"A vivid way to heal"

Connect and be in relationship with the art of heart & body.







The Shifting- March 22nd - 29th 2019 Bali

Our Retreats' Intended Experiential Unfolding:

When we say heal, we do not mean the healing of a part. Instead we are focused on healing the relationship between the parts. This requires creativity, art and communications. This experience is playful, expressive and wise. It is centred in INTUITION and is felt through BODY. You will experience it through disciplines of Dance, Song, Yoga, Body & Breath Movement, Aerial Arts, Reiki Healing, Surfing, Writing, Beauty, Cosmic BodyWork & Ritual. 

We chose to offer this through intimate & quality connection, by holding the space for 8 soulful guests per event. This is to allow deep and authentic manifestation to happen fluidly through spirited integrity. 

This experience is held at our vibrational ITSA Life Space in Bali across 7 nights ( from $1240 USD pp, includes private queen room with ensuite)