Abode Healing Alliance (AHA)


Accredited Training To Service Humanity

Our intention is to service H.E.L.P and support the mission  of ITSA Life, whom is a life brand for life, home to matters of the heart and Reaching to Raise Love. 


“Your way of life should be your evolving purpose that creates your life's natural way of being"

We have a stand-alone, independent Self Healing & Life Education Alliance Accreditation & Certification Centre called Abode Healing Alliance (AHA), which aligns with international registration facility such as Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance are not an accreditor or have the legislation to certify and credential people within the Yoga Industry, they are simply a register where they provide a level of standards that need to be met so it is easy for the public to feel at ease that at least the yoga course they are undertaking have met these levels of education, practice and delivery.  Abode Healing Alliance however is, who is also an industry leader that understands the need for Humanity, Universal & Natural Laws, Health and Education. We have our own Living Yoga & Reiki Healing Policies & Systems. Our point of difference is we accommodate the needs of individuals primarily and are a voice for “The sound of change and movement to difference” Every course and or training has a higher purpose that holds importance in itself, but together they create a  better world to be born.

Our focus is to enable all individuals the opportunity to learn, experience and enhance their own sense of well-being and way of life to educate others to chose a similar practice that is a healthy way of life.  We aim to deliver this by connecting culturally through community and “self”development within all aspects of self, life and systems within society and global functioning. 

Our foundation begins with the individual, whilst outwardly connecting with other systems and facilities, institutions, surrounding cultures, and environments. We are devoted to serve and represent individual, communities, and businesses within the professional industries of health and education that is in alignment with ITSA Life, a  life brand that has been built to improve the life of humanity and our globe.

 We specialise in self health, emotional, energetic and mental health and well-being, behaviour imbalances, Mindful self-development & understanding, Sacred awareness & Divine consciousness for all children, young people, adults and our earth.

It is our belief that each of our students, professionals and registered businesses  will continue to circulate the core essence, which is our heart to heal this world and provide the means through education and training to those who believe in a higher level of health and life for all. Each individual, professional, business and event that we continue to support and is part of our network have met our standards of operation, continuing education and policies.

Love is the answer and we are listening to our calling to provide the way forward to this being our strongest ground and deepest reality.

From Heart, Through Earth

Randall Simpson, Founder of AHA & ITSA Life