Your Inward Seasonal Change

Winter is a beautiful season of cycle where by the new moons are our most sacred places of powerful influence for anew, change & transformation. Why? Because the energy for the season of winter is more centered around rest, rejuvenation and preparation. This is what happens during a new moon cycle. During each season we experience intense qualities within our heart or which greatly affect our heart. These sensations should be viewed by the strength in which they effect us, rather than how positively or negatively they influence us (as that process belongs only to the mind). The heart is wiser and therefore finds no purpose in judging good or bad, (separation) only love (harmony) which of course is made up of many kinds of vibrational experiences.

Winters heart qualities of focus are , fear, wisdom & equanimity. The key is to try and understand it all. This is relevant to maintaining our most beautiful flow. Sometimes we may experience restricted flow, or over flow, both symbolising that we need to adjust something , or move from one place to another. Listening to this will enable us to stay centered and flowing in our rhythmic tide. This is different for each of us, as no wave is ever the same. Take a moment to ask inwardly - How much of your attention have you given to this in the last few months? Have you been consumed by your schedule? Has the colder months had a different feel to the months they proceeded? Have you slowed down enough to notice the finer details of how the winter cycle effects you? Take the time to reflect on how you've been able to receive this information. Have you been heavy or light during this time? How have you chosen to process, mature and progress your creative potential?

Winters main element is water and significant colours are blue and black. Using the final week or so available to you within this natural cycle. Draw upon the element of water and the colours of winter to rest, reflect and prepare. Listen and sense with your heart through your life’s rhythmic tide of feeling intelligence. It will guide and show you your true seasonal alignment. Take stock in self and be still during this time, lots of baths, flute and harp music, soft flowing days without schedule (masculine) or expectation of life outside of you. Create the outside life that is needed to home your internal world that will align your winter beauty experience. INSIDE and OUT.

Stay tuned for the daily updates for the next week via our instagram journal below, as we share our Life In Style practice  with you from our HIS & HER Retreat in Tropical Luxe, Sumba, Indonesia. This retreat is an exploration into her (yin), through the integration of (yang) him and the oneness they together form. (read more here) 

Author: Randall Simpson