Spiritual Counsel & Healing Communications 1 on 1 Offerings for Women & Men.

We focus on the current level of relationship (internally & externally), as well as the relationship between this dual reality.






We observe the function, the imbalances and the action needed for it to shift into this natural harmony. We hold the space for healing to take place, even if it hasn't fully manifested into stress that causes pain and suffering, as well as the already manifested stress, pain, suffering and trauma. We attend to this through the body and mind layers of an individual (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually), intuitively connecting to their unique nature and moving elements. We explore how these all interrelate and come together to find relationship that creates the reality individuals are then experiencing/not experiencing in their day to day life.

Some of our most prevalent topics to date that most people see us for:

*Spiritual & Self Development

*Inner Communication & feeling Blockages

*Soulful Purpose 


*Healing through natural practices


*Eating disorders/Body Image




*Family Discord

*Fertility & Birth

*Wholeness of life in self & relationships


We offer 1 on 1 sessions online, in person, personal healing stays 1-7 days in Bali & Australia, as well as supportive programs to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. To get a feel for what will serve you best you can can make an appointment to receive a consult session for $80 AUD (both in person/or online that is between 45mins- 1 hr). If you are already clear and have explore our various offerings and found what you feel best suits you and your healing journey, please connect and communicate with us so we can honour you and hold the space for this to begin together.