Testimonials from our guests, clients, teachers in training, professional business people and the wider community who have enjoyed the experiences, programs, counselling and retreats through ITSA Life.  

Abode Yoga 200hr YTT Participant Reviews

Natalie February 2018

For many years I struggled with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, a deep non-acceptance of my physical appearance and would a lot of the time have the desire physically harm myself. This manifested from whatever reason, I believe that mine was from experiences of sexual trauma I experienced in my childhood. Throughout my life I felt as though I was constantly drowning in my own head, in my own existence and what we label as ‘society’ that I just simply felt that I didn’t have a place in. It took many years of hiding, shoving the pain, anger and resentment so deep inside myself... It took many years if trying alternative therapies, there were times where I was so unstable that I resorted to medication and just totally numbed out.

There were times where my close friends would speak out and ask me to go and see a therapist or to seek help. What still shakes me to my core is that when you are open and honest about these feelings and experiences with your friends and those you love, they are often going through or have experienced something similar...

After years of searching, of not quite finding the right change or guidance that I was needing to understand that there was nothing wrong with me... I just had to move through the emotions and trauma within me that I fought and hid for so long out of shame. This year in February 2018 I found Dan and Randy’s YTT in Bali. This was the start and the the catalyst for a year of tremendous healing and transformation. The effects of this experience continues to move through me in waves, always remembering their soft and accepting way of life and experiencing relationship - with yourself, with others and the world around us. There was always something in me that knew there was more out there than taking the pills prescribed to me or labelling my state of being as an illness or something that I was destined to be for the rest of my life. Crazy, right? Well without words or without definitions I found the peace in knowing and believing this truth in their sacred and healing space.

As much as this shift has changed my life, I still felt that I was needing a little more guidance to move through and release. I chose to move through Randall’s Guiding Hand Mentorship Program. To have this 1 on 1 experience with Randy has been the seal of this transformation within me. It has been a gift to feel safe enough to surrender so completely to myself. Randall holds you so strongly in her heart space yet completely empowers you to explore your healing on your own terms and also provides you with resources and a structure to live this out long after it finishes. Her ability to feel into what it is that you are needing, on whatever stage of your journey you are on is absolutely out of this world. Literally.

More than no longer experiencing panic attacks, sleep paralysis and no longer having the desire to harm myself.. I feel softness, love and compassion for myself and for others. I have reached a point where instead of anger I feel gratitude for where this journey has brought me. A place that was so far away from me to even comprehend experiencing just a few months ago.

The quality of my life has changed. The quality of my relationships, the quality of my choices coming from a place of true heart. Without forcing or faking. For the first time in (honestly EVER) I trust life again, I believe that I am deserving and worthy to live a life filled with love and beauty and it feels good!! This creation embodies the belief that there is space for you to be in this world and express whoever you are, whatever you are feeling without any need to justify it or be judged. I have so much gratitude in my heart for everyone who I have crossed paths with in journeying the ITSA Life Wave.

Bridie Larby August 2018

I’ve been trying to think of a way to sum up the Yoga Training experience that I completed recently with Randy and Dan that would succinctly express what a beautiful life altering course this really is and all I could think of is if you’re thinking about doing a yoga training, you should do this course.

If you want to grow as a person, you should do this course. If you want to deepen and strengthen your relationships, with yourself, others and the community, you should do this course. If you want to be more aware of how you treat yourself on a daily basis, you should do this course. If you’re interested in yoga and how it can benefit you, you should do this course. If you want to learn how to assist and aid others in their journey, you should do this course. If you’re already a teacher and want deepen and strengthen your own understanding and ability to share and offer healing guides to others, you should do this course. If you have no desire to be a yoga teacher at all, you should do this course. If you feel like you’re on the cusp of some unknown life change that you can’t quite grasp, you really should do this course.

I’m not sure if you got my memo... but... you should do this course. Randy and Daniel run small intimate groups that allow you to heal and evolve in ways other YTTs don’t. It can be confronting and always very real, but that’s where the healing and the growth comes from. You feel nurtured and a deep level of acceptance from them both every step of the way. The strong mix of masculine, feminine and the balancing of these two forces within yourself and your practice gives so much more meaning to each posture, movement and how you live your life, on and off the mat. Once you’ve done this training, it can’t be unlearnt and your life will never be the same, in the most beautiful, evolved and accepting way possible. My personal journey really went deep and I felt confronted by what came up, but also relief. It allowed me to look into myself and see myself clearly in a way that I didn’t think was possible for me. To be honest I didn’t think I’d ever possess the ability to have self-worth or value or confidence in myself at the level that I came to and which is step forward in this new journey. For me it was such a beautiful process, through the highs and lows, to really accepting myself.

Honestly, if you’re reading this, if you’re thinking about it, you really should do this course.

Bonnie Scott, September 2018

I recently completed Abode Yoga Teacher Training with ItsaLife.  Abode YTT, founded by Randall Simpson and taught  with her partner Daniel Young, utilises many concepts of yoga as a practice. Incorporation of the many modalities of yoga allow our bodies to become the ultimate tool through which we can create internal harmony, and enhance ourselves to heal through our own energy. Abode YTT addresses the whole being, physically, energetically, emotionally, spirituality, and mentally. All while enjoying life’s unfolding through love, connection & freedom. Teacher trainings with Abode Yoga are intimate (kept at low numbers), which creates a safe environment to explore, open up and share if you wish. The space was beautifully held for us to share and take the time to explore our experiences and findings from within. I am truly grateful for the connections and lifelong friendships made in my group. 

