Self Belief

Believe in your own shoes for your soul, they are a heart fit
— Randall Simpson

 Take back the control of you, rather than allowing life to control you. Believe in you as it is all up to you! To begin your journey in believing I would like to express my belief in you! 

 I believe in not what you do, but I appreciate all you do, it matters not  where you have arrived from, or where you may take your next lead. My wish is that you love all you do & become all you desire & seek in life. I bless the journey you are on in this perfect moment. Higher than all of this lets believe in you, your truth with every step taken to remembering you!

From Heart, Through Earth

Randall Simpson

Whether you are someone who only believes in what they see, or someone who believes in the un seen, I ask that you take the time to believe, so what you see becomes more of what aligns with you & what is unseen becomes true. Regardless of which way you look at it, we are all natural believers at heart & belief is the fuel to how we act & react on a daily basis. What is more amazing is we have a tangible belief system that lies within us, called the thalamus, connecting the brain & spinal column. It is here that everything you do, see, feel, touch, hear is transmitted and it decides what you think or come to understand through what you have experienced. For example , if as a child , you were told guns were dangerous, before you could even know it, if you saw a gun, regardless of the situation your initial thought or feeling would be aligning with ' danger' This system is unique to each person, it's yours, and we each experience it on our own level. This belief system is not religion, it is not a so called identified spiritual path, it is self, it is you!

Throughout life we take up different practices , learning different sports or fitness style, wellness aspects, yoga, art, music, cooking, cleaning, meditation, surfing, photography. Even sharing a cheers with friends & booting on the dance floor until the sun rises, can be a practise. If we can re focus on our practice of life we can come to understand what tools or equipment we need to allow for such a practice. I am sure many of you would have had many thoughts, ideas, feelings about what you may need, and none of these would be right or wrong, as we all have individual life practices. One underlying tool that is no different to another is the tool of our 'self' . Our 'self' as a tool has many key attributes such as our mental body, physical body, emotional body, energetic body & our spiritual body.

Ok sweet, we now know if we didn't already , we have many layers that are a part of who we are, but how can we ensure each of them? How can we make sure they are getting the full attention they deserve & that each aspect of 'self' is actually traveling the full journey of enrichment. So much to think about, and how is this all meant to come together as one if each of them are separate? It's about finding the connection of you & believing in your own systematic function. The balance will differ from one person to the next, but you have to work to find the balance!

One answer I can give you is one I have come to know. By focusing on what we see as our fuel for all of these aspects, which is our belief system. Our belief system exists already, so our fuel is already pumping, but what we may realise once we have become aware through being mindful of our self, is the ability to choose its level of efficiency and level of effectiveness. If you take an example from everyday life, you have the choice to either fill your car up with the highest powered expensive fuel, or a lower more less effective type.  We hold the choice to invest in a more positive, fruitful belief system or allow it to stay where it is at an unconscious functioning level. Is this level reflecting in your daily life? Is your life at the level you desiring? Are you living the life you want? Being content is optimum and it's up to you where you want to be, but one thing is for certain, one day you will not be here, so why not be all you can in this moment. Our essence can be improved on a daily basis and can seem at times a selfish task, but what we do in life can be for others & the world around us. 

Our belief system is there as soon as conception occurs, it's the outside influences, such as society, significant experiences and everyday to day life that changes its original fuel state, whether that be positively or negatively. So despite our belief system being tangible, it is also flexible and has the ability to be re-programmed. How you might ask? Through the use of invested time into changing our fuel, through changing our life practices and by remembering who we are. This is not going to happen over night, it is a process in itself, just as it is , when we re program a computer to rid the glitches. We have been made well aware that altering our thinking to a more positive nature can change our mental state for the better to alleviate aspects that are aligned with negative health such as anxiety & depression. Remember this is only one aspect of self, so the magic occurs when we invest in all our body's level. What needs to be made clear is that you cannot move, change and invest in 'self' just by simply changing & investing time and energy outside of 'self'. Time and energy must also be devoted within.  

The most important investment is that of what we believe, as what we believe alters how we connect with not only ourselves but also the world around us. By changing your inner world, you change your outer wold, thus changing your life. What you once saw outside you, may not exist again, once you have found what you believe within you, therefore life becomes only the fuel pump, and our belief system is the hose for our fuel. This can lead to the 'self' operating from essence. The richest source of who we all are.

Overwhelming? I will not lie, it can be, IT IS, but it is worth it! When we finally choose to operate from this place , then others, situations and all life experiences add to us, they do not take from it. They do not weaken our rich fuel that drives us. Who we are is not sacrificed and our belief system does not become confused about how it functions. We remain in essence of 'self' and stay on our true path. The real YOU?


Randall Simpson

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