Classes & Therapy

Whether it be wanting to begin a new wellbeing and lifestyle regime or its your first time bringing it into your life to begin to make healthy changes for a better way of life , we are with you, for you.

If you have specific health requirements, be that mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically or all of the above, we have you covered. We have a collective team that can design suitable training and wellness sessions, eating plans, recipes, to simple tips and ideas that can be added to your day, or you can be guided through our classes & therpay that have the tick of approval from various health & medical professional including mental health and wellbeing therapeutic facilities.

You may even just want fresh yoga, meditation, pilates or fitness ideas to add to your current practice, new stress management and mindful practice techniques that we provide with our interactive journal workbooks, Mindful practices and self-reflection exercises. .

We are with you every step of the way. Love is timeless and we want to bring back the love in you and your lifestyle, which in essence your self health so you love the life you live from the inside out.


Memberships begin at $25 per week, including 1 interactive 1 on 1 session per week and the current weekly series for each of our classed/sessions offered such as Abode Yoga & Meditation, Dimensional Dance & Mind Body Mend . 

*If you want to balance online and personal connection, we can come to you or you can come to us and we can build you a customised package to suit your needs in person or online.



Find life within you with us from the inside out. 

For bookings & further information, please click the link below.