Abode Reiki & Healing Touch Massage 1 hr $75, 1.5 hr $90

Therapeutic holistic touch healing & massage that alleviates negative ions that bound together causing blockages within our blood and lymphatic systems using Cosmic bodywork techniques and Reiki. The session will help renew the energy of the individual to improve overall bliss mentally, physically, energetically and emotionally. This way of touch massage connects the physical points of our nervous system & energy system that connect with our neurological state, cellular health, organs and body systems. Specific tonics, oils, and other forms of natural remedies will be used according to the needs of the individuals on-going healing and maintenance program, which can be formulated from the initial visit.

Abode Consciousness & Awareness Therapy 1 hr $75 , 1.5 hr $90

Deep meditation, subconscious level imagery that heals and intervenes with the mind and nervous system. Through energetic principles and mindful shifting of the neurological functioning of our brain, whereby it becomes receptive and has the chance to be cleared and reprogrammed as the nervous system has been calmed and the physical body is being nurtured through healing touch & therapeutic care through the energy pathways and meridian lines.


Skin Beauty & Digestive Wellbeing Counseling 1 hr $75,  1.5 hr $90

This therapeutic session will help you understand holistic nutritional wellbeing for your mind and body and will teach you how to integrate the energy of food and how to feed your heart & soul through your skin and beyond. You will learn to view digestion and wellbeing not simply as a physical function, but a whole functioning that contribute to a healthier you and life.

Abode Yoga Psychology & Therapy 1 hr $90, 1.5hr $120

Sessions are inclusive of our deep intuitive therapies that are tailored for specific issues or to begin the journey of discovering underlying barriers that are preventing the healing phase to begin. A Cosmic body & touch reading is done, complimented by Reiki Healing. This is then followed but an Abode Yoga Psychology & Counselled Therapy session. A management and healing process is formulated to the individual and is monitored and evaluated continuously. Natural healing tonics and aids are used such as flowers, herbs, crystals, jams & colour therapy.