Mind Body On 

Mind Body On promotes both physical exercise and mindset exercises for your whole wellbeing. The energetic Mind Body Mend Workout incorporates various elements through a range of practices. Together we will tone, strengthen, condition and nurture you, increasing flexibility and adaption whilst stabilising you and heightening your life to its peak. Mind Body On is an integration of diverse fitness and health principles that will workout your body and mind and shape you from the inside out.“The art of balance in action and surrender in practice” -Randall Simpson.

The physical aspect ranges from, core specialisation, body sculpting movements, and remedial techniques. All of these together help to enhance healthier neuromuscle memory.The mechanisms & behaviours that we address are action, reaction, pacifying, activating, balancing & aligning.The mind is acknowledged as the transient state and is worked out through various articulated mindsets that honour and balance our emotions, thoughts and energy to align with the physical body workout.  Healing occurs through the alignment of the mind and body, bringing vitality and rejuvenation to restore your whole self. 

There are five main components to your Mind Body On Program:

* Your five day Body Plan - Includes your mindset and body training workouts.

* Your 7 Day Design - This is a daily guide to keep you motivated.

* Your Journal - To document and record your journey and to aid in reflection for life development and personal growth.

* Your Weekly Abode Yoga & Healing Meditation Audio sessions.

* Your 1 on 1 Therapy session with Holistic Emotional & Mental Wellbeing Guide Randall Simpson. 

The disciplines that we draw from are a woven tapestry of science and art including and not limited to; psychology, neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, physical therapy, energy anatomy & psychology, movement therapy, exercise science, biology, food science, nutrition, fitness and training principles , organisational development & psychology, yoga, meditation, dance, healing methodologies, behaviour science , education, emotional intelligence, mindfulness practices.



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