ITSA Life "Freely Being" and living for the love of it.


Our Reasoning

ITSA Life is the loving home of matters of heart, with a sacred living language and life energy:

 Inner Style, Through Self Artistry


Love In-tuned Frequency Ease


 ITSA Life is the living home of matters of the heart. Empowering others to love and understand our nature as human being’s to harmonise our planet.

May all beings be free, to be who they truly are.

Our key focus is “Bringing spirituality into every day living , and everyday living into spirt”. Empowering intuitive self-awareness and spiritual understanding of our unique soulful truths, our hearts needs, planetary alignment and wellbeing. We choose to hold the sacred space for humanity to remember who they already are. Supporting all to have the courage to creatively choose and communicate from the inside out, their unique inner offering. We feel we can all experience what we love, for the love of it, with ease and grace.

It is our intention to strengthen remembrance in all who are ready to be who they are in essence, and feel called to expand to lovingly become. This involves healing on the deepest level at the timing of each individual whom choose to come and travel with us. We as human beings will only be truely healed when we clearly feel and see what needs healing inside ourselves. This naturally enables the collective healing of our planet.

We feel it is the moment to awaken and heal separation between the lives of human-being and our planet. Some may have the material, others the spiritual; Remembering Freedom is our rite of passage and ITSA Life the Guiding Hand, supporting us from Heart, Through Earth.

“Together we can choose to be in loving relationship with enriching connection that enjoys harmonious being, no matter where we are, or what we are attending to.”

— Randall Simpson & Daniel Young


Our Offering Principles

Raising Love

Enriching (Energy): To enhance and enrich quality of life.

Panoramic (Heart): To observe through a wider point of view.

Help (Intuition): To insightfully heal, enable love and prosper.

Conscious (Light): Being aware in approach and response, in an accepting manner.

Flowing (Communication): Continuously re connecting to be in stream with peace, ease & grace.



I’ve been trying to think of a way to sum up the Yoga Training experience that I completed recently with Randy and Dan that would succinctly express what a beautiful life altering course this really is and all I could think of is if you’re thinking about doing a yoga training, you should do this course. If you want to grow as a person, you should do this course. If you want to deepen and strengthen your relationships, with yourself, others and the community, you should do this course. If you want to be more aware of how you treat yourself on a daily basis, you should do this course. If you’re interested in yoga and how it can benefit you, you should do this course. If you want to learn how to assist and aid others in their journey, you should do this course. If you’re already a teacher and want deepen and strengthen your own understanding and ability to share and offer healing guides to others, you should do this course. If you have no desire to be a yoga teacher at all, you should do this course. If you feel like you’re on the cusp of some unknown life change that you can’t quite grasp, you really should do this course. I’m not sure if you got my memo... but... you should do this courseRandy and Daniel run small intimate groups that allow you to heal and evolve in ways other YTTs don’t. It can be confronting and always very real, but that’s where the healing and the growth comes from. You feel nurtured and a deep level of acceptance from them both every step of the way. The strong mix of masculine, feminine and the balancing of these two forces within yourself and your practice gives so much more meaning to each posture, movement and how you live your life, on and off the mat. Once you’ve done this training, it can’t be unlearnt and your life will never be the same, in the most beautiful, evolved and accepting way possible. My personal journey really went deep and I felt confronted by what came up, but also relief. It allowed me to look into myself and see myself clearly in a way that I didn’t think was possible for me. To be honest I didn’t think I’d ever possess the ability to have self-worth or value or confidence in myself at the level that I came to and which is step forward in this new journey. For me it was such a beautiful process, through the highs and lows, to really accepting myself. Honestly, if you’re reading this, if you’re thinking about it, you really should do this course.

Bridie Larby, August 2018.

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