Sharing golden essence, initiating all to take the step to remembering our grace & natural being beauty.

Using from the heart, through earth connection

We are here to relax you through the journey of conscious being & awareness with sacred life from the inside out. Return to a sense of universal belonging in presence that is not personal to you, but happening through us all, feeling the deep worthiness of our responsibility in allowing it to unfold with ease in grace.










IN*STYLE  is a gentle touch, offered by the guiding hand of ITSA Life to enhance heartful culture, integral living to create & sustain HOME beauty . We utilise a collection of stunning pathways & divine network styles that reflect sincerity so all can be who they already are in essence, healing all that moves them away from this. This is a space to return to your WOMAN Being, to be inspired, feel supported, invoke your love & make life wonderful. We connect & share this essence through nourishing offerings such as wisdom readings, interactive sessions, both online and in various locations and sacred gatherings that provide From Heart, Through Earth based modalities for you to unlock, experience & evolve your essence to awaken your vibrational edition of life.

We choose to empower,  move and connect  across the planet  through sharing our Planetary Dance & Rite of Passage REMEMBERING FREEDOM in creative ways.

Connect in our LIVE Ceremonial planetary meet on the 11th of Every Month. This is a ritual offering from the Golden Book Remembering Freedom; An Elegant Becoming gifted by Artist Randall Simpson. Commencing September 2018 in sync with the books public release:

Collective Awakening Of Present Grace - Tickets are $111 AUD


Live Present Grace Ceremonial Offering (2hr Intuitive Development & Ritual Experience) with Randall Simpson, including a guided REMEMBERING FREEDOM 1 hr practice session along with an interactive Q&A space.

To celebrate  the opening of this planetary meet we are gifting you a personal copy of REMEMBERING FREEDOM with your ticket for the months of September, October & November. 

1 ticket is Valid for 1 log in on 1 device only. However we invite you to create a Present Grace WOMANS' Circle for the event so we can honour & celebrate as many women "REMEMBERING FREEDOM" as we can across the Planet. Therefore if you feel called to be a host please communicate with us so we can send you extra offerings to celebrate and support your offering. Exact log in times and further details will be sent to you according to your global location.

Receive Your Tickets by clicking the image below:

Live Tickets

Present Grace

September 11, 2018

Our current In* Person Event destinations to reveal & revive beauty, love and life for 2018 are:

Remembering Freedom- January 13th & 14th - Gold Coast

"Embodying Presence, An Elegant Becoming"

Our Events' Intended Experiential Unfolding:

This unfolding has been created to awaken beauty (acceptance), enrich life (you) and empower love (our nature) for Ubuntu (all), through; 

Our Nature: Of Source, not force identifying the essential, and eliminating the rest. Naturally being, beyond measure, and experience living a devoted everyday purpose that awakens and flows through our existence. Each day is unfolding sacredly through a continuum of grace, in ease, through choice & by listening to our eternal way.

Life InStyle honours 3 fluid aspects, inner communication, inner connection, inner nurture that are non-violently communicating, speaking nothing, but purely saying Forever Loving Your-inner (FLY). We open through various pathways & unlock our essence using intuitive practices that are From The Heart, Through The Earth, Channeled by founder Randall Simpson

Would you like to know more about the scheduled offerings? Connect with us through our community below to feel our movements. Come share in bringing forth a beautiful love reunion here on planet Earth with ALL, that is happening through US, in every breath if we relax and allow.

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click for our Event style & Presence





"Life is our medicine & love our greatest healer,

may we honour us all with both”