We as a company personally use Insurance House and have affiliated our teaching and health professional graduates with this insurer. Insurance House is our  recommended insurance provider for offering a solution specifically designed to protect yoga business owners.

Their  innovative online purchasing system provides excellent coverage, at a very competitive cost and in an efficient and professional manner.With a package including Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Goods Sold and Supplied Insurance, the policy has a nil excess so members won’t pay a cent in the event of a claim.


  • Comprehensive list of inclusions; teaching services, students under supervision, cover for locums, run off, breach of confidentiality, two policy reinstatements, unlimited retroactive date, intellectual property, Competition and Consumer Act cover, loss of documents, defamation, inquiries, compensation for court attendance, public relations expenses, continuous liability, spousal liability, statutory liability
  • Professional and friendly insurance specialists who are ready to assist
  • Fast and efficient online purchasing system. Within minutes all documentation is e-mailed directly to the member
  • Coverage across all forms of yoga and modalities Australia wide coverage for homes, business premises, client’s premises, outdoors, and conferences

Purchase online or speak with a qualified broker.