Randall exhibits incredible grace, compassion, awareness of herself and life around her. She is kind and gentle, but strong. She holds a loving space for healing and self inquiry. Dan is exceptionally gifted at complementing femininity with masculinity to form an incredible union within the Abode Yoga space. His offering to the world is truly a mirror and he gently guides you to explore your inner truth. For me, it was an obvious choice to complete my Yoga Teacher Training with Abode Yoga. I have known Randall for many years had already attended a couple of short retreats run by ItsaLife. I honour their authenticity, love for life and holistic approach to yoga as a way of being. Together, Randall and Dan have created the most incredible experience of healing and shifting for the people who walk into their space. Through their dynamic teachings, they offer and incredible amount of information and theory to flow naturally through learning and experience, which enables a foundation for their students to grow and develop into yoga teachers in their own unique way.

Although I had been practicing yoga for a decade, I hadn’t made the choice to delve deeper because I had many limiting beliefs about myself, and why I couldn’t make a career out of yoga. I wasn’t flexible enough, I couldn’t hold a handstand, I didn’t look like a yogi, I couldn’t afford it (just to name a few). At the time I was going around in circles in disconnect and suffering. I felt stuck in a toxic environment, and I had lost the drive and motivation to make a transformation. I was burnt out and it was when I hit a rock bottom of panic attacks that I felt the calling explore yoga through YTT. That being said, I could not recommend Abode Yoga Teacher Training more. I am extremely grateful, I really don’t know if my life would’ve ever changed direction if I didn’t choose their yoga course. Whether or not you consider yourself a yoga teacher, what you will learn here, can be implemented and practiced in everyday life. If there is one thing I could recommend to anyone at any point in their life, it would be this. Abode YTT has allowed me to reconnect with my true essence, honouring exactly where I am and consciously choosing my path in life. I was able to find such clarity, healing, understanding and compassion, and I walked away inspired, energised and aligned with my truth. 

During the Abode YTT you are guided to explore Pranayama (breath), Meditation, Ayurveda, Dance, Kirtan, Conscious Relationships, healing modalities and so much more. My Asanas (poses) improved dramatically, however the biggest takeaway is developing an awareness of the the body and energy. Learning about the 5 bodies (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic) I came to a realisation that everything truly is connected. I am grateful for the confidence that Abode YTT has instilled in my abilities – not just in the physical practice of yoga, but across all areas of my life. 

There were also many cultural experiences included in our journey, we saw a Balinese healer, took a trip to the natural hot springs in the mountains, had a surfing lesson with Dan (an insightful way to explore on your inner state of mind), experienced a Reiki healing with Randall, learnt about the physical anatomy with the incredible Anya and were treated to a beautiful afternoon of Kirtan (song) with Tia and her acoustic guitar. On top of the cultural experiences with the group, you have free time to go and explore Bali.

Randy and Dans place at Villa Ricko in Berawa beach (Canguu, Bali) is absolutely beautiful. Berawa Beach is a gorgeous place that is home to many locals and people from all walks of life. Villa Ricko has facilities for cooking, or you can be nourished by many of the local cafes and restaurants in the area. The Villa also has a pool and little areas for you retreat and enjoy. There’s a lot to explore within walking distance, or you can seek adventures further by hiring a scooter.

I would be leaving a big part out if I didn’t acknowledge the difficulties as well. During my YTT I allowed myself to shift into a healing state and work through toxic energy that had been suppressed. There were some really confronting, ugly moments which put me completely out of my comfort zone. It was such an intense healing process to acknowledge rather than push away the emotions and realisations that came up. I definitely had thoughts of “what on earth am I doing”?! This kind of deep journey and unfolding could only occur in surroundings that allow us to feel completely safe to surrender. If you are open to healing, Abode YTT will lovingly guide you on a path to create internal harmony which will flow through to every aspect of your life.

As Abode YTT is undertaken, there’s a realisation that this is just the beginning. Practice does not make perfect, practice creates more practice. There’s no destination, or arrival point. Abode Yoga teachers, consciously chose to live life through loving connection, experiencing unity and freedom. They have learnt how to authentically offer the space to support and allow other people to honour their love, unity and freedom as well. They develop solid foundations to enable them to apply Yoga on and off the mat, Yoga as a way of living, Yoga as a way of life. What a beautiful thing.

Adine, September 2018

My first contact to randy and dan was via mail before deciding to do the abode yoga teacher training. my biggest concern was whether it would be physically demanding and technical enough or too spiritual for me... nevertheless some inner voice told me i should do it. so i came to bali in june, being in deep pain and resistance after i had been suffering from anorexia for several years and had a burnout some months ago. i expected from the training to get physically stronger, to learn crazy asanas and a lot of yoga theory - and to be healed... to be shown a way how to continue with my life after the breakdown.

as randy and dan are extraordinary yoga teachers we did a lot of asana practice. we learned about anatomy, asanas, pranayama, the foundations and philosophy of yoga, tantra, chakras, meditation and ayurveda. their villa in canggu is like heaven on earth with a lot of wonderful food options close by and a fantastically beautiful beach... but actually all of these benefits just were the setting for the real experience that was happening inside myself.
just through providing space for and acknowleding the individual soul of everybody in the group randy and dan gave us the chance and time to explore our inner worlds and see clearly into our own truths.

my truth was that all the years before i have been exhausting myself, forcing me into practicing yoga and still expecting it to relax and heal me. i realized that i did not need to practice more yoga, but letting things go. the hardest challenge for me was not even to get up at 5 every morning but to surrender and trust their teaching, wisdom and loving kindness to guide me into my own truth and heart space. what i found there was actually not what i expected to find and certainly it was not the perfect image of myself i would liked to have found... but afterall it was ME.

