The Greater Meaning

"Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu"

Make it your mission to honour you and your place within this space.  How does this place fit within the greater space? Gaia. Own what you are made of, which is love. Remember what you are, which is spirit. 

My personal  & honourable mission of my lifes purpose is this, whats your?


Bringing worlds together,


connecting spirits through the seas &


grounding as 'One' (LOVE) to bring 'Heaven on Earth' (HARMONY)

How would you feel about becoming a giver? What if you could give all of your heart and still remain generous with all you have, to yourself, others & your surroundings , with every step you take in life?

Building an empire will leave you unfulfilled , if it doesn't stay true to your self development and life's purpose. Being mindful on your journey and surrendering to your truth & honouring the true spirit of life ,  will fulfil you. This may manifest into real shape & form, for others to feel, see & be apart of.

For me, this is ITSA Life

Throughout my daily life, with every step that I walk and with every word that I speak, I am always doing my best to be aware, align and encourage others to consciously do the same. To exist in such a way is sacred and achievable, which is a "loving universal living". I believe this is possible with my whole heart, within ourselves and therefore able to happen with all life around us. It is possible for our planet and its divine place in our galaxy, so together we can dance harmoniously. If you are alive you have a heartbeat. Everything in this world has its own heartbeat, its called vibration. Although we all have a different beat to the next, the underlying essence is that we create a melody within the universe that creates the one song, which is life, that offers the sound of love!

 Everyday we have a cosmic opportunity to aid in this infusing of our selves to a higher level of pure being that is free and operates from all that is real, which is peace, love and holiness. There is no reason why we cannot give belief into our greater energetics for a moment in time, to take a breath, to look within, to see the deeper meaning of life. It is creation, the presence of harmony & the being of love.

This can be a daily practice! You can take the time to listen and make the move to reflect on what you hear. Parts of you may want to shy away and keep it merely as a thought, rather than making it your honourable reality. By honouring this practice it can bring you into better alignment of your life's purpose.

What is not currently functioning within our existence of life today is something we are all capable of recognising. We each will have our own opinions and valued insights into what we believe can change for the better.  But one thing is for sure, which we can all agree on! The way in which our planet is currently living feels so far from the place of its hearts truth, because the presence of divide is still influencing. If we are honest with ourselves we can notice this within, which we can use as an opportunity of personal growth & healing. In turn this allows one more living thing to be love (one) and to live harmony (heaven on earth) therefore bringing our planet closer to its hearts truth. 


BECOME ONE, by Awakening selfs' efficiency through a self loving belief system (oMe), through my integrative course WhoMeye

Available online & in retreat form, this is a holistic offering to ignite and awaken the true element of self as individuals in the collective. Remember who you truly are and feel your place in the world around you, without sacrificing your true essence. Learn your true nature of YIN & YANG (life balance) using the OME belief system and Abode Mindfulness & Healing through the modalities of Abode Conscious HealingTherapy, Astrology, Reiki, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation & Ayurveda.

The focus is on establishing your needs within your feelings and to recognized rational processes & pathways to ensure you and your life are both honouring & communicating exactly what is within your heart, so you are able to live a heart based life.

Author: Randall Simpson

Edited by Daniel Young







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