Dimensional Dance

Dimensional Dance is an invigorating movement based experience that can also be used as a therapy, which is already occurring  within  Mental Health hospitals and practices currently in Western Australia.

This is a practice that enables mental and emotional imbalances to be moved right out of you. It ignites your creative ebb flow, it invokes the souls unique flare, and takes the heart into the ocean of joy. Dimensional Dance is a physical practice that allows you to become in touch with your own energetic communication in a free loving fun way.

Over the duration of 1 hr you will immerse in various dance styles, from Crumping, to Salsa, Lyrical, tap to Hip Hop to the elegance of Ballet. Each class is designed to sweep you up off your feet and find a higher level of ground within you and your life itself. Your fitness is improved, your wellbeing is honoured and your body is worked from the inside out. You travel through various levels of intensity and unified in mind and body through various therapeutic breathing and movement practices to finish. A moving meditation that brings back the taste of life itself within you, set to tunes that put you back in tune to with life itself.





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