when i started to surrender to myself i found an energy, light and love i never imagined to be able to feel. like i sad to randy after one of her wonderful morning sessions i could feel butterflies in my heart although i am still in a transition having my good and bad days i can feel a deep trust into myself and into life now, feeling somehow determined and just feeling which is the next step to take. through their whole way of being randy and dan introduced me to practicing yoga and meditation as a way to actively listening to my body and soul and teaching as a way to share and reflect the message of my heart.

after all i haven't been healed or shown how to move on, but i have been shown how to find everything i need to do that just inside myself. apart from all the knowledge and the yoga alliance certificate the abode yoga teacher training gave me more than i could have ever hoped for. from all my heart i am more than grateful for having been part of that journey together with this amazing group of people. it was not a breathtaking experience, but it gave me my breath back and made me realize that without the still point there would be no dance ♡

Lachlan Denneny, September 2018

I was looking at different places to complete my teacher training, Abode Yoga stood out from the rest. Partially because I wanted to be near the beach and surf, and because the maximum number of students was capped at 8 (we had 5). The attention and love that Daniel and Randall offered was clear from the moment I entered their beautiful space. My personal journey over the course was very intense. I had not expected to learn so much about myself as I did, the way they provided the space for us to grow was something that I have never experienced before. I had originally approached yoga to “become flexible,” something which I later realised was actually the least of my worries. The way the offerings were given was one that allowed each student to feel completely different but equally profound experiences. The academic side of the course was attended to with detail and all questions that were asked, were answered with knowledge, sympathy, and understanding. The assessments were provocative in the sense they really inquired into the student’s thoughts and feelings without being invasive. My daily journal writing was at first, strongly resisted because like most men, I thought showing emotion was taboo but as the days went on, I felt more comfortable putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper. My relationship with my fiancée has never been stronger and I believe it’s due to my growth and experience at Abode Yoga in Canggu. The support I felt from Randy and Daniel before, during the course, and even now while I am back to my every day life was incredible. Daniel still messages me regularly to see how my journey is continuing and I am very grateful for it. If you’re looking for a place to grow, experience and be yoga, this is the place to do it. I will certainly be back.

Laura, September 2018

I’m sitting on my couch, drinking healing tea and trying to find the right words. It’s not that easy. No words can describe my experience at the Abode Yoga Teacher Training. You discover so much. You learn about Ayurveda, non-violent communication, anatomy, breathe, the 5 bodies, meditation, dimensional dance, chakras, yoga sequencing (and so much more). You sing kirtans, journal, surf, go to the hot springs, visit a healer, you accept and learn to be mindful, you laugh together and cry together. But most importantly you learn so much about yourself. Before I came to Randy and Dan, my yoga practice was mainly on the mat and very physical – but yoga is so much more. Yoga is everywhere. There’s no right or wrong. And there are no guidelines to life, but your own happiness. I didn’t join this Teacher Training to teach yoga afterwards. However, Randy and Dan trained and formed me so well, that I do feel confident and now offer yoga classes. Their program is amazing. If you are thinking about joining one of their offerings: just do it and start your mind-blowing journey with Abode Yoga.“

Dani Bigwood August 2018

Wow, what a journey the past 3 weeks has been. I have never felt more grounded and in touch with myself as i have been after this course. The support Randy and Dan provided throughout this course for us as a group and as individuals to shift into our remembering and comes into our own was incredible. The knowledge, the trust and the honesty in their sharing made it very easy for me (although very confronting) to open up and shift into a happier and more free person and woman. The small group of students journeying through this together allowed us to see what true yoga was and how to teach true yoga with authenticity. It also allowed for more personal interactions for questions and teachings. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart xx

Viola Rechenauer August 2018

I had the most amazing time at Randis and Dans Abode Yoga Teacher Training. They really allowed everyone to get a deeper understanding of all the different aspects of yoga and I especially liked the empasis on the psychological and healing aspects of teaching a yoga class. The small group allowed everyone to take a huge step in developing your own personal style of yoga and sharing every experience you made on that journey. For me this journey was really emotional. I feel like I got everything I didn´t even know I needed and I am so happy to be a member of the Abode Yoga Family now.

