ITSA Life Retreats & Getaways

Come and check out how we like to yoga, surf, live and travel. This is not just a lifestyle for us its a way of life and we look forward to having you apart of our journey. This is your paradise to enjoy “Dolce Far Niente” The sweetness of doing nothing, but rather being everything you love whilst feeling alive.
Life’s bettered shared.
— ITSA Team

ITSA Life retreats are the beautiful pathway designed without limitation. Each experience is based upon enlightened living styles that enable you to travel the life of you through practices that will help you to find your own sacred way. 

Our Travelling Essence:

The natural surrounding environment and culture enables A “REAL LIFE STAY”

REAL- Actually existing, not imagining, therefore we exchange through illuminating life within you, whilst you give the opportunity for another to illuminate theirs.

LIFE- The experience, the paradise of existence that you will be immersed within.

STAY -Remain within the same place, through the space you created


We have chosen destinations that bring to life a “Living Tasteful Traveller”  that will globally make for a healthy difference  that can be enjoyed on a number of levels. Be it adventure, lifestyle, serenity, we have you covered. We offer an experience for you whilst we honour the culture and environment that we are immersed in. Our chosen destinations are in alignment with Conscious living, Eco Sustainability and Conservation with an under current of maintaining the natural harmony of the place. 

We do this all the while bringing you back to your best version of you to live the best life ever. It is our belief by being a “Living Tasteful Traveller” and aiding in Conscious Tourism, we will influence greater awareness of global issues and help alleviate a "poverty stricken" area and ensure greater levels of healing for humanity and our globe. Poverty is defined as “the state of being extremely poor”, therefore without a high level of health & wellbeing. Our understanding conceptualises this within the self, life and lifestyle of the people & the environment, not simply the economics and conditions of living.

We are enabling a humanitarian movement forward for the foundations of travel that mirrors heartfelt purpose without loosing the essence of explorations and adventure.

Our current chosen locations are Australia, Sumba & Bali,  the beautiful islands that has been home to our hearts for so many years now. 
We have designed specific styles of retreats to accommodate every soul seeker and traveler. Spaces are limited & payment plans are available.


For our schedule, what to expect & our unique experiences, please click the link below.