Your "Tree" Self Imagery Practice

There is truth in being a reflection of that of a tree; it is grounded in its sense of belonging. A tree accepts its self completely and symbolizes this through growth through its own roots whilst accepting it needs for the nutrients and soil to continue to grow. The tree honors this deep connection and shows gratitude by providing the breath of life to the world around them, so they too can be alive, and live together in a place of harmonic balance, understanding their own sense of belonging, how they belong in the world of life and how the world of life belongs to them equally.

Imagery Practice: Take a moment to imagine the tree you would like to be, take note of how it looks, what you feel, where have you planted the tree of you? Why have you chosen this surround? What do the leaves on your tree look like? Feel like? How many are there?

Now bring this imagery to a symbolic drawing of your tree. Does the picture you have drawn look the same as the image you created? What is similar? What is different? Do you prefer the image or the picture or both equally?

It is time to be your tree in form, so move your body to place yourself in a tree position, you may wish to use the tree pose associated to yoga, or you may wish to create your own position for your tree. Ask yourself how do you feel entering the position physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically? Do these aspects change when you feel comfort in the position, what happens when you release from this tree position back to your preferred stance?

It is now that you are aware of your unique tree that we will shake off the leaves like a tree in the fall, feel wild and free in the wind and begin to unfold and harvest your tree throughout this INStyle week. See the leaves as the various levels of your being, which ones do you accept whole heartedly? which ones do you not? Which ones are you ready to share in relationship with others? which ones are you not? Which ones do you feel you are to offer as a gift to the planet? which ones do you feel are only meant for you to treasure?

You can call this your ME tree, as it cannot be the tree of anyone else as no one else can grow your tree. This is the miracle and blessing of life itself, only you have what you can offer this world, so embrace it, evolve it, be it and together we will be blessed to share it.

Once we have scheduled our call together, complete this imagery practice again to see if anything has shifted, remained or no longer present. We will chat about all the artful process together during our call.

From Heart, Through Earth


Randall SimpsonComment