Marco & Sabine June 2018

Anyone who is looking for a yoga teacher training, which is a holistic transformational experience, will love Randy & Daniel’s ytt! This ytt really addresses you as a whole being - physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. When I was looking for a ytt, I found it so incredibly hard to pick the “right” one. All courses online looked similar: big groups of people and long daily schedules. When I saw Randy & Daniel’s training, it stood out because of the small group (max. 7 participants), the healing aspects of the course, and the beautiful location in Bali! Additionally, as my husband and I both wanted to do the ytt, we loved it that we could learn from a couple. I just felt that this was the right choice for both of us and it was indeed a unique opportunity to learn more about both yoga as well as healing from two amazing teachers - Randy & Daniel! Everything has been amazing! My husband and I loved every moment of the training and can’t believe how much we learned! We expected to improve our flexibility and yoga postures but ended up going through a full process of personal transformation! We had never practiced yoga in such an intense and holistic way, both 'on' as well as 'off' the mat. The result was that we literally “squeezed out” old stored emotions that were still stuck in our bodies through the practice of yoga. It was an intense process to go through but we feel so relieved and much lighter now! We are so grateful to Randy, Daniel, and the rest of the beautiful group (the other participants who have become friends) for guiding us during our healing journey. Randy and Daniel created a safe and nourishing place for us to share our experiences and emotions...what an incredible journey! Being in a small group we each had the time to share break-through moments and learn from each other. The teachers and group were so loving and supportive! That has made this whole experience so incredibly beautiful and fun! With people from all over the world, we laughed, shared, danced and had so much fun! We are beyond grateful for having found Randy & Daniel! They each have such a beautiful way of being themselves and holding space for others! They are so cute together and so much fun to be around with! It is also such a benefit to be able to learn from both a woman & man during the physical practice of the asanas, the pranayama breathing, the meditation, and healing modalities! This was a bonus on top of everything! We learned so much from these two wise souls and have been so inspired by their way of living! Thank you both - and the amazing group - from the bottom of our heart! This training was better than we could have ever imagined! Learning yoga from you two has been sensational, the visit to the Balinese healer Ketut was a unique experience, the surfing lesson with Daniel was so much fun and a great way to reflect on our inner state, the Reiki with Randy was magical, and your easy-going approach to life is so cool!! Thank you for everything and for being part of such an amazing group of Abode Yoga Teachers!! So much love, Marco & Sabine


Natalie May 2018

I took part in the Yoga Teacher Training in February and I feel as though my experience thus far with Abode Yoga cannot be put into words... It has been a truly empowering, humbling and healing journey. I am in eternal gratitude for the confidence that this experience has instilled in my abilities - across all areas of life not limited to asana!
The dynamic way that Dan and Randy offer their teachings allow incredibly powerful information to naturally flow through you while creating solid foundations for you to apply them through your practice and teachings. This is an experience that is so beautifully designed to accommodate and highlight the unique qualities of each individual that takes part.
Abode Yoga has triggered a strong sense of purpose within me and I truly believe that every person on the planet should know about this!
I strongly advise all of those looking to offer yoga from a place of heart to yourself or others or if you would like to empower yourself by learning how to cultivate more joy and light in your life through self-healing and exploration it’s time to open up to love and join the ITSA Life Family :)


Nadine November 2017

For those of you that are about to make the decision to complete your YTT Level 1, I hope to help you along the way by giving my honest opinion and speaking from the heart. My journey started 18 months before my training commenced.  I was lucky enough to attend a retreat in Bali with ITSA LIFE and my experiences there were AMAZING. It left me wanting more, and it was at this retreat that I decided to make a commitment and complete my YTT with this company.What really appealed to me, was that Randall Simpson and Daniel Young offered something unique.  Their YTT course seemed to be different from others that I would see advertised by different companies.  ABODE yoga is not just about the physical body; it delves much deeper into the other layers of yoga – the mental, the emotional, the energetic and the spiritual bodies.  ABODE yoga incorporates the 8 Limbs of yoga, with an emphasis on healing and learning about the Ayurveda health system – a 5000-year-old medical system from ancient India.  You will also experience surfing, SUP and cultural experiences. The ABODE yoga YTT course gives you the tools to bring yoga into your life, both on and off the mat.  It truly is a journey in so many ways – a journey of self- discovery, and learning about your ‘true’ self, developing awareness and bringing everything into balance. Initially, I had so many limiting beliefs.  My first was that I was only going to do the course to deepen my own understanding.  I had no plans to actually ‘teach’ yoga.  Another was that I was too ‘old’ to teach yoga.  I now look back on those memories and chuckle to myself and I have a little smile to myself when I hear others doubting themselves.  Randall and Daniel gently encourage and guide you every step of the way. For me, it was about learning ‘who’ I truly was.  At the time, I thought I knew, but when I reflect, I had absolutely no idea.  I guess I was just floating through life – there were no real dramas in my life, but I didn’t really know ‘me’ or my purpose.  So expect that at times you’ll feel confronted and overwhelmed, and at times you may ask yourself what the hell you are doing there, but just know that this is part of the journey of self- discovery. You’ll make sacrifices to get to the course - time off work, away from your loved ones, and you may be totally out of your comfort zone like I was.  You may feel like your knowledge is limited.  Oh, and you’ll be tired, both mentally and physically. So, is it all worth it?  Absolutely! It’s part of the process.  I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.  I came away with this new found energy and confidence.  Life wasn’t about being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ anymore.  It was about being the best version of ‘me’ that I could possibly be.  It wasn’t until weeks after the course that I connected with all of this.  Little elements, bit by bit, seemed to fall into place as I started to understand. I just needed time to work it all out.  I’m still learning. I love that about yoga.  It’s a lifelong journey of learning. The place, which will be your home for the duration of the course – Canguu – I AM IN LOVE.  It’s a beautiful little community.  There is something just so special about it.  The accommodation is perfect at VILLA RICKO.  You have your own private spacious room which is cleaned daily, a pool to cool off in during your downtime, a shared kitchen area where you share breakfast with your group and the open yoga space is right outside your doorstep.  If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about being on your own in a foreign place, rest assured because you have a security guard on the premises.  Berawa Beach is just down the road and you have an amazing selection of cafes close by.  I definitely recommend hiring a scooter, (which can be arranged for you) or at least jump on the back of someone else’s, if you’re not confident enough to drive one, like me.  The scooter gives you that element of freedom, especially on your days off and during your downtime.  There is just so much to explore and there is no way you could do it on foot, especially if you want to go to the other side of Canguu.  However, alternatively, there are taxis just down the road if you want that option. Finally, before I sum this whole experience up, the teachers, Randy and Dan – OMG, so beautiful, so passionate, so patient and there to guide you, (and question you) all in a loving, nurturing way.  They are so in line and in tune – with themselves, each other, and their students.  I’m amazed at their wealth of knowledge and their abilities to go above and beyond.  They both are individual in their teachings but offer such a unique balance in the training.  You will also be guided by 3 other expert teachers in their field – Stella, Shaun and Tia.  All awesome and just lovely individuals. You’ve made the choice to ‘do’ your yoga teacher training, that’s the first step.  Now, ‘who’ to do it with is your next challenge.  Without a doubt, ITSA LIFE – ABODE YOGA, is the one for you.  You will not be disappointed.  This final decision will honestly change your life for the better!


