Have You A Self Practice?

After forming a relationship with yoga, though going to classes, doing a teaching training, having private lessons or diving into self learning and research, eventually you will come to a place of self practice. This is where yoga as a practice begins. This is where the deeper understanding of relationship begins. After all the first relationship to nurture is that with ones self. How we treat ourselves on the mat is ultimately how we are outwardly in relationships. It doesn't matter what style of yoga you gravitate towards, or maybe it's a meditation practice that serves you best.

It is our belief here at ITSA Life as Abode Yoga Teachers & Practitioners,  that it is through a consistent self practice we can learn to balance times of inward stillness and moments of outward joy. The secret, is understanding that this is, in fact, a "practice". This is not something that can be learnt and know from that moment forward. It's something that needs to be consistently applied daily. It requires constant attention so we don't forget and lose sight of the present moment.

 Self practice is the space where you can find your place through all levels of you everyday. By allowing yourself to be led by your unique intuition in this way, you will strengthen your ability to stay present with your truth and travel the way of your divine life . It is through this process that we each become consciousness and are able to live a sacred way of life that is true to our heart.

How to develop a self practice?

Firstly you need to create a ritual for each of your bodies, mind heart & skin. This needs to give yourself what you NEED through a ceremonial approach. This allows loving mindfulness that will engage and enrich you. Through this process you will feel more and know yourself further to clearly be able to supply everything you need inside and out, and manifest the natural feeling of wanting to everyday. The more you are naturally giving of yourself to yourself, the greater your abilitywill be to give and be open to receive in the present moment. This will ignite  a natural cycle of give and receive that is organic, without effort, as its an exchange that is happening from and to the heart. This is a higher heart relationship. When we manifest & strengthen this conscious power of self love , we transform our life from the inside out. It is then through our connection and communication with others and our surroundings where we are able to share and transfer such essence to extend and grow. If we reach and raise the touch of this higher heart relationship , its our belief that will become infectious to others and they will knowingly do the same.

I highlighted NEED as the choice of how you service this, (the ritual you choose, which cannot be an external need, rather an internal one) for creating stillness and balance. You may have received ideas from others of beautiful rituals to offer yourself, but if it's not a clear answer to your hearts needs, the misalignment will remain leaving you feeling unfulfilled. This is not to say you shouldn't be open to trying new practices and see how they fit for you. The more openness you show here the better. The challenge rests within the consciousness you show yourself as you practice , as it slowly becomes more obvious which techniques are most beneficial to your SELF. Though this acute awareness your self practice will gain momentum leading to a more whole being, in perfect flow with the world , inside and out.


Where to begin?

Take a moment to be with yourself and ask your heart these questions. Send your answers in to us and we will send your personal Abode Yoga Practice Foundation, designed by Randall Simpson. Otherwise stay tuned for our next weeks blog covering the general Abode Yoga Practice Foundations.


Whats your favourite season?

Whats your favourite day?

Whats your favourite time of day?

Whats your favourite scent?

Whats your favourite thing to do & why?

Where do you feel most happy?

Where do you feel most healthy?

Where do you feel mostsafe?

Where do you feel most at ease?

Where do you feel most struggle?


From Heart, Through Earth

Randall & Daniel