Our INDAH Living  experience is the rhythmic journey into The Beautiful One.

INDAH Living is A spiritual guided offering into remembering "The beautiful one in presence" Journey and unfold through the Yin & Yang of lifes natural harmony, that flows uniquely through us all, connecting us to all we create and experience. Experience energy movement, intuitive processors for emotional growth & stability, learn the influences of stress in our inner body and actually what is the energy behind the stressors, their motion and how this feeds into our body & mind. Learn how to release & restore through choice, bodywork, skin, plants, crystals, flowers, aromatherapy, seasons, earthly cycles(Including our most spiritual flow through menstruation), Womb Healing, tea ceremonies & tonics. This is a golden method that offers the space for your being to be clear, allow the reality of beauty to be, softening to its vulnerability. 

Mindful beauty comes from understanding your essence completes you and that YOU ARE   "living" health and beauty. When we commit & devote to our own vibration, we then are able to move through life in this space.  This embodiment of a confident beholder reflects this harmony, through living this beautiful well balanced acceptance within themselves, with others and their environment. This state of existence can be found within everyone and can be seen by anyone who sees through a mindful heart with mindful eyes.

INDAH Living is a journey of beauty, through love. 

Self love and care is only the beginning. Without it, we will be unable to move forward fearlessly, but remaining within the idea that this is all we need to do, will only allow us so much.

Yes love your SELF, continue to learn to love yourself, but know you are not just your SELF, you are eternally more. Coming to understand we need to love all of who we are already is key to being free, to feel beauty, rather than re creating the suffering that is born from striving or believing we need to "improve us or work on us" This liberation is vital to an authentically beautiful life (internally & externally), INDAH Living is the embodiment of this. 

Our Skin is the naturally live connective relationship between inner love and outer love that allows us to experience this. During our INDAH Living Retreat experience we guide you to nurture and grow through your unique skin, so you can remain with your essential, feel your essence, so you are able to embody its power and strengthen your true nature to be who you are, amongst the made up world.

This process is what we are clear on and anchored in. So much so it has formed our Divine Reality of Life InStyle "Sacredly being" EVERYDAY, allowing us to sustain and generate our LIFE WORTH LIVING. 

Find your living version with us, give way for you and unfold your life.

Some of what you will receive:

  • A personal assessment of your constitution according to Ayurvedic science of our skin, mind (mental & emotional) and physical body.
  • Daily ritual, devotion and From Heart, Through Earth practices that are aligned to reconnect you to who you already are.
  • Experience Sunshine (morning) & Moonshine (evening) mindful beauty routines for your skin, mind & Body (All 5 layers) as well as complimenting Abode Yoga, Pranayama (breath & body combination), Mantra & Meditation practices. 
  • 1 on 1 treatments through your personal constitution using Ayurvedic science, Jamu medicine, Reiki Healing, Cosmic Body Work & Energy Psychology analysis & wellbeing,
  • Homemade recipes to use through you skin's beauty treatment routine  (we also have our own treatment collection on site at our Bali Villa Retreat if you choose to come and stay with us to journey your personal INDAH Living Retreat.
  • Therapeutic healing & Guided Awareness to realign your Feminine/Masculine energy & chakras (bodies energy centres) using methods from our INDAH Love Retreat Experience which has been designed to invoke that Beauty is not an image, but a feeling that withholds loves spirit, naturally timeless and its flow is within you. Its intention is to empower you to find the way to remembering your feminine & masculine, healing their imbalances & living their full beauty fearlessly with confidence. You can read more here
  • Access to our Life In Style community, with Mentoring, supportive guidance, articles, inspiration & motivating interactive live Mindfulness Studio. 

Honour your essence. Give yourself love. Offer yourself nurture. Take time to care