"Evolving family will enlighten lives and raise this planet into love" - Randall Simpson






 This offering is to provide home roots for planetary consciousness to purposefully provide all with the insight and experience to awaken from the delusion & unconscious conditioning that hinders the natural unfolding evolvement of our YoungStar Seeds of life.

The focus of this Life Being & Family Raising offering is to allow YoungStar Seeds to grow consciously into their nature based being, develop their awareness of what is for them & what will hinder who they are all they while awakening our highest form of togetherness. We have a strong connective focus on the mind behaviour, reality, perception and environment and the fundamentals of conscious communication that is not limited to just word.

Our core essence is to enlighten awareness & empower wisdom to be able to listen to and help these life seedlings strengthen their true aligned reality that is uniquely harmonised through each of them, uniquely influencing the way they experience their sacred being through relationship, with their environments, others and their choice of engagement to varying activities.  

This will be serviced through our ITSA Life that is a multidimensional sphere.

We provide Course trainings for  those who wish to participate & share in this way of raising our planet and future generations. 

Each learning cycle withholds steps that will unfold through guided subjects with embedded topic learnings, experiential practices. These will be continually monitored through engaged mentoring and multidisciplinary tasks, through reflective methods of understanding using clarity and observation practices to meet the intended resolve for each learning cycle.

Each Learning cycle will be delivered, once the previous cycle has been completed. This way you can travel the journey at your own pace, staying true to your learning process and authentic life pace unfoldment.  

Our Learning Cycle Framework "LOKAH" includes 33 steps, which will be covered over 100hrs, inclusive of 1 on 1 mentoring & practical teaching sessions. 


The young seeds will also be given a voice and opportunity to be a part of the development, implementation and on going evolvement and sustainability of this offering and its aligned programs and projects.This is their raising and their life, so we need to actively listen to what they have to say.
In our eyes the young seeds are our planets future, who are our call for rise and the reason being for the need to shift into living truth & conscious nature based ways to grow into all that we are as a planet . They have the innovation and creativeness with the heart to want to make a planetary difference, yet our current education and health based systems are putting out their passion of fire and creating barriers that are causing them to go against their inner, continuing the patterns of suffering.
We trust that if we give them a voice and guidance through conscious self-development with spirited understanding, spiritual raising and provide heart, through earth encouragement, we can steer us all in a way that will allow us to be & grow into our greatest versions of human beings.
ITSA Life is committed to moving this into happening, for it to be, as we believe in our planet and humanities purpose.


This space will act as an interactive chalkboard for all age of seeds (young to mature) to engage in how to bring to life this initiative.  

From joyful methods to creative ideas and tools, this chalkboard will put a smile on everyone’s dial. This is a free service to ensure all of humanity, are all sharing in the heart of the ITSA Life Being and its growth throughout this globe.

-Commencing 2018, and we invite all those wanting to enquire, be involved or would like further information, please click below: 

 Together we can bring about a full, happy and healthy life for all.