"Embrace & Expand, an elegant life action"

Commit to shifting through loving relationship, from the inside out.







The Shifting- March 20th - 27th 2018 Bali (FULLY BOOKED)

Our Retreats' Intended Experiential Unfolding:

The conscious interaction with life that manifests freedom and space. This is an awakened retreat based event to intend days and attend with choice. This is our creative choice to allow and invite more quality life in abundance, for humanity and the planet.

We chose to offer this through intimate & quality connection, by holding the space for 5 soulful guests per event. This is to allow deep and authentic manifestation to happen fluidly through spirited integrity. 

This experience is held at our vibrational ITSA Life Space in Bali across 7 nights ($1240pp, includes private queen room with ensuite)