Abode Yoga meaning “A place of residence in union”  Therefore, this  journey can be understood as finding a sense of belonging through the waves of consciousness and mindset in self through the ocean of life itself, that is forever continuing and forever moving.

Syllabus Outline:

Our courses have been designed to be a practice intensive immersion of  The Abode Yoga Form through the nature of  a teacher training framework  (250hr), for those wanting to study or offer yoga as a professional practice for the benefit of others health and well being. Abode Yoga means “a place of residence within union” Randall Simpson. Therefore our philosophical &psychological based teachings' underlying purpose is to, encourage an individual to find home in self and life itself, whilst healing and preventing further imbalances mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically, to enhance a healthier humanity on earth, from the inside out. 

Assessed Learning: 250 hrs

theory (50hrs) practice (100hrs) and teaching (50hrs) Pre Training (25hrs) Post Training (25hrs)

You will receive a Schedule, Teaching Manuals & Curriculum once you have secured your placement, however below you will find a brief syllabus outline of the basic learning opportunities.

Included in the course is a Self Practice thread, to ensure you are receiving your own yoga practice lead by a range of International Teachers from Ashtanga, Tantra Hatha, Iyengar , Yin & Vinyasa Flow backgrounds. This element begins your day and is 2.5 hours in duration with self meditation included. All you have to do is Turn UP, Tune IN & live you out on the mat. Below is a basic overview of our general syllabus, that each individual courses curriculum is developed upon.





Requirements/Prior Knowledge

An Authentic Heart , wanting to H.E.L.P – Heal, enable, love and prosper self, others and their surroundings.
You have all that you need; together we will help you learn to remember you and your potential.

Manuals & Text Resources provided

Interactive journal work book required – we provide
Mat – Required – we can provide
Text books recommend for reference. We provide list and pathways to purchase.


Certain theoretical based modules and assessments are required to be completed and cleared before 21 day intensive teacher training.

The teacher training can be completed in 7 day blocks or as complete intensive – with 1 day off after every 7 for transition, transformation and Rest.

To decrease the stress of assessment the students can complete certain tasks after intensive course to finalise their certification

The assessments range from theoretical projects to practical experiences and teaching practicums, ongoing self-assessment, monitoring & evaluation

For further information or to secure your place and receive your information package, please submit our contact form and we will get back to within 48hrs.


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