ITSA is the living home of matters of the heart and its key focus is healthy self-awareness surrounding humane truths, individuals’ needs, global health & wellness.  

 Our mission is to reach & rise:

Reach & Rise promotes the worthiness of others and for individuals to recognize their potential. We aid individuals of all ages to define themselves and their place within the world. We support people who want to start fresh with a new journey of self-discovery through our values:

 We accomplish this through our unique cross cultural design of initiatives that understands a sacred way of living daily & bettering the lives of others & the environment.  

ITSA enables opportunities for people to do what they love.

The world is progressing. It is time to awaken and decrease separation between the lives of people and our environment. Some may have the money, others the essence; it is my dream to “Inspire those who can reach to do so, and provide the opportunity for those who need to rise. Together we can be united in a sustainable loving culture on this globe.
— From Heart, Through Earth Randall Simpson.

ITSA - Global Travel         

Destinations for the “Healthy & Tasteful Traveller”  that will globally make for a positive difference  that can be enjoyed on a number of levels. Be it adventure, lifestyle or serenity, we have you covered. We offer an experience for you whilst we give back to the culture that we are immersed in. Each of our chosen destinations have individual needs. We set out to improve the lives, lifestyle and living conditions within that region.


ITSA - Childs Healthy Life

To enable a foundation for globe conscious education in self, life and lifestyle for the future of our globe being our children. This is achieved through a serviced based program that can deliver by being the sound of change and movement to difference” Randall Simpson, whilst providing a home to improve the life, health and wellness of children and young people within our globe.


ITSA - Life Worth Surfing

ITSA™ “Life Worth Surfing” houses the opportunity through utilizing nature surrounds, whilst developing self-health through an experience that is fun and positively an art form of life itself. This is a water based program and derives from various water sports including surfing & sup.



ITSA - Life In Style


Welcome to the enchanted space that empowers you. We are here to walk you through the journey of consciousness, mindfulness, self-awareness and self-health. Ask yourself when was the last time you packed to embark on the voyage of self?


ITSA - Foundation

Giving Back


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