ITSA life is the loving home of matters of heart, with a sacred living language:  Inner Style, Through Self Artistry [ITSA].

Our key focus is empowering intuitive self-awareness and spiritual understanding of our unique soulful truths, our hearts needs, planetary alignment and wellbeing. We hold the sacred space for humanity to remember who they already are, and to have the courage to creatively choose to live their unique inner purpose and do what they love with ease & grace.

“The world is progressing. It is time to awaken and decrease separation between the lives of people and our earth. Some may have the material, others the spirit; it is my dream to “Inspire those who can reach to do so, and provide the opportunity for those who need to rise. Together we can be united in a sustainable loving human being culture & create a harmonious planet to enjoy.”

— From Heart, Through Earth Randall Simpson & Daniel Young

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ITSA Life Yoga & Wellness

ITSA Life Yoga & Wellness

Each journey enhances your consciousness, life presence & awareness of you, others & your surroundings. The teachings will sensitise & evolve your ability to share yoga, wellness & mind body health authentically with heartfelt grace as you transform through the art, study, humanity & psychology of  Abode Yoga.


Feel Home

A Real Life Stay, create your own with us. We have a beautiful Villa Retreat oceanside that you can stay in & enjoy on your own accord or you can style your ideal retreat life whilst you stay with us.


Choose IN*Style

Welcome to our Healing, Life & Living guidance services. We offer various practices, treatments, mentoring & coaching. We deliver this in person at our Self Health Practice & online for individuals and group sessions. 

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Flow IN*Relationship

The Life Worth Living. Come live it as you, with us. Each holistic program is a beautiful pathway designed without limitation, based upon enlightened living styles that enable you to travel the life of you through practices that will help you to find your own sacred way of life.



Stay IN*Tune

A life guide of ITSA Life.  A beautiful way to remain connected to your life & stay in touch where we are in the world, as we believe life is better shared.

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