Memberships & Registrations

This facility has been designed to ensure that all of those who have been certified through AHA remain registered and up to date with all that comes with maintaining a healthy level of expertise, training and professionalism that we advocate for.

This facility also allows you to be placed on the network board for when clients and future students wish to receive training and or treatments within the areas that you operate within to encourage community and provide support to you and your evolving business and or profession.

This way it is our belief that the quality that each client and or student receives is across the board standard due to us reaching all areas of the globe. This includes policies and procedures, operations and organisational development suggestions as well as protocols for specific professions and countries in regards to business laws and visas.

You are also kept up to date with in house movements of up and coming trainings, events and campaigns as well as employment opportunities.

Depending upon your level of membership you will receive 20% discounts off all trainings, workshops and events across the globe to show our gratitude for you being a part of our fresh innovative purpose to be “the sound of change and movement to difference” to enable a better life and lifestyle for humanity, businesses and systems.

We also offer access to our resource centre that is update monthly to keep the spice of life alive within you, your teaching and services, as well as promotion and advertising for you and your offerings of amazingness to help build a healthy network and encourage further support and partnerships throughout all of our AHA certified family.


Below is the levels of memberships and registration with the aligning investment price. If you have any further questions in regards to memberships and entitlement specifics, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with a supportive information package.


Investment Membership Pricing

"Hold a sense of belonging, through a supportive pathway that guides you to a healthy statement for you and all you do"

Randall Simpson.




Foundation $25 P/Y


 Certified registration, and access to in-house news and database positioning within our network. This is a requirement to be able to teach any of our classes and programs to others.



Journey $60 P/Y



Includes certified registration and database positioning, access to our resource centre that is updated monthly as well as receiving 20% discount on all of future trainings, workshops and events for the duration of your membership.




Destination $85 p/y


Provides  you with all the registration, network database, resource access, 20% discount on classes and workshops as well as free access to our events, promotion and advertising of any of your own workshops, classes and events for the duration of the memberships. We will also be introducing print publications and ebooks that you will also have access to be featured


Available for viewing to the public, from November 1st, 2016

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