The Dharma Wellbeing

Dharma Wellbeing "The organic organizational psychology to loving health and well- being of our natural life force living in its harmonious state" - Randall Simpson

Enjoyed one of our programs and or services so much that you would like to receive the credential to be able to share its uniqueness within your community or add it to your current interests and or professions to curate your true way to share your purpose? We hear and feel you. This is why we have created our experiences to be able to be offered at the Dharma Wellbeing,  under Abode Healing Alliance. You need not to have to fit a scheduled time, you simply begin or arrive when it feels in alignment for you. 

The belief of the Dharma Wellbeing.

Teaching, healing and being a life health practitioner is a form in itself and this is identified and is given focus throughout our courses, mentorships and intensive trainings, without taking away the essence of each offering being a living experience. In life you are always learning and our graduates and professionals emanates this living study within their chosen field of expertise and hearts purpose. We enable the opportunity for a healthy life long learner to emerge that holds its own sense of “guru” which in essence is a spiritual teacher of sacred life, which is the core of all health, healing, self progression & life development. 

We hold value that all is spirit, everything is sacred and therefore there is no need for divide within our self & areas of our life and the way we choose to live daily.

Want to mature into someone who can be what matters in person, to yourself, others and your surroundings? Want to mature into such a human who can choose this over all else and who commits to living this way everyday despite what else maybe on offer? This is the question you should ask yourself morning and night. A conversation you should have daily and an action you should participate in every living moment. All of our offerings give you the skills, guidance, tools & resources to help you remember such an ability that is uniquely custom to you that can help all those around you & our planet. Live what matters most, lead by living your existence which is your  lifes cellular design, for this is your deepest loving purpose. 

Our philosophy also holds value in the balancing act of being a constant spiritual life learner (simply you) as much as a teacher, healer, practitioner for our own self and our life. Abode Healing Alliance is beginning a new dimension in the health and wellbeing of people, whilst bringing out the ancient heart of life and allowing its true nature of its ability to heal & to be felt in self, within our daily lifestyle choices,  relationships & our environments.

Continuing Education Experiences

This is where we offer 100hrs accredited training to further develop you and your chosen discipline further or create an area of specialisation. 

Abode Pre & Postnatal Yoga (specialization) 

Abode Children & Young People Yoga (specialization) 

Abode Mind Body Sup & Yoga (specialisation)