Living Oneness - The Harmonious Home

Real Love & Intimate Healing

A cosmic pathway to Real Love & Healing Intimacy. Feel, unite & strengthen the relationship of Beautiful Love through our Earth ( Our Inner Body). Discover a feeling of acceptance that withholds loves spirit, remembering your feminine/masculine, healing their imbalances & living their full love fearlessly with confidence.

Unfold Living Oneness and its Relationship Engagement with all that you experience, Invite The Harmonious Home.

Just like the rise and fall of the ocean is caused by numerous affects including the moon, sun and the rotation of the earth. These are the 4 main elements we used to check in to remain in being, opening our centre & grounding in our sacred space.

The Moon - Feminine aspect, the cooling and calming elements that align with emotions.
The Sun - Masculine aspect, the heating and power element that aligns with energy and momentum, self empowerment and drive for life itself.
The Earth - Balance aspect, finding your orbit within lifes orbit
The Ocean - The sense and trust of fluctuations, the tides that are within, that can affect the flow outside of you and how the flow outside of you can ultimately affect the tide within and how you can learn to be a surfer of all conditions universally.

" She is Love". For without he, she can not exist & without she, he can not be.

- Randall Simpson

Conscious Love & Relationship Home Retreat allows healing engagement through therapeutic love and philosophy for you to journey for your self or with another.  Knowing that every cell has a partner in our body with complimenting energetic natures (masculine & Feminine), we feel it is important to explore and come to understand this and what that means for our mind & spirit.

This retreat experience  is to enable both women & men to find their way with the support through a home based guided retreat, from digestive wellbeing to intimate cleansing, sacred space rejuvenation & development through internal life, with external life. By choosing to take responsibility to become aware of conditioning and unconscious belief systems that cause misalignments, allows us to confront what we each need to heal and break free of. We believe that everyone can shape a heart-full home to enjoy and engage with daily, which honours our unique natural truth (the one that love only sees) and beautifully accepts another' 

We each have essence, a drop that is our scent, just like a flower. When we discover this, everything else makes sense and in turn our life comes to reflecting our essence. Naturally a womens' energy is  the creator, the mover, the shaker. Her spirit is forever wild, however her dance needs to find its beat, which is in alignment with her heart so together she is the harmonious song of her truth. The mans natural energy is presence & openness,  that is the nothingness (peace) which is the foundation of everything. When both energies are conscious we withhold who we are and are able to bring it for to be real and create our life worth living and share a harmonic reality.

This experience will allow you to learn how to journey and fine tune this. You will open your heart & your life, which together will flower and set you free to love freely. For this harmony to happen we need to heal any imbalances of our rising feminine, which are held through feminine archetypes (ego) as well as recognise and understand our masculine archetypes (ego), as we are made up of both energies. Its about learning, understanding and appreciating both and becoming sovereign within. This also helps us to have more compassion and healthy love within all our relationships, not simply our intimate ones.

We gracefully travel through our belief system of the levels of Healthy Love & Loving Relationship,  journey an evolvement and growth process within each, to blossom and open where we need and heal imbalances that are preventing us from flourishing. We do this through real life practices and daily happenings that are in alignment with your everyday life and its current demands. Below is a basic 7 step dimensional pathway of Beauty that we choose to move through using from heart, through earth practices, Human Being Psychological teachings and mindful daily living choices.

Self Reliance

Heart Illumination

Love As Art & Communication

Soul Discipline & Evolution

Healing & Truth

Connection, Offering & Peace

Freedom, Forgiveness & Compassion 

This can be experienced as a 28 day online course as well as in residential form as a 4 day course, private session as a 1 on 1 service or  for a special group. You will be equipped with the resources to be able to prepare this retreat within your very own home, and guided every step of the way to experience it. Contact us for a further look into the daily program and offerings or to begin your home based retreat.

Be Love. Stay Beautiful.