way of being, which no longer serves our heart or the greater path of life. 



Some of what you will receive:

  • A personal assessment of your selfs psychological constitution & living states constitution that is used to create your personalised WhoMeye experience. You will be guided and supported throughout your journey and assigned your own personal 1 on 1 guidance sessions with Randall Simpson
  • Daily guidance and progressive learnings of living your true nature of YIN & YANG (life balance) using the OME belief system and Abode Mindfulness & Healing through the modalities of Abode Yoga, Reiki, Conscious Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda & Astrology. These will come in the form of audios and written practices with an accompanying copy of The Edition & INDAH Journal. 
  • Ongoing supportive engagement through various self development & evolvement each week as well as an insightful article specific to the topic of study & community talk & question sessions lead by one of our divine team who embody a sacred way of being in self and life itself.

Honour your essence. Give yourself love. Offer yourself nurture. Take time to care