Live As You Believe

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Live as you believe.

We are so happy to be back in Bali living our heart and breathing life spirit. Its been a divine start to our  Abode Yoga Teacher Training's and Retreat season. Being back in the village surrounded by cultural kindness and life offerings is the most fulfilling riches I have ever come to experience.

With living this beautiful way of life daily, naturally my senses become more awake to the imbalance of what is significantly a living reality across the globe, which is separation in more ways than one. With separation, there is no liberation, therefore freedom is distant and suffering continuing to evolve. You may think but how? there is so much that is being presented to raise a culture out of suffering, the level of living has bettered, the accessibility to service increased and the developments have evolved more opportunity, which in turn is providing a way that was once seen as unattainable. But if you look through your heart, with wide eyes & open mind,  the existence of the cause of such suffering still remains. This is what I refer to as  “one planet, two worlds” as a theme that creatively differentiates, the world that is “existing” compared to the world that is being “lived” or more commonly know as East & West. 

The evidence of this can be found in many dimensions across many corners of happenings, the one that is most heavy on my heart is this price we are paying for the price of living a life. My heart nearly sank when I was faced with $22 for a Yoga Class without even an element to community or inclusion of local people or involvement with the surrounding reality of what needs help or healing. Many travel to places such as Bali for a spiritual quest, to feel free to find life again and redefine who they are. Some go even further and learn from the people and complete course upon course here within eastern medicines and modalities. Some go beyond this again and choose to stay and live their life from here. What is not apparent is the level of life offered back in exchange. You come to learn or be healed by eastern ways, that change your life, yet so many return to then ask for western price for their service or many will now choose to travel & pay western price for this service, by an eastern trained westerner with no awareness of the country and culture that enabled this to even be present.

Mindfully take a moment to walk through your mind and think about your participation within these acts. Where is the integrity? the harmony? or the foundation of union and action of balance that you speak through your teachings on the mat or  through your practice on the mat?  By all means I hold no judgement, Im just simply asking the question and making it known that  this is the heartfelt reason why we have chosen to go our own way and lead with loving purpose to raise the "living" and "life" of our globe.

ITSA Life came to fruition in 2014 after a seven year journey personal quest with spiritual purpose to understand where I fit in the world and how the world fits within me. What I soon discovered is that both are relative to centring life to live a loving healthy way of life. ITSA Life Foundation is about applying loving health to all areas of self, life and systematics from children to adults, the environment and education. Individuals may have various meanings and numerous understandings to what health and love is and what they means. For us, it is the moment in time that human existence travels back to the belief of being united and simply living in a way that brings joy and breathes harmonious balance individually and together. This is why ITSA Life emphasises the concept of the importance of union globally and between each individual and their life through ITSA Life's four initiatives. 

Not sure where to begin? start in the centre, the hearts space. Think global price. Where you are matters when asking  of something somewhere to someone. How you give back to this something, somewhere or someone too matters equally. Be mindful. Living health and wellbeing is not a western service in an eastern world, or an eastern service in a western world, rather it is a global offering of life through living exchange. We practice what we preach and look forward to paving and sharing this path with you. Come see how we yoga on and off the mat in our Retreats & Wellbeing practices. Its a way of life that you can believe in,  because ITSA LIFE.  

From Heart, Through Earth 

Randall X X


“Come and check out how we like to yoga, surf, live and travel. This is not just a lifestyle for us its a way of life and we look forward to having you apart of our journey.
Life’s bettered shared.”

— ITSA Team
Our Mantra is to H.E.L.P



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