ITSA™ Mind Body Surf ‘n’ Sup 

This is an ocean style active and wellbeing focused experience that connects you with yourself and nature to invigorate your body and rejuvenate your mind. Improve your skills. Have Fun. Enjoy the best life elixir being ocean, salt, sand and sunsets as you drift you and cruise the days island style.

Expect to Surf, SUP, SUP Yoga, snorkel, lay poolside, sip coconuts, have Reiki, get  massaged and some with us. 

Mind Body Surf You learn how to be grounded and connected yet still fluid and free to move. It is about knowing you, finding your place within this world, and clearly seeing how you fit with your world internally and externally. This is a fresh innovative water experience that is not only fun, but also healing and enhancing mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically. Each session includes specific sequences of Abode Yoga, Mind Body Mend Movements and breathing techniques that are derived specifically for the intention of the surf. Instead of simply enjoying your sun salutations on the mat, we take it to the ocean and the moving board becomes your foundation.

Mind Body Sup  enables you to find mobile stability in self and life itself. Life is always moving, its how we stabilise within this movement that determines how we flow. This is an experience  using Paddle Boards, however the venture happens on and off the board as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  Physically you cultivate expansion of levels of ability in flexibility, strength and alignment. You will enhance core presence, whilst alleviating the tension that it usually requires you to endure out of the water. The practice itself is derived from the principles and philosophy of Abode Yoga™.This is an active way to heal from the inside out.

Investment : $1500 USD (6 days all inclusive)

Accommodation for Nusa Lembongan



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