This is provided upon application for accreditation in one of our courses and trainings for each individual discipline, practice and professional.If you are interested in more information and education surrounding our Industry Standards & Accreditation Levels please email us, via our contacts page.

Abode Healing Alliance is pioneering relations, partnerships and living systems for humanities health. Our topics, fields and disciplines are not limited, as we believe that humanities health cannot be limited, everyones needs are different. However our approach and acceptance of this is what aligns our registered individuals, practitioners and businesses as we all agree on the purpose and standard of Abode Healing Alliance defined by Randall Simpson "believe in the love of humanity for humanity".

We achieve this through our  Universal Strategy (U.S), “The Sound of Change, to Become the Movement of Difference”, which is our truth and response to improving the life, health and wellness of children, young people  and adults within Australia and in turn our collective world across the globe. This is a continual developing strategy that is a first of its kind and will be the leading guide for the children, young people and adults a like to be the voice in shaping the destination for a better life for humanities future across the globe.  Active deliverance of this happens through the nature of our mindful approach to raising awareness, improving consciousness and health through our learning opportunities, courses, certification and accreditations of our practitioners and business community. Along with all the resources to enable this to be an accessible reality for the people, with ongoing support, growth and guidance.