Whether it be wanting to begin using one of the specified programs below,  simply in need of authentic guidance and support for your emotional and mental wellbeing or at a cross roads to begin to make healthy changes for a better way of life , we are with you, for you.

 Abode Reiki Therapy
Mindful Self Therapy
Dimensional Dance Therapy

Ongoing Healing & Guidance 

Abode Reiki Therapy & Healing - Initial  consultation is $125 ( Includes your first  Reiki session).

This natural medicinal healing option includes the Abode Reiki Healing session (this alone is usually $70 per 1 hr), with  therapy and healing management planning for $110. For ongoing Healing and therapy, including 1 healing, 1 therapy session and healing management planning is $140 per week. For a 6 week healing and management plan its $120 per week for 3 weeks and $65 per week for another 3 weeks . (Payment plans available) 

ITSA Mind Body Mend & ITSA Mindful Self Programs – $120 per week for 4 weeks.

Includes a personal ITSA Teacher & Guiding Mentor with you every step of the way. Weekly design plans and therapy management including fresh weekly podcasts, training, practices in yoga, meditation, health & fitness specifically for you. Evaluations, monitoring and 1 on 1 interactive session per week. (Payment plans available)

*If you want to balance online and personal connection, we can come to you or you can come to us and we can build you a customised package to suit your needs in person or online.



Become your own self health & lifestyle artist now. Why wait to begin a transformative journey.

Invoke “The mastery and crafty composition of intelligence that is a life worthy of you, enabling you to live a “Life In Style” every day.

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