Anja November 2017

In July 2017 I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training with ItsaLife - founded and taught by Randall Simpson and Daniel Young - and what I brought back home was not only a certification being a Yoga Teacher. Rather than that and much more important is that my whole approach and perspective on life changed completely into a beautiful and very special direction. I am beyond grateful and happy to say it was the best investigation into myself I have done so far. My Yoga journey started at a very difficult point in my life after going through an illness which caused me to orientate my life into a whole new direction. With the background of being a student in a professional dance education, Yoga to me was presented as a way of stretching and gaining flexibility. Every Yoga class was more a painful experience after long days of training rather than being a remedy and a healing time just for myself. After quitting the education program I felt the need to find calm and surrender and find back to myself. I gave Yoga a second chance and within the first class I found my deep loving relationship with it. I began practicing on a regular basis and noticed huge changes, in my personality, my thinking, my body and my perception of myself and my surroundings. I decided that I want to pass on what I could accomplish trough my daily practice to people who are looking for something beyond the surface. After two close friends and colleagues, who have already had their experience with Randy and Dan, recommended ItsaLife and I got in contact with Randall and Daniel, I was sure that this was the Teacher Training I wanted to complete. I was looking for a Teacher Training that approaches Yoga in a very holistic way, discussing the physical aspects just as much as the spiritual, emotional and therapeutic ones. Their offerings were clear from the beginning. With a very detailed description of the Teacher Training I was aware of what I was going to be experiencing, even though the explanation was not auguring any certain kind of ‘successful’ outcome because it is so individualized, that this couldn’t even be done if intended. From the beginning and first initiating contact I felt Randy’s and Dan’s honest and true being, even when reading their mails. As I wasn’t able to immediately sign up, they generously offered me to reserve the last spot until I decided. The Pre-Training assessments and obligations were clearly defined and delivered to me on time so I could have enough time to slowly immerse into the partially complex topics. The Teacher Training itself was an unforgettable experience. Beginning with the wonderful teachers - Randy, Dan, Thia and Stella: each and every one of them was allowing us and showing us ways to be who we truly are in their very own way. Randy and Dan are the most special and beautiful soul I have ever met. With their lively appearance yet calming language they deliver their knowledge, their love for life and all that Yoga means to them in such an authentic way while still allowing and offering the space for you to find your own way into all that she delivers. Any time I needed help, advice or even a little push into the right direction they both selflessly cared about me and the other participants. As the group size is limited to 7 spots the whole Training is very personal and individual. The accommodation was beautiful, spacious and always kept clean by the wonderful Balinese staff and allowed us to live and learn in ease. You can clearly see the effort and love that was put into creating a beautiful sacred space that just underlines the offerings of ITSALife. Within walking distance you can reach many restaurants and cafes following the healthy and sustainable lifestyle fueling you with the most delicious food and beverages after long days of studying. All in all the experience I was able to make with Randy and Dan in 4 weeks in Bali is more than I could have ever imagined. Now after 4 months post teacher training, ITSALife’s influence on my life is still and growingly noticeable. My lifestyle has changed a lot to me being in a conscious and loving relationship with myself and my surroundings in every aspect. Even if you don’t consider yourself being a teacher, let alone a yoga teacher, I highly recommend the ‘Mind Body Wellbeing-Teacher Training.’ What you will learn there as a student will be what you can implement into your everyday life as your personal teacher for life. All in all the experience I was able to make with Randy and Dan in 4 weeks in Bali is more than I could have ever imagined. Now after 4 months post teacher training, ITSALife’s influence on my life is still and growingly noticeable. My lifestyle has changed a lot to me being in a conscious and loving relationship with myself and my surroundings in every aspect. Even if you don’t consider yourself being a teacher, let alone a yoga teacher, I highly recommend the ‘Mind Body Wellbeing-Teacher Training.’ What you will learn there as a student will be what you can implement into your everyday life as your personal teacher for life.


