Dimensional Dance 

We empower,  shift and connect in quality relationship with all through our golden presence of dance , a sacred revival. This is an awakened  approach to dance being fluid consciousness in movement, from a cosmic and creative expressive embodiment. Our first destination meet to reveal & revive beauty, love and life will be released in 2017. 

Each experiential moment in the space of our dance presence creates understanding of fluid devotion & ceremonial movement of body, mind & heart, using spirit to heal being, to allow inner non resistance, non judgement and non attachment to be for all and our planet. This is journeyed by tuning into  seasonal, astrological & cosmic energy universally, acknowledging  layers of our bodies (both form & formless elements) merging Yin & Yang frequency. Opening to the natural awe of unifying  Masculine & Feminine, Sun & Moon energies through 7 realms of conscious communication. This is done through awakened doing in a non interruptive manner, that stills essence, aligning our sacred song for us to listen to, enjoy witnessing the dance, allowing the dancer to be one with it.

Classes, Teacher Training & Continual Education Workshops available for Yoga & Dance Teachers. 

Class Experience 1.5 Hours ($20) - Experience and journey this practice through you, for you

Continual Education Workshop 6hrs ($180) - Add a touch of divine flavour to your current classes and practices & learn how to shape something so moving to empower the love, beauty and life within your current community. Includes Resource Materials & light delights to snack on throughout the day and a glass of champagne to toast your unique unveiling. This is also recognised as prior learning and is deducted from the price and hours required for the complete Teacher Training Course.

Teacher Training & Retreat Bali ($2800) -  Become a specialised guide and practitioner within an area that helps to bring your essence out in your purpose to serve and help others state of life and being when this aligns for you either in a personal setting (1 on 1 ) or within a group ( Max 5 people). This is inclusive of 10 Days accommodation, resources and practical experiences & airport pickup plus self paced learning to complete the course.

 Limited spaces, so register your interest to save your place and to stay in touch with our movements and our mission to make the world dance in love, we also take destination requests to keep our beat alive.