Reiki is an ancient natural healing as well as a process of self development therapy that is a part of the culture that has enabled western world to learn, understand and teach metaphysical techniques. This has enabled individuals to open their hearts, ethics values and beliefs on life and the journey it provides for us to experience. Reiki can be used in self healing and the healing of others by the use of the hands through touch and by distance using ancient symbols. Reiki does not simply heal the pain or illness that the individual is experiencing if there is any, it helps to heal the causes and or symptoms of the pain/illness on a level such as physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual to help to enable an individual to maintain a happy, healthy, balanced life by healing imbalances within areas of their life, mind, body and soul.

This training and useful healing tool can be very beneficial within your daily life as well as within the field of a professional healer as you not only learn how to deepen the connection with your own energy levels, but you can also help to heal your students through this energy level for all types of issues that have manifested from emotional and mental thought into physical form. Throughout this course you will learn the practice of Reiki, the art of energy healing and health professionalism to help heal and use as a tool within therapeutic and wellbeing environments.

Basic Training & Course Outlines:

Delivery of the course through interactive workshop based teachings  & learning manuals which will be provided and used throughout the residential time needed for each of the trainings as well as online sessions in your own time in order to complete all necessary theory required to complete the course and receive accreditation.You will receive individual accreditation for each of the degrees to validate your successful completion. Completing Degrees 1 & 2 enables you to be a qualified Reiki Practitioner & provide the healing therapies as treatments. Degree 1 on its own allows you to use Reiki within your every day life and for your own self healing and development, yoga practice & or other healing practices, but you cannot claim to be a certified Reiki practitioner as a qualification for business and or Reiki healing therapy practices.

Degree 1 From $2900(Aprrox 3 months including 7 day residential in Bali/Australia) - includes 4 initiations and introduction into the actual energy and healing elements so you will be attuned to Reiki and be able to use it for yourself and be clearly understand the energetics anatomy and psychology of the self and how that translates into the world around us as well as how the effects of the world affect our energy. you learn to understand balance and how to self heal, manage and sustain all five bodies ( physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual).

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Degree 2 -  From $3150 (Aprox 6 months including 14 day residential in Bali/Australia) and cannot be done without level 1  are then attuned to being able to heal others. This level is where you become a qualified Abode Healing Practitioner within the healing energy of Reiki and Abode Healing Practices.

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Degree 3 - From $ 3750 ( Approx 9 months including 14 day residential in Bali/Australia) is the complete Healer Teacher Training.  Basically you learn and grow your healing nature and understanding and develop how to become a  Reiki and Abode Healing Therapist . This goes into science, sociology and Auryvedic Medicine System. This level cannot be done without 1 or 2.

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Degree 1

  • Reiki ‘s History, essence & its evolutionary process into our lives
  • Reiki Principles
  • Attunement level 1 
  • Healing process
  • Emotional sources of disease 
  • Chakra understanding & learning
  • Cleansing & treatment Guidelines
  • Positive Effects of Reiki Healing
  • Abode Yoga & Meditation Practice Foundations & Philosophy

Degree 2

  • level 2 (which requires completion of the level 1  Reiki Energy)  
  • Proffessional ethics of healing practices and techniques 
  • Distance Healings
  • Meridian, Nadis, & Energetic Points throughout the Physical Body & links to specific Systems
  • Ancient Symbols & Meanings
  • Manifesting Healing Practices
  • Hands on healing training & Practice on yourself & others
  • Leaf Mindset Theory & RAS (Rectacular Activating System of the Brain & Nerurological Pathways)
  • Healing Health Professional

Degree 3

  • Energetic & Yoga Psychology 
  • Auyrveda & Traditional Natural Healing Therapy 
  • Cosmic Mind Body Therapy & Medicine
  • Flower Therapy & Senses
  • Conscious Healing & Therapy
  • Reiki & Self Health & Healing
  • Reiki & Mental Health States & Wellbeing
  • Reiki & Emotional Health States & Wellbeing
  • Reiki & Physical Health States & Wellbeing
  • Reiki & The Natural Environment of Mother Nature & Father Sky
  • Life Astrology & Sociology (internal and external environments) including planetary alignment, sun & moon energy.


  Basic Pre – requisites

  • Attendance of Healing Therapy Consult with Randall Simpson or prior ITSA life Course. 
  • Pre Training (25hrs), Payment & Registration completed
  • No alcohol, substance, toxin within 48hrs of attending the trainings or consumed whilst with the training.
  • Prepared to learn with and Open heart & mind