Natalie October 2017

This has been one of the most beneficial life changing and important journeys I have experienced. I truly don't know if my life would have changed in such an incredible direction without having done it. I feel I’d still be stuck going around and around in a circle with the same problems.I can fully appreciate and understand why they believe and stand so true to what ITSA Life is about because I have experienced it first hand. If I could recommend one thing for anyone to do in their life it would be this. It was the best investment I could have made for myself. I found such clarity in all areas of my life, connection to myself, contentment, understanding, compassion, awareness, a deeper self-practice, healing, new inspired energy, passion for life, a healthier mind and body, and my truth and alignment. The journey has only just begun, I have some wonderful tools and offerings to continue to practice in my life as well as more ways in which I can help others. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude. Randy and Daniel are phenomenal teachers who really do practice what the preach. I also came away with having built some beautiful connections and friendships.Many reasons led me to the Abode Yoga Practice & Mind-Body Teacher Training.I was feeling so disconnected, in life, work and relationships. I was moving through some very big transitions, stress and losing passion for life itself had thrown me into the unfamiliar water where I felt I needed to heal, grow, learn, and find some direction and purpose for myself. As well as developing my yoga teaching, I felt I needed to go deeper within my yoga, as my own practice was not reflecting outwardly in my life. I was already very familiar with Randy and Daniels mission, their passion and dedication to what they offer and the services they provide through ITSA Life. I had done Reiki, an ITSA Life in Style on-line program, as well as receiving counselling through Randy. These were incredibly shifting and real. Honouring exactly where I was at with true concern, care and guidance, so knew what they would be offering through the teacher training would go above and beyond in so many ways.There is so much value in what they do. They only take 6 students on at a time, this spoke very clearly to me that they genuinely care and want the students to greatly benefit from the course. It also created a fantastic space and environment to learn within. I felt completely comfortable and safe to delve deeper while connecting with others. Building beautiful new friendships and wonderful support. The topics of what was included in the teacher training were also very important to me and they really aligned with areas I wanted to develop for myself and also as a yoga teacher.The accommodation, staff, Canggu area and surrounding cafes were other incredible perks. 


Victoria June 2017

I took the decision to do a level 2 teacher training with ITSA and study with Randall Simpson and Daniel Young in June 2017, I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have done quite a few courses now and originally started teaching in 2010 after completing my first one, however, what I gained from this course was huge in so many ways. The actual structure and delivery of the course is so well rounded and full that it is amazing they can fit it all in, I feel empowered in so many aspects of yoga that I didn’t before. I feel that the size and content, as well as the teacher, make the course unique and special. 3 months on and I am still absorbing knowledge and continuing to study the areas that really spoke to me on the training course. As well as feeling fully empowered to teach and speak from a confident place I also have the wonderful gift of being part of the abode yoga family, knowing that I can contact Randy, Dan or Stella to get advice on anything new or challenging that comes up for me. The journey to become a teacher and being able to teach from an honest and heartfelt place is mind-blowing and these guys have the compassion, talent and patience to guide you there, always with love and always without judgement. On returning home to continue to teach my classes at gyms and community halls, I wondered if the change in my teaching would be apparent and/or welcome. Wow I have had so many people comment on the change in how I deliver my class and how much they love it, I have certainly felt that my teaching has gone from 2D to 3D, I have been able to share more than the instruction and position of the asana but also the energy and feelings that I feel when I practice. This life-changing experience has helped me in other ways too, my relationships with people around my have improved, my relationship with myself has changed too, the pace of my life has also changed and all of these things for the better, it’s as if taking the training has kicked start my evolutionary growth and everything around me is blossoming and helping me to move forward. On a more practical note, this course is delivered on the beautiful island of Bali in a luxurious and nurturing set of bungalows, with space to either take time out and mingle with the others on your course, the area of Bali that this course is set is very special, with lovely beaches, surf, restaurants, but also with a chilled vibe that is lost in many other parts of the island. You feel as if you have found the perfect balance of energy and chill, although I do recommend getting a scooter while you are here, it’s great to be able to go a little farther afield and just blow the cobwebs off when you have a day off. I am eternally grateful for the Abode team and so honoured to be associated with them.If you are considering this course and have any questions that you would like to ask I would be more than happy to respond. Victorai.stovell@gmail.com" 



Tegan May 2016

I cannot recommend this course highly enough! Not only for those who wish to teach, but a wonderful retreat for anyone wishing to deepen their yoga practice I completed my 250 hour Yoga Teacher training in 2015 and I can honestly say, it was one of the most amazing and spiritual experiences that will be with me for the rest of my life. I met Randall and Dan in 2014 when I completed a different retreat, an experience that literally changed the direction of my life. I decided to complete this retreat as I wanted to continue the path of changing my life. I work in a high-stress job and despite having only spent a short period of time in this career, it was hitting me hard. Randall and Dan helped me open my mind to doing something I love and this course is enabling me to do something I really want to wake up to doing each day. I met an incredible group of people, each with their own difficult journey and each looking for a place to understand and belong. This retreat gave us this opportunity.Both Randall and Dan are down to earth people with astonishing personal awareness and infinite patience. At all times, they went above and beyond and proved to be more than just  ‘yoga teachers’ but life, love, and yoga mentors. Randall provides such a calming presence throughout the course. She conveys all the learnings simply and with ease, despite the sometimes complex content. Randall is without a uniquely gifted woman with such passion and drive, her depth of knowledge in phenomenal and her selflessness is inspiring. Dan brings a balancing energy to the retreat and also a stronger form of yoga that tests your strength and works up a sweat. Even though I have met Dan before, I was still impressed by his compassion and unwavering ability to provide guidance when you need it the most. Sean Goldberg also provided a portion of the learnings and I was very impressed by his open-minded approach to his teachings. All of the teachers made you feel special and they always had patience and compassion to understand that your journey is different and hard in its own right. The location was incredible, our own little sanctuary; each of us had our own privacy and space to absorb our journey but still close enough for all of us to be together. The availability of the freshest food was amazing, with plenty of restaurants within a short walking distance. In credit to the teachers, I completed this course whilst I was 4-5 months pregnant. At all times, I felt safe, secure and my health was always their highest priority. Where needed, Randall made adjustments to the course, class or positions to ensure the physical safety of my baby and I. My little girl was born 5 months later, happy, healthy and still to this day, she has an extended family that knew her before she was born. I cannot recommend this unique team highly enough. There is a significant amount of information and knowledge to immerse yourself in and take onboard, that is balanced by just the right amount of practice and play. If you're ready to reconnect with yourself and like minded people, replenish, re-energise and redirect your life, this is the place for you to begin your journey.


Tim May 2016

The Main Reason for me doing this course was to help my recovery I,d fractured my coccyx tail bone for the 2nd time and it wouldn,t heal I was into my 4th month of recovery and not getting better I was frustrated and getting depressed . I,m a good friend of Daniel Young who is my Yoga teacher from many years before who had healed me previously with herniated discs in my lower back.. Dan said to me he would fix me again and advised me to do the course due to me constant trail of injuries he said ill be able to learn a lot more about myself and why I was having all these injuries.... And I'll tell you a week of the course I started surfing again and sitting down as I couldn't surf or sit down for the last 4 months I had a lot of confidence in my teacher and sure enough he was right. Now I,m back surfing sitting down and looking at life with a whole new different perspective. I'd also had previously drug and alcohol problems and since I've done this course I,m NOT drinking or taking drugs I,ve managed to change my old patterns. And I,m feeling great I,m continuing my practise everyday its body mind and spirit maintenance. And at 43 yrs old its not to late to start looking after yourself. This course is Amazing everyday I have blown away and so interested and didn't realise how in-depth YOGA actually is. We had a great balance of teachers Dan Young who is a life guard and is an absolutely great inspiring person who I've been friends with of over 10 years and id learnt his Astanga Yoga Teachings in Sumbawa I went to his class everyday for 5 weeks and I learnt it. I had been doing this for 5 years before the course. So I had a lot to learn and I,m not the brightest spark but as Dan said to me ill be fine and I surprised myself and did really well in the course. Randy Simpson One of the loveliest Ladies I've met such a great passionate teacher her Hatha Yoga style teaching was new for me but she is such an excellent teacher very experienced with a professional dancing background .Her teachings were so clear, precise and so easy to understand. She made me feel at peace and gave me confidence with my practice. As I wasn't really interested in being a Yoga Teacher as I was just interested in healing myself but she gave so much encouragement to become a yoga teacher and I have been teaching this course so inspiring. Stella Attwood Another Lovely Lady such a beautiful caring person with her strong experience in Yoga and Pilates Teacher Background she was very patient and aware of my injury and really helped me understand the concepts of the Anatomy of the body and the different Asanas. Really authentic teacher Sean Goldberg A Truly Amazing Intelligent Man who is a Physiotherapist who went to India and has studied Yoga and Meditation for years. Sean's Teachings were made so easy to understand and so interesting . He went through the concepts of Pain and how our mind tells us not to heal and was a very big help for my recovery. Sean went more into depth with Meditation so with all the combination of all these great teachers we were truly blessed and we only had 4 students it was so easy to learn this course which was perfect for me. All these great teachers with all different backgrounds and experience with so much knowledge to give to us . They were all so inspiring and encouraging. its really important to have confidence and have a good relationship with your teachers and they were all so approachable nothing was ever a problem and they took the time to make us learn . They were so glad to help to me recover from my injury and they made me feel loved and accepted. To be Honest I wish I had done this course when I was 16 yrs old because I would have been a much better person for it..!!! The Location is great nice and close to Berawa beach only 5 mins walk which was great for me as i,m a surfer so could run down for a surf in my lunch breaks and after the course and the end of the day or simply to just walk on the beach and watch the sunset and reflect on the days course.. The Accommodation was excellent huge big comfortable bed big room lovely bathroom good hot water shower . Rooms cleaned everyday my room was right on the pool I loved it. The Food Breakfast was great healthy food Dan s great all organic muesli mix so delicious and fresh fruit . With plenty of room in the fridge to put your own food and a good kitchen to cook your own lunch and dinners. Plenty of Cheap good restaurants all within walking distance. So good !!!! Was such a good experince to do this course with in 3 weeks i,d lost alot of weight and was feeling so good it was alot to take in and i really did surprize myself now i,m a Yoga Teacher.....Made some great new friends with all the teachers and students good friends for life. So good to do something good for yourself and something to help other people and to become a better person such a great course . Special thanks to all the teachers I highly recommend this course to everyone!!!!!!


Daniel May 2016

I always had a very stressful life in Germany, so I found Yoga as a way to calm down for myself. As I got more into it, a friend recommended the Abode Yoga practice and I took the chance. I expected to learn some new asanas, how to help others to enjoy Yoga and was hoping to get more flexible. But I got far more than this out of the retreat. I learned a lot about myself, to be more mindful and especially that there is a lot more to Yoga than just the physical part of it. 
I can only recommend the retreat to everyone that is interested or already into Yoga and wants to become a teacher. I took a lot back home that is improving my personal life and also feel confident to teach others. Thanks guys for that great experience!


Ali November 2016

I'd grown up playing a lot of sport which was slowly taking its toll on my body. I had recently started yoga and was amazed at how wonderful it was making not only my body feel but also my mental and emotional body. 
I had also recently come to a point in my life where i was unsure of myself, my feelings, my life direction and where i should be heading with a career. I was also struggling to overcome some hormonal inblances that were becoming a chronic issue for me and i felt i needed to break away from the stresses of everyday life and focus on me and my health.
i felt i needed to learn to love myself again. I wanted to be surrounded with like minded people and learn something about me while enjoying my love of yoga. 
 As a student nutritionist, i hold large personal values towards living a healthy life. This amazing retreat offered me the time, space and freedom to heal my mind, body and spirit. I really liked  setting of small group numbers that allowed for a safe and comforting setting where i felt at home and relaxed to share some of my emotions and personal troubles. I was able to engage with other yoga students and the instructors, Randy and Dan really well and felt the sense of inclusion. The options to cook my own meals was also an amazing bonus. Cooking is something i am hugely passionate about and it allowed me to experiment cooking with fresh, local produce. This also made me feel a part of the local culture. The location of the retreat was ideal, walking distance to the beach and lots of organic and vegetarian cafes which all delivered amazing meals. After the completion of the retreat, i felt like a new women. I learnt SO much about myself that i wouldnt have discovered on my own. Not only did i feel i was whole within myself again, i had a sense of self achievement, worth, direction and an eagerness to share my new self with the world again. I learnt how to deal with any complications that may arise in the future and how to live my life through consciousness and present moment each day. The value of living in the now and loving absolutely everything about myself and my surroundings. I leant to practice gratitude and forgiveness and ultimately solidify the need for self love and expression. The philosophies of yoga taught me so much more than just moving my body through a bunch of poses. I learnt to listen to my body and decide what it needed physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. I learnt to identify these needs and begin to implement new habits for myself with regards to taking care of my overall health and well being. I learnt to connect my breathe and movement together to create a beautiful self asana practice that i now practice daily and share with students. I came away with a calmer, stronger and more flexible body that i feel i have more control over.The self discovering journey and retreat was everything i wanted and more. I learnt more about myself and my well being that i ever have done. Dan and Randy were the BEST instructors i could have ever dreamed of. The teachers were filled with knowledge and real life experiences which made them more relatable and were very approachable and welcoming towards any questions or inquiries i had. The accommodation was absolutely beautiful too. The cottage style rooms were huge and the furnishings and decor made me feel at home. This retreat is perfect for those wanting to rediscover themselves, learn how to live a more fulfilling and conscious life and how to share your love of yoga with others. 


Cathrine April 2016 

I had been practicing yoga only occasionally at home and I was really looking for somewhere I could experience an concentrated yoga practice.This retreat was fantastic! Heaps of yoga every day plus an insight into the theories and other practices behind it.This course is useful not only to train as a yoga teacher but also to enable you to understand your own practice in a much deeper way.I had the best few weeks! I highly recommend this course, the location is amazingly relaxing and the teachers are kind, generous, passionate and highly skilled.Getting to advance your yoga practice while at the same time enjoying the wonders that Bali can give you, including snorkelling and SUP lessons is the best thing anyone could ask for! This retreat was in a brand new location for me, and was very affordable. I was expecting many changes in my life in the year ahead and the course gave me time to focus, recharge and prepareThings improved drastically, everyone on the course was so lovely and we all got along amazing.Not only did I discover how much I really loved yoga, but I also learned a lot and now I have friends all over the world.



Retreat & Class Experience Reviews

Yoga benefits me not only in my everyday life and wellbeing, but extremely helpful to my surfing. I enjoy various styles of yoga and fitness training, and was fortunate enough to experience a 1 on 1 session with Randall in Bali. With an amazing teaching style and fresh innovative style of Abode Yoga, I hope to keep in tune with her classes and look forward to participate in more in the near future.
— Tim Macdonald Professional surfer from Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island Australia
Randall is an incredible teacher, her positive energy and joie de vivre is contagious and reflects in her interactions with her students. It was a blessing to be able to learn from her, i enjoyed every moment of my learning experiences throughout her classes. Randall’s mindfulness, wisdom and kindness are rare, and I am so grateful that she shared them with me.
— Danielle Loewen
Randall’s teaching presence and her ability to create learning experiences enabled me to take so much away and implement within my life and continuous yoga journey.
— Rachel Pace, Sydney, Australia
ITSA Life Remembering Retreat is nothing short of the title, a complete opportunity for refreshing your mind and body and awakening your spirit. I felt lost and was desperately looking for answers. But what I found on the retreat was something so much deeper and spiritual that I could have ever dreamed. Randall, Bridie and Daniel showed me that I always had the answers deep within but somewhere between life/work/marriage, I stopped listening to me. They showed me how to listen to my own heart, feel the magic of life and breathe life into my soul. Randall Simpson’s approach is inspiring. Each day, a new challenge is presented to you and a new way of thinking, pushing your limits…but there is a helping hand at every step. I found me, the real me and I have begun to live my life the way it was meant to be – happy. I have walked through the last couple of years of life, clouded by a fog of depression. Each day with the team brought a new self-revelation and brightened my inner spark. Randall, Bridie and Dan showed me how to open my heart, my eyes and my mind and see a world far more beautiful than I thought possible. Coming home, it was like seeing my life with fresh clear eyes. For the first time in a long time, I saw my husband clearly and fell in love all over again.
— Tegan, QLD
Randall is an inspiration to me on and off the mat. So compassionate, knowledgeable and mindful. As a teacher of my 200hr yoga training certification, I loved her classes and it is so clear that passion is what fuels her expertise.
— Raquel Garner
As a Professional Boxer, I felt that I had to expand my type of training. I researched many avenues, but it was Yoga that I was drawn to, in particular Abode Yoga, developed by Randall Simpson due to her well balanced understanding of all dimensions of the body & how as a boxer I activate specific areas, therefore need to counteract other areas. Randall’s Teaching and engagement with her clientele is infectious and her outstanding teaching ability through her versatile education, and natural communication through well rounded instruction is second to none. Since adopting this type of training I then chose to implement it within personal development too, including experiencing other types of her healing and health practices.
— Cody Philp, Professional Light Weight, former Global Boxing